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I tried taking a small piece of bred and basically packing it in the offending tooth. I left in on there until it dissolved then did it again and again. In fact I have one in there now. Not sure why it works but it takes away 99% of the pain. Hope it works!


Unbearable toothache through all night...tried everything!!! Went to the 24hour open tesco, bought colgate sensitive pro relief, unbelievable!!! Worked like a charm, going to sleep in a bit, hope this helps...


I tried most of the suggestions listed. Some worked okay but were very temporary. Had been taking 200mg Ibuprofen 3 at a time. Still wasn't working very well. Takes a while for it to work its' way to the toothache. So I figured I would try something different. Crush the Ibuprofen tablets into a fine powder. Wet a Qtip with cold water and roll it through the powder. Place it between your cheek and gums next to the affected tooth. Works alot like chewing tobacco. Your gums absorb the medication much faster and it seems much more effective.

becky richards

small amount of toothpaste on a qtip, rub on tooth and gum.... INSTANT RELIEF!! SEE DENTIST ASAP


I have tried just about everything just to make a tooth ache bearable their are only a few things that work for me,bc powders/goodies powder try two packs at a time cave cold water and antibiotics. And if its hurting you at night take three Tylenol pm's,all the numbing meds just make mine worse.good luck and thanks for all the suggestions.


I had a bad toothache 2 days ago, tried few of the remedies here. Listerine helped for a little bit, also applied with a cotton ball some vodka, releived it for a bit. Then my mom told me to lay down with a Heating pad on my face, it worked instantly. Take away here, the heating pad did the job! Thanks to all Previous posters.

Kraig Church

Toothpaste relief for the worst toothaches of all

I have been experiencing the worst dental pain of my life recently because of a couple broken back teeth with exposed nerves. Today I read almost all the remedies posted here and went to the store n bought them all. Orajel paste and liquid and gel, clove oil, ibuprofins, you name and I guarantee I bought it but sadly nothing worked until the last item I had to try, Sensodyne Rapid Relief toothpaste. I'm telling you right now, coming from someone who's literally injected his own gums and teeth at home with pain relievers, this was the best thing to happen to me in wks. Take a blob, not too much that you spoil dinner, and rub it in and around the cavity. I even left a blob inside a back molar with an exposed nerve and after 60sec I was smiling for the first time in wks. Please try it if nothing else works, it's helped me beyond belief n I know ill be able to last until my dentist appt on Monday.

no more pain

had a wicked toothache friday afternoon. took 2 aleves at 3:00. by 3:30 it was gone. saturday morning, still no toothache. aleves have always worked for me


I've had a horrible toothache for the pasted week now and what I found help me the most was taking 2 tylenol 500 extra strengths and rubbing a little orajel on the sore tooth within 10 minutes the pain was gone and stayed gone for about 12 hours.


If you're anything like me, you came onto this site with the hopes of finding some sort of instant relief. Unfortunately, for those of us with a problematic tooth all the way in the back - sometimes, there is no help. BUT, then I found there was. And yes, it was instant.

Sucking. I know that sounds weird, but it does work. If you have a broken tooth, get a piece of bread and little by little, start biting on the bread until the hole in the tooth is completely filled and or covered. You'll feel a great deal of pain, because the bread will be hitting that exposed nerve. Once you feel that pain, suck the bread out of the tooth. Instant relief. Why?

Because that nerve is sitting there and is sitting in a weird position. By sucking, it tickles the nerve a bit and viola! Helps me.

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