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Killer toothache after new years that prevented me from sleeping. Being drunk and in so much pain you start to cry? No dice!

Rinsed with warm salt water. Then made a paste with salt water and echinacea tablets. Seems to be working well! I also swished a little nyquil in my mouth the night it all went down as I couldn't get to the where the alcohol from the party was stashed.

I know it sounds crazy but I swear the change in temperature and pressure is the cause. A cold rain was moving into the area and my jaw and teeth were on fire.


Well last night was a nightmare for me, yes you guessed it right..Toothache. .. all night couldn't go to sleep. . Tried all remedies listed here. For me it was the clove oil. It was strong though but it worked in my case. Hope it does magic for u too..


Thank you everyone for your ideas, I too have two broken teeth - roots and nerves exposed, and no dental insurance (i've had some barbaric dental work that has scarred me for life and ruined my face so I don't think I would go anyway). I have found that if you take a small paper cup, fill it halfway with warm water and halfway with Listerine - it kills the pain. Don't use full power listerine, that would be like pouring alcohol on a cut, but use half/half warm water. Take a sip, don't swallow, just hold it in the part of your mouth that hurts. Pain goes away for long while. For when I'm not home, anbesol or oral numbing gel works. Tooth pain is right up there with labor pain and kidney stones once the nerve is exposed. I pray that God will help us all be able to have the money for new smiles done by a humane tooth surgeon while we are under anesthesia.


I've been having a terrible ache for the past few days because of possible root infection. Prescription tylenol #3 (with codeine) works well, but I have experimented to find a better remedy. All I've done is mix salt, pepper, olive oil, and a small bit of lime together, and put it on a Q-tip. After that, I put the Q-tip on the tooth for about 5 minutes, and it instantly relieved the pain and became numb. It's been a great pain-free hour, and I wish anyone luck on trying to get rid of their toothache!


I get toothaches alot because I'm currently getting extractions and as many teeth fixed as possible, so I'm no stranger to the blinding pain. I was in excruciating pain last night with my lower right tooth, and I tried everything; biting on a teabag, mixing oil, pepper and salt together, holding an ice pack on my jaw, holding something warm on my jaw.. everything! But nothing worked. What I eventually did was use the blue Listerine mouth wash, held it in my mouth where the sore tooth was until I couldn't take it any longer, then washed my mouth out with warm salt water, then dabbed Colgate toothpaste all around the gums and the area of the tooth. I then went to bed, hoping I would actually be able to sleep. And it worked! I fell asleep for thirteen hours straight with no pain waking me up. It is now, 5.30pm the next day and I haven't been in pain once. Hope I help someone because I know how sore it can be. Good luck!


I have found that a good high proof liquir can take the tooth pain instantly just rinse with it get drunk if need be i guess but im currently using that and blackberry wine works as weel


I have had the worst tooth pain for the last 3 days, being 8 months pregnant I dont like taking pain medicine of any kind desperate foot relief I came across this site and decided to try a few things.... here's what worked instantly for me...
I brushed my teeth with sensitive toothpaste( since I have a cavity) than mixed warm water, garlic powder, pepper, salt, and Listerine together and rinsed my mouth with it... instant relief!


Okay so my boyfriend had been suffering with major bad toothache for a few nights, he'd tried everything, paracetamol cocodamol, codeine, tramadol the lot and nothing touched it. He said it was as though his full left side of his jaw was broken. It was keeping us up till gone 3am as he was in so much pain. So we'd tried pretty much everything and came across this site at about 4am. There was a remedy about crushing the painkillers and turning it into a paste. So we did so. And hey presto he was no longer in pain and back to his beautiful smiley self in no time! Definatly a cure I'm sure we will both stand by in the future!! :) <3


I was in serious pain. Stupidly I let 3 teeth get in a bad state. All were on the right side at the back. Have been in agony for days. Dentist tomorrow. Am sure they will just be pulled out. No loss! The only thing that has worked after paracetamol & ibrufen quit their job, is vanilla extract. On a cotton wool mcjobby between my teeth and gums. I am just enjoying not being in tremendous pain.


My toothace feels like my jaw is being broken.although my face is not swollen it feels twice its size. The only things that helped me is i first washed my mouth with warm water mixed with salt , but what really workef for me was placing a half cut garlic clove on the gums where the pain is. Really helped i would suggest people try it. P.s vanilla extract helpes a bit too :)

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