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I have a broken molar and a few fillings that have broken apart and left exposed nerves. I do have dental insurance but being pregnant and about three weeks from my due date, my dentist won't do anything until after labor. So i. Now am taking the prescribed amoxicilan to kill the infection but that takes a few days before working its magic. So in the meanwhile I've found temporary relief. A lot of tooth pain is due to swelling in the gums around the infected or broken tooth, so to relieve this I took these steps:
1) gently brush teeth thouroughly with sensodyne or whatever toothpaste on hand.
2) rinse with original light brown listerine.
3) take a tylenol pm
4) sleep slightly elevated so blood isn't rushing to it encouraging swelling
5) risne with salt water if needed

This has helped manage my pain safely, I hope it helps someone else. Just remember to try as hard as possible not to irritate the gums. You're aiming to basically stop the swelling around the nerves. Good luck!


One that I have not seen mentioned on here that works a treat for me. I have a hole in one of my teeth at the moment and can not afford the dentist. I tried the cold water trick and did provide mild relief for a short amount of time. Cold Milk also worked for a short time as it seemed to coat it.

But I decided to try one of my granny folk remedies one day and made a cup of sage tea (Sage the herb you use in stuffing) I boiled the sage in water and strained it off so there was no bits left in it. I drank this religiously for about 4 hours and the pain was eased instantly and within 4 hours it was gone. I then just drank this tea everytime I felt the pain start to flare up and it killed the pain again. Now I have found you can buy sage tea bags I always have a pack in my cupboard at home and my desk at work just in case!

I would recommend it if none of the other remedies work. The tea bag remedy also helps and has been mentioned on here a lot!


a simple, yet effective pain relief, get a glass of water and take a small sip of the water and hold it in your mouth on the effected area, note this only works while the water is in your mouth, its not very long term but it does relieve the pain.


I previously posted a solution with lemon honey cough drops. Theres more to this now. Ive been nearly two weeks with no pain. How did I do it? Well i did the cough drop thing for a few days. It works but the pain comes back after a few hours. So I got some woodchuck hard cider and drank a lot to keep my tooth saturated. i swished it in my mouth and before bed popped in another cough drop afterwards. i got up and squeezed the gum where my tooth pain was and some blood and a pus like liquid came out. i did this a couple times and brushed the area and cleaned it out. i did the same thing and wiggled at the tooth and got more liquid out. mine is in the back top right of my mouth. i brushed again and popped another cough drop in. i went to bed aftetwards and havent had pain since. of course its not 100 percent resolved, when i chew on the side its a little uncomfortable. but it has relieved the unbearable pain i was in. if your like me and are scared of the dentist and dont have insurance, you will try almost anything to get out of the pain. Tooth pain is hell and i hope i helped someone out there.


ok ive had super bad pain for 2 days now in my lower and upper left molers and ive tryed orajel lemonjuice and salt ice but i was so frusteraded i got a hot wet rag placed it on my cheek on the tooth till90% of the pain was gone then got soar throught spray and the pain has benn gone for 3 hours i love that stuff


Ive had the worst tooth pain for the past few weeks now. Of course I recently moved, and didnt have health insurance, that wont kick in for another 2 weeks! A few pointers Ive noticed is, DO NOT drink or eat anything acidic. I just wasnt thinking and drank orange juice, and it was horrible! My pain is very sensitive to cold, so I stay away from ice cream and other cold things. When my pain 'attacks' me it literally feels like I get kicked in the face by a horse, and I even get a little disoriented. I immediately rinse with WARM salt water, the warmth also draws out any infection...and dab some extra strength orajel, and sometimes hold a hot rag on the outside of my cheek. I try not to chew on that side of my mouth as well, incase I eat anything that may irritate it, that I havent discovered yet!


Look I kno how much a toothache can mess up you or your loved ones night,my wife was crying like crazy from the pain,and nothing is remedies,no painkillers, so seeing my wife in agony I just tried rubbing her back to console her,and it was working,so I started kissing her all over,just trying to take her mind off the pain,lets just say that led to other things,and now shes sleeping like a try going down on your girl or guy it will take their mind away from the pain,at least until you can see a dentist.


Ive been having blinding tooth pain for a month. I tried garlic powder, worked one time, ibuprofen, works mildly, saltwater, temporarily works, alcohol, numbs it as long as you keep drinking, peroxide, didnt work. Red cross toothache relief worked for a couple hours. Mentos mints were the only thing keepin me goin. Got tired of poppin em i ordered fish amoxicillin. Post office delivered it, but it never arrived at my house. I think my neighbors stole it, anyway i didnt feel like paying for it again so i searched for something that i didnt try yet... I found halls honey lemon cough drops. Poppes one in and sucked for awhile. Next thing you know my mouth was numb was a few hours. I popped another in before bed and broke it inside my. mouth. I finally slept a whole night. Did the same the next night. Didnt get up once. Before this i was getting up four or five times a night like a damn zombie moaning and eventually balling like a baby. Pop a cough drop every three or four hours and it might get you through. My tooth also seems to act up when its not saturated so eat and drink normally if your having the same issue. This pain is terrible so please try cough drops and what others suggested. I'm sorry if it doesnt work out.


the red pepper rinse is for if the tooth is infected. What it does is draw out the infection. It doesn't really help otherwise.

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