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So I had the worse toothache ever , I couldn't sleep as the pain would play tricks on me in and out it would go and come. So when I finally dozed off I had a terrible dream about The Cane Toad , So now I was in and out of sleep with this horrid pain/nightmare. Finally at 8:30 I had enough I warmed some purified water and added sea salt and swish around the entire mouth. Then I got the colgate cavity protection toothpaste and brushed with the sea salt water and I got instant relief ! But you can only do this so much go to a dentist!


tea tree and sensodyne toothpaste and 800mg ibupropen. Dip a q-tip in tea tree oil on affected teeth and gum do not rinse,just spit out the excess and apply sensodyne toothpaste same way takes about 5 mins. take 800mg every 4 hr. stay ahead of the pain and rub ttoil every hour or so it takes the edge off the pain, reduce my pain by at least 5. Also press hard in the middle of your chin this relieves pain immediately


I tried the following for a terrible nerve toothache: Goody's powdered aspirin, Excellent and immediate results, long lasting. Wet tea bag between cheek and gum, immediate relief about 1-2 hrs very good. Oil of clove, very temporary relief(5 mins at most). Small amount of Scotch whiskey on the area, temporary relief (20 mins)
Goody's Extra Strength hands down favorite.


Remedy: (As that's what you are after) 1 teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon pepper, 1 teaspoon garlic powder, 1 tablet ibuprofen and 1 teaspoon water mixed together to make a sand looking like substance. I applied to the irritated area and left on for a few minutes before rinsing out. Did this 4 times and the pain is so manageable. I also have Vicks on my cheek. Not sure how much this helps, but leaving it there to be safe.

Level of pain on scale of 10: 15 - no lie. I was shaking...whole right side of body was sore simply from darn toothache.

My story: Woke up around midnight and tried TONS of things from brushing, rinsing with mouth wash, vanilla extract, salt directly on the area, warm water (NOT HOT as made it worse) and salt, 3 ibuprofen, 1 hydrocodone, etc. Nothing was giving me the relief I needed to relax. I have also tried the raw potato with no relief in the past. It is now 4:30am and after dealing with the pain and the 'I think I read this some where' remedies until 2...I am finally going to try to pass out for a few hours. I'll check back in when I wake up to update but THANK GOODNESS FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE WITH TIPS.


My provider arrived today with a terrible toothache, and a swollen cheek over the upper molar offender. I looked at a lot of the treatments here, at least 25, and kept seeing a clove of garlic mixed with very warm water and large amount of salt. We decided to try it. I heated a half a cup of purified water, added minced garlic - a half teaspoon - and mixed in good tablespoon and a half of ground sea salt. Had my provider soak a cotton ball in the mixture and place over her tooth (squeezed out SOME of the salt water first and made sure some garlic bits were on the tooth-side of the cotton ball). Within a few minutes her pain was subsiding, and her tooth, jaw and cheek were COMPLETELY pain free after 3 treatments!! (She kept the salty, garlic soaked cotton ball on her tooth for just a few minutes each time.) I wouldn't have believed it, had I not seen it!!! My provider arrived in agony, and went home in peace!!!


Seriously just pack salt on tooth. i been using everything like orajel and hurricane. they help for a little bit. i went through hurricane and orajel in a week! the greatest thing is just keeping salt on it. Trust me, my pain was unbearable. Now its fine


Lastnight was the worse night of my life. I toSsed and turned on my bed for hours before geTting up and concluding that enough is enough. yesterday I got a slight toothache but by nighfall it became worse. that feeling like a throbbing heartbeat in my gum was endless! I was on my bed when I got to this page. I tried gargling the peroxide, it worked but for a few minutes till the pain came back. Then I tried the warm water on a towel, this worked till the water became cold. Then I tried gargling the warm water and salt it did nothing for me. I was crying and desperate then I recalled someone posting about the toothpaste. So I took my toothpast (Colgate Total) and gently on the swollen gum. Instant relief! The pain went from 100% to 5%. I won't lie it hurt but it wasn't as terrible like before. I finally went to bed @ 4am. I got up the next day PAIN FREE!! Got some Advil for backup but I guess that wasn't necessary. The toothpaste assisted immensely and I'm going to use it till I'm ready to make that dentist appointment next week! Hope this helps someone out.

Marvin Jay

After hours of no sleep and throbbing pain in my left molar. I swished around some crest pro health, stuffed my cavity with bread, smoked two bowls of weed, and the pain has slowly drifted away so I can drift away with it in the awesome stoney sleep kingdom that I spread my wings and fly away with the sleep gods in there beautiful magical floating yachts. Yepp, Im on one:) GoodNight World


go to their maximum strength oral pain reliever for severe toothaches. it did wonders for me. ive had a terrible, throbbing toothache for the past three days. it reached the point where i could not sleep and i was in tears from all the pain. i searched through this entire webpage and tried many of the different things, but nothing was working. finally, i just went to CVS and found this. it comes in a little orange bottle, and the pain relief is almost instant. i would highly recommend it. it numbs the entire area and holds you over until you see a dentist.


My tooth was aching to to point I just wanted to rip it out. I looked on here and found some remedies. Now I'm not sure which one it was because I did them back to back: first I made a mixer of warm water, pure sesame seed oil, salt and ground garlic, then I swished just salt water around, then I used mouthwash with alcohol in it, now I have cucumbers placed over the aching area. One of these did the trick because I feel great now.

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