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BREAD is your new best friend! YEP,You heard me,BREAD! I discovered this 'Bread' trick back 11 years ago when i had my very first episode of Hell! Yes,the tooth ache was like living in hell and NO pain like it ever in my life,even after birthing 6 children and etc., the tooth pain by far is the worst ever! Id rather have a broken limb or spit another baby out any day! I was so desperate,out of Oragel after going thru a tube in 2 hours and got desperate! i just had this human instinct telling me that I needed something to not only remove and absorb all the sugars and etc out of my tooth,but also to pack it with something where that nerve was exposed. I tried bread,and it worked!!! I wasn't pain free,but it became tolerable! Depending how bad the tooth pain is,it has fully gotten rid of it at times and other times it made it tolerable. With 800-1600 MG of Motrin for me of course lol. My suggestions are Clove oil,after using strong mouthwash first (add lil warm water if its cold),then after clove oil,chew up some bread and let it sit there awhile. I do at times rinse with warm salt water if no more mouthwash. But always need a pain reliever and I am in recovery,SO Vicodin ISN'T for me,BUT Motrin WILL WORK just as good as Vicodin does considering when I did take Vicodin,I had to have Motrin with it anyways HA! Oragel just doesn't cut it and these are all SAFE,easy,cost effective simple solutions that are even OK for kids (not Vicodin tho). Kids will like Bread,salt water or mouth wash much better and it helps!


I have tried many things, Orajel and a lot of the other things. My best remedy was to use peroxide as a mouth rinse, it kills the bacteria that causes the pain instantly.Just follow up with orajel or clove oil on the affected tooth after rinsing. This can stop pain until you can see a dentist. Do NOT swallow the peroxide, just rinse and spit.


Hard ice cream (plain or with no extras is best) or frozen yogurt will provide immediate but temporary relief from tooth ache/gum pain when placed on the sore spot. Also for sore gums, frozen cranberries help - first because they're cold, but even after they have thawed something about the acids in them have provided relief for me. Hold them on the sore spot with your tongue and repeat as necessary.


For a fast pain release and good night sleep,chew on some ice. At first it may feels too cold but not for long your pain wil be gone and you will start to enjoy your ice and sleep


the best remedy for toothache pain is a liberal combination of beer, weed, motrin, and orajel, but seriously....motrin helps for the long term, you gotta keep taking it and keep it in your system. a good instant relief is listerine on the affected area. good luck.


OMG I have never experienced such excruciating tooth ache pain in my life until two days ago.

I like to think that I have a good pain threshold but by-jaysus this would bring tears to your eyes.
The culprit is one of my back teeth so you end up with pain down the side of your face too.

Here's the science bit:

Took Solpadeine........didn't work !
Took Disprin Extra Mega Strength......didn't work !
Put Clove Oil onto a cotton bud and dabbed the dodgy tooth......didn't work, but worked a treat on numbing my mouth so I felt like I'd just come back from the dentist (I wish lol)

Anyways, after reading some of the very interesting posts here I decided to try Warm Salt Water, I swished it around and let it settle into the dodgy tooth, did this a few times,and..........IT WORKED ;-) way hay.
Then did the same with the mouthwash......IT WORKED TOO :-) the mouthwash was Listerine in case your wondering but I'm sure other mouthwashes will work too.

I then took Paracetamol and by Jaysus again the relief was euphoric. I hadn't slept in two days and to think something so simple that you would have in your house eased the pain is amazing.

I am now going to bed to sleep at last although we have a 13 week old boy lol.

Anyways, I hope you find this useful and it can give some of, if not all of you pain relief from your teeth or tooth :-)

Wishing yiz all the very best.


I found keeping a tea bag on the area which is hurting hurts for a couple of seconds at first then the pain left.i would keep it on about 15-20 minutes.

Thokozile mathews

I had a terrible toothache n i took asprins n den i took a cup of warm water added a teaspoon of salt n also added crushed ginger n garlic i used it as a mouth wash. It workd marverlously u shud try it.


I have a bad toothache, no money, no insurance so I have pain. This is what works for me: I put peroxide in my mouth (straight from the bottle), close my mouth and let it foam around the tooth. Then I spit it out. I am diabetic so have to be careful what I take, and no alcohol with my insulin. On a scale of 1-10, I was at a 15. Within maybe 5 minutes, it was down to maybe a 3. Too bad dentists charge so much money.


okay soo after an entire day of throbbing from a broken tooth with the nerves exposed...tons of ibuprofen, tylonel,muscle relaxer, anti inflammitories.. nothing was working!! my man madeup this mixture of vodka,listerine, garlic powder, salt,pepper, crushed up aspirin and ibuprofen swished the warm mixture of horrible smelling stuff in my mouth and poof its numb and feels freaking amazing... also soaking gauze in it then placing ontop of the exposed tooth is working too.. i might get to sleep tonight afterall

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