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I have a broken tooth on the right side all the way in the back. I never had a problem with pain due to it until tonight. I took a few asprin but I needed immediate relief to be able to sleep. Since it's 10:40 on a Christmas Eve, I couldn't run to the store to grab something, I needed to use something in the house. I used NyQuil first. Squashed it around very good over the tooth that was causing my pain and I began to feel relief. Then I squashed vanilla extract around the tooth and that helped even more. I can't say I'm at a 0 pain level, but I can say I'm at a low 2 which will work long enough for the asprin to kick in or hopefully for me to fall asleep.

Good luck everyone! Tooth pain in the worst pain! I'd rather go through labor again! Lol!!


I've been suffering for weeks from a toothache and the pain level has been kicked up a lot this past week. I've had multiple kidney stones and broke various bones and the toothache has had me on the ground in tears. I have a broken tooth with an exposed nerve and can't afford treatment. I've tried almost everything on here and the only thing that seems to work is a baking soda paste. It almost instantly kills the pain. Sometimes it keeps it at bay for an hour or so. I am downing quite a bit of Ibuprofin as well.


Experiencing an intense tooth ache and taking Alieve often (which I hate to do) I tried putting a freshly chopped garlic clove in my mouth. Had to spit it out quickly, for that was a painful overkill of its own!

Instead, I rolled 1.4th of the chopped garlic in a small piece of paper towel and put that next to the painful tooth. Kept that in place for several hours and it reduced my toothache pain to near zero.


So, I've been up since 2am it is now 3am reading about remedies at home for toothaches. I'm just getting over a sever cold which activated my sinuses, which in turn affects the nerve on my back molar >_< I have done the strong vodka/whiskey trick. That only provided some relief. Orejel, asprin, vanilla extract. My pain was a 10 out of 10. Finally decided to try the asprin paste ( crushed asprin mixed with water). Placed on gums and tooth with both finger and q-tip and instinct relief! I hope this last, I felt like Walter White making this stuff and made a little baggy for myself. Gonna try and sleep now. Hope this does the trick 😪


I know this sounds weird but big red chew it enough to get a little juice from the gum then put it on the gum where the tooth hurts I have tried a lot of things but within a few seconds the pain is gone and I'm not talking about just a little pain I'm talking about the worst pain I have ever felt in my life gone in a few seconds well worth the price of a pack of gum


I have had many experiences with tooth aches and I have tried just about I think every single remedy.. one thing I can certainly say is different remedies work for different people. My husband has had several tooth aches also so in meantime of getting them pulled... Remedies it was. The asprin paste worked great for me last time and I tried everything the vanilla extract the ice in the hand which I thought was crazy til it had actually worked for my husband tonight.. lol. I thought it was a long shot. Hey doesn't hurt to try. It actually worked though I read it a long time ago U just take a cube of ice and hold it in the opposite hand from which your tooth ache is on. And he has even been taking pain relievers the good kind and they only work for few hours going to get it pulled tomorrow thank God I need some good rest too. But my advice is try different things. U never know what will work. this is a great website. Thanks good luck ouch.


Take any karpooram put it where the pain tooth part for few minutes after take the warm water and swoosh for few minutes and split out do the same thing few times


I have an extreme fear of dentists and have had a lot of dental work done in the past. Starting two days ago, I've had the most severe pain in my teeth, ear, and jaw. I know, I know, I need to get to a dentist, but until I can gain the courage, I've been resorting to home remedies.

After reading hundreds of posts, these are the options that helped me subdue the pain and swelling (some used as a combination):
- Fresh garlic clove coated with salt (BEST)
- Minced garlic/Soy Sauce on a cotton ball
- Warm salt water mix
- A heavy dose of mouthwash held on area
- 2 Ibuprofen with a mouth full of liquid Motrin
- An ice cold water bottle on the swelling

I was able to get some sleep after some and the garlic worked for many days after!


I have a broken tooth in the back & I have been taking my brothers ibuprofen 600mg that he had from when he got his wisdom teeth pulled. They help a lot for about 6-8 hours. But there are only 3 left idk what Ima do lol but I have tried chewing on an didn't work. I tried bc powder it didn't work. About 10 mins ago I tried vapor rub & so far the pain has went away. I can't believe that stuff helped. I hope it last for some hours. When I run out of the ibuprofens I will go to Walmart and buy the store ones that are 200mg hopefully they will work. Oh & I also took a loratab one night because my tooth was hurting so bad & I couldn't sleep. It worked! I don't have any insurance or Medicaid to see a dentist so hopefully this stuff will last until I am able to go to a dentist.


I just want to thank all the good people that responded with their remedies. On Thursday evening my tooth started going bad and finally on Saturday night I had to resort to trying the remedies suggested because of the pain. I did the vanilla extract from Costco w the q-tips and the clove and also hydrogen peroxide mixed w water. These brought the pain level down to where it was tolerable, but recently I've been using the shower water to massage the gums so I tried it on the tooth, slowly at first expecting at any time a huge jolt of pain from hitting the nerve and then more powerful as it took away all the pain. I could have stayed in the shower all night but this is Calif and we're in the midst of a drought so I turned off the water. What I'm thinking is that I didn't have a cavity but maybe a problem with the roots since I had a tooth extracted 8 months ago and have had bite problems since. Saturday night I also took arnica Montana and it helped relieve the pain. I also did the organic coconut oil pulling but then added 2 new techniques which nobody has mentioned: 1) LED lights of blue and green and pinkish along with vibration from a little massage thingy since the tooth felt better if I kept pressure applied. I did this for maybe 30 minutes. I had read abt the light procedure from Dr. Rowen's about an practicioner from India that was able to do some cures in the 1920's using light therapy; 2) then on I read how laying on of hands can help in many situations so I had my wife hold her hand over my jaw while I held her hand to complete the circuit. We did this for about 15 minutes Saturday night (the two procedures) and Sunday I was feeling well enough to maybe go out and run 2 miles competing against some kids if called. Sunday night she held her hand on my jaw for 40 minutes while we watched Chuck Missler and then I did another 20 minutes w the light and vibration and got some good sleep from 3AM till 7:30AM and my face is now on Monday swollen from the toxin but I think I've passed the crisis point as to the teeth so that I'm not phoning the dentist since they just want to pull more of my teeth. Again I want to thank those who put their remedies down since it gave me hope and the remedies are doable by anyone.

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