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This is the best page ever! I am 9 months pregnant I have severe tooth ache on both sides top and bottom in my mouth. Its so bad that if I had a tool last night I felt like pulling my teeth by myself. I tried ice,alcohol with a cotton swob, gloves and glove oil, tooth drops, sensodyne rapid relief toothpaste, grandpa powder with cotton swob etc I think I tried everything in the book, at 1st all of the above did work at a time but the pain is so bad that non of it works anymore. So I saw this website and I started reading it 3 o clock this morning, here is what I did: I took garlic 2 teaspoons + normal cooking oil a few drops + salt and pepper+ 2 pain tablets that I crushed into this mix, and I took half of this mix and mixed it with warm water so I took a mouthful and let this stuff lay in my mouth for 5min then I spit it out, and then the rest of the mix was like a paste so I took a cotton swob and took a few pieces of garlic out of the mix and I put it in between this sore teeth and instantly the pain was gone! It is now 8 o clock 5 hours later I took the garlic pieces out of my teeth the pain is still gone! Its amazing the only bad thing is my mouth smells of the garlic but is sertainly worth it


I swear by this!! I didn't know what to do last night not one but two toothaches came at me at 4 am. WOW it was intense and felt like my head was gonna explode! I have had aches before but this was real painful. I have no insurance and dentists are spending so I was trying to find a quick fix.

So I found Red Cross Toothache kit in the cabinet. Now its like sunflower oil and cloves in it I only have the oil so I used a Que-tip and you suppose to not let saliva get to it because it tastes nasty but I really don't care it WORKS! within like a min of holding the cotton swab on my gum and putting some in the cavity the pain was almost gone but tolerable.

I woke up and the pain was completely gone! I plan on buying this and keeping it with me. I was also told if you keep using this it will numb the pain for good...but everyone is different. Good luck!

bill smith

tried medicine. tried herbs. tried pressure points. thinking that maybe slamming my head in the door until my vision starts to get fuzzy may help. in all seriousness, however, regular aspirins seem to take the edge off for me. the prescription ibuprofen isn't bad, but aspirin seems to be the best.


Thankyou all for the gr8 remedies!!!!the garlic and salt worked like a bomb!!!!I am pain free!!!!off to a good nights rest!!!!


Room Temperature Bourbon-Just let it sit against the problem tooth until numb, swallow, repeat!


this may sound funny but to get rid of a toothache or at least help ease the pain rinse your mouth with a lot of warm salt water and then put a just a Dab of Country Crock butter on the pain areas. Then drink cold water.this may not work for everybody but it works for me.


So I had a really bad pain in my tooth not so long ago and I searched for hours until I finally tried garlic. Yes it tastes so nasty and has a really bad smell but TRUST ME it works. (At least it worked for me). My tooth is broken and my nerve is exposed and if this is your case pls try this is wont hurt to try. Okay so what I did was I got garlic I chopped it up really really small and I just shoved it all in my tooth. BUT let me tell you guys after its been there for a couple seconds it will burn like hell!!!! Don't worry that's how you know it's working, the reason why its probably working is because most probably if your tooth is cracked you have an infection and garlic will be your best friend!! leave it in there for 10-15 min and you won't feel pain after, just make sure you have a little cotton ball to help keep the garlic in there. I DID CRY because it was burning but its completely worth it, Last time I had a pain was like almost two months ago and let me tell you almost half of my tooth is gone! BUT PLS REALLY TRY THIS! It helped for me so hopefully it works for you too!

Marcus M.

Best Pain Medications: 1. Brush Teeth with an anticavity toothpaste. 2. Wash mouth out with an antibacterial mouthwash--concentrating on the problem area. 3. Get something(maybe garlic--something without an acid) to lower the blood pressure. 4. Use an extra strength pain killer--one of the following: Ibuprofen; Bayer; Abesol/Orajel ; Equate; or Excedrin/Bayer Back and Body Pills. Buy a football shaped variety so that can place on/in the area. Hold it into the area until the pill softens. I then shallow that pill with about 6-8oz. of water(you may decide to discard the pill); repeat this in the same area or another area. You'll want to only swallow 2 in total. If you have more problem areas, apply more of the pills, but do not swallow more than the alotted 2. Spit out any excess. You may decide to mix and match(using for application and one to take), but only swallow one type of medicine, period! If you use one of the liquids, then follow the instructions(bottle is best--bc you can use it like you need to).

Hot Spices like jalapeno peppers and red peppers really help take the pain away, too. Make sure they are natural or no acid(no vinegar included) is included.


I highly recommend Colgate Sensitive Pro-Relief Toothpaste for an instant and lasting relief all you have to do is apply directly to the sensitive tooth with fingertip and massage gently for a 5sec.. I swear this really works! cheap and its sooo great..


I had unbareable tooth pain for a week waking up at 4:30am each day! :( after looking on here I tried alot of remedies you guys said worked, salty water, clove oil,orajel, listerine mouth wash even washing my mouth out with vodka! These little ideas worked but only for a min or 2! Clove oil made me dribble (mank huh!) vodka burnt my lips. But I can say the things that really helped was putting an ice pack on my check! It really helped! When I went out thou the pain came back So I went to mc Donald's (around 10pm) and believe it or not strawberry milkshake cured my tooth ache till morning I'd slept until 7:30am! Got to admit thou the milk shake did kill at finish, I did start shaking and even crying that the pain was so bad but worth it for a nights sleep! The time is 8:20 am and the pains slightly returning! Good luck with your pain, if all else falls treat yourself to a strawberry shake! :)

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