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I've had a bad toothache for a couple of weeks now. Saw the emergency dentist on friday and he said I had a hole in my wisdom tooth. And needed it taken out. I'm still thinking about it. I've been taking Ibroprofen. I get the cheap ones(I'm in the UK) and get them from Wilkinsons. Paracetomol wasn't recomended. And I'm not allowed Asprin, anyway heard Paracetomol works better. My mum told me to take a Paracetomol and either Soldapol or co codromol(misspelled) takes the pain away. Am trying to Cayenne pepper method right now. And not feeling it working, I have clove oil but that stopped working for me. Does anyone have any more remedies? I have spices in my cupboard. And need help til Wednesday(my appointment with dentist). And need to know about teeth removal, kinda scared of that.



Extra Winterfresh Gum. The one that tastes like toothpaste. Lately I've had to go to Walmart looking for the three pack. It's saved me on and off the last few years. It's partially that it helps get food out of all nooks and crannies in my cracked wisdom teeth. But just learned today that the flavoring agent is methyl salicylate, which gets metabolized into aspirin. From past experience it has to be working as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. I also take bee propolis every day and that has helped me cope until I can afford to go to another country to get them extracted. I was lost without it...


I use to work for a veterinarian and any time he needed antibiotics he used animal antibiotics ... he said the purity standard for animal antibiotics is higher than for humans.... since i had taken prescribed amoxicillin by a dentist for tooth pain before and knew that i did not have allergic reaction to it, i did not hesitate to go to the pet store and buy amoxicillin over the counter for pets. One can also order them from Amazon. Do the research and make sure you are knowledgeable about which ones are appropriate... it works great for me, and no problem for over two years...

Another wonderful remedy for tooth pain is tea tree oil...

- BECKY <3

So ive been tossin and turnin for a week strait . My brother died Dec 4 . I was startin to think i cudnt sleep cuz he was tryna tell me somethin butttt... Last nite wit my toothache bein gon i slept like an angel . I took two ibruprofem 800 mg , then mixed rubbing alcohol , lemon extract , salt , sage and a lil water . Swished it around in my mouth and held a warm towel to my jaw . Its the nastiest taste ever . But did dat at 12 am. its 9 hours later and the pain isnt there . Dont kno how long till it wears off but i thank god its workin . Hope someone tries it and it works for them... GOOD LUCK !


for the lasr two nights ive have suffered from a really nasty toothache untill half hour ago had turned me into a dribbling mess over my kitchen sink and it was so bad it felt unbearable,in fact it got unbearable where i just wanted to scream so i threw my coat on in desperation and started walking in blind pain you might put it and ta da ten five minutes into the walk, the pain dyed down and went,talk about walk it off, i did it a week ago and it worked too so its no fluke so when it gets really painfull coat on and go for a walk, your be amazed.

Lauren, 17

I have/had a toothache for two weeks now and it's 2:40 AM.
I just bit into a garlic clove and layed a warm, wet tea bag on the outside of my tooth (Not on it!) and squeezed it with my lips until the water was mostly gone. AND BAM no more pain. I wish you well, toothaches are a pain.
ps. Do not talk, and kiss your boyfriend or girlfriend after the garlic. You have been warned.


I have a tooth ache that is unbelievable painful. lower left molar, waitin for appt to get pulled, antibiotics and prescription strength pain meds have no effect. however, two shots of jack daniels back-to-back seems to dull the pain. (please be responsible and dont drive). I rarely drink, a friend told me to try this so, after a few days, i gave in and within 5-10 minutes, numbness in my tooth. again, please try this responsibly!


I am in the process of needing dentures so I have
a lot of tooth pains right now . So I can tell you
from experience for some reason chewing bread
takes my pain away almost instantly and lasts
as does mint gum and Red Cross I don't know
why the bread helps but OMG it's sweet relief!!


OMG!!!! Thank u so much for the person who posted the cayenne pepper. I have had a huge tooth ache for days now that was most definitly keeping me from doing my day to day activities. I have tried everything from orajel to sensitive toothpastes to vicoden to ibprofen 800's. I didn't know where else to turn but to try some home remedies... The Cayenne has worked wonderfully. I put a few drops of warm water to make a paste in with a few pinches of the cayenne and rubbed it on the tortureous areas and let it sit for about 30 seconds. Then rinsed with two swishes with warm water... It burned ever so little but definitly something most can take. About 20 min later the pain has subsided to a very dull throb. Compared to what it was this is great.

Amanda Dixon

long story short. i have INTERNAL tooth pain. i need a root canal. the tooth already has a crown on it and has to be destroyed so i can get said root canal.
heres what ive tried:
1. advil- only works for a couple of hours at most but does help with the swelling
2. ice pack- once again helps for a little while but doesnt get rid of the pain and when your mouth unfreezes from the cold, it usually hurts worse than before you put it on.
3. warm salt water- temporarily sooths but only for a short amount of time as well
4. vicodin- didnt help at all and kind of made my stomach uneasy
5.oragel- nothing except make the rest of my mouth numb. no effect on tooth
6. mint tea- surprisingly yes. and it helped calm my nerves so i could get a couple hours of sleep
7. warm compress- no. and made it worse

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