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Hi, I have been suffering from a toothache for the past two days, first manageable with mild painkillers. But it developed into severe pain when I nearly cried, meanwhile I tried some of your remedies ( mainly garlic, salty water, mouthwash on Q-tip, Ice-cube in hand, panadol and Ibuprofen.. all absolutely failed. Except for one and that was the warm washcloth on my cheek. Well I tried to get it as hot as I could and kept changing the water as soon as it cooled down a bit. It made me a bit sleepy, but after about an hour of patience the pain is considerably reduced. Still need to see doctor though


IT WORKS!!! Rub toothpaste with a Q-tip on your teeth. It works instantly. I've had a toothache for a week.


I had a horrible toothache today. I took Aleve and it barely touched the pain. 2 hours later, it was back with a vengeance. I tried 2 remedies, so I’m not sure which one did the most good. I’m not a vodka drinker, and had none in the house, so I used Jim Beam instead. I soaked a q-tip and rubbed it on the affected tooth. Instantly the pain started to subside. Since I was no longer on the verge of tears and a breakdown, I mixed a concoction of warm water, salt, and garlic powder, soaked a cotton ball in it and put in between the afflicted tooth and my cheek. It continues to make my mouth water, but I will happily tolerate that, as the pain is barely noticeable anymore. Thank heavens for the tips on this site!!!


I have had a toothache for the past 2 days that came on out of nowhere, I read through a lot of these posts trying to figure out what would be best with what I currently have at home this is what worked for me
I took a clove of garlic and crushed it in a mortar and pestle then mixed it with warm water to get all the oils, then I added that to some salt water mixture I was already trying,then got some vodka and mixed that in as well swished it around for a good 3 to 4 minutes changing it out maybe every 30 seconds and the pain is GONE! For now at least I have some relief


Had toothache for about a week i had gone to the dentist who prescribed antibiotics which dint really help to be fair . Although i tried the salt water remedy (hot water) not cold and that helped alot but also corsodyl mouthwash done the trick every few hours i would swirl hot water with salt till the water went cold then i would swig corsodyl for a few mins at first it hurts but keep swigging eventually it numbs the pain and


I hav no dental insurance but recently needed to hav a loose tooth pulled. After the extraction healed I could feel all the other teeth that needed drilled n filled or pulled. Had lots of pain in a couple of teeth. I have a prescription for pain meds and also tried 800mg of ibuprofen n tylenol. Even max strength orajel only offered short term relief. Over thr course of a few days I have tried several things already mentioned on this site before looking here. I searched the web n found this site and saw an add at the top of the page about ginger root. After clicking the add and reading part of the following pages I decided to try. After cutting a few thin slices and placing them betwee. My cheek and gum, then biting on them with my problem teeth for about 10it minutes total time, it offered some relief. Tasted like lime at first, then got a lottle spicy like pepper. The pain continued to go away through the evening. My mouth felt great the next morning and ate a firm apple for breakfast. Could have been steak and eggs. I'll probably slice n freeze or dehydrate the rest of the ginger root for later use. I'm sure there are other uses for the root because it helps with infections and pain.


I have had the worst pain all day, due to a cavity in my lower back molars.

I tired 1300mg of Panadol (paracetamol). Didn't work.

5 hours later, I tried a drop of tooth ache liquid, didn't work, but it tasted disgusting & made my mouth numb!

So I rinsed my mouth out with water & mouthwash until the taste was gone.

I then too 2 regular neurofen liquid capsules, 15 minutes later I ate 2 slices of bread & made a cup of tea.

I have reduced my pain from 100% - to at least 8%

I also held the hot tea mug against my cheek/jaw for extra warmth.


27 years ago, I had 2 fillings put in. One on top, one on bottom. Last tight I woke from sleep with both of those teeth throbbing. I tried ibu and Tylenol. There was enough relief to go back to sleep eventually. The pain came back soon after arriving at work. I took pain killers all day with little help. By the time ingot home I was in years. I found this site, tried peppermint oil, tea bag, and hydrogen proxide. No help. Then I decided to crush I up ibuprofen and mix together with natural things that I know fight infections; raw honey, cinnamon, coconut oil, peppermint oil, in 2 oz of very strong green tea. I held it I'm my mouth for a few min, swallowed, and repeated. Pain gone!!!!


If you can't afford going to the dentist, try this:
1. Put clove oil on the affected area.
2. Use onion or garlic on the affected areas.
3. Use a mouthwash with alcohol, like Listerine.
4. Brush with sensitivity toothpaste.
5. Use salt and pepper.
6. Use cayenne pepper.
7. Crush cloves and put the crushed cloves on the affected area.
8. Use vanilla extract, almond extract, lemon extract, or pepper mint extract.
9. Stop eating at fast food restaurants. You can get better for you food at home.
10. Ice and Antibiotics.


I've req and tried almost all of these and here is what has worked for me so far. I rinsed my mouth with mouthwash, which for me was crest pro-health which helped dull the pain somewhat, I then took salt, pepper, and garlic powder, and crushed ibeprophin and made a paste that I put on a folded piece of toilet paper and wrapped aroun the top of my tooth, it tastes disgusting, but has been working fabulously! Hope this helps at least one person!

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