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none of the suggestions I tried had a lasting effect. Dentist finally called and suggested 3 advil with 2 tylenol for pain and that actually worked! Can redo every 4-6 hrs...relief!


Olive oil in an empty spice container and add two sliced pieces of fresh raw garlic.. allow it to marinate for a few hrs.. the stronger n longer the better.. get a cotton swab n dip into mixture and dab around n on the achy tooth.. should relieve quick...

Also get grounded cloves about two spoonfuls and crush 2-3 aspirins .. mix together.. add a lil bit if water to make slight paste.. get a cotton ball n dip into mixture. Place on ur tooth with cotton ball for about 5-10mins.. helps relieve alot...

Hope this helps you out.


I tried taking extra strength tylenol, ibuprophen and even Codine 2, they barely working and only temporarily but not enough to even get some rest. After reading several posts I decided to combine a couple of mentioned methods: crushing aspirin, tylenol ect and applying directly to tooth and using mouthwash.

Crushed up 600M Ibuprophen, mixed with colgate muthwash, made a thick paste, applied directly to infected tooth, pain instantly, nearly gone! Much beter than taking aspirin, ibuprophen, tylenol ect, none of those worked for me. Right now my pain went from 10/10 to about 2/10, I still feel minor discomfort but not nearly as bad as it was.


Peroxide gargle in your mouth is good for Toothache


1- Rinse with warm salt water.
2-Dip a q-tip in rubbing alcohol then rub around bad tooth and spit out.
3-Dip a new q-tip in 100% pure vanilla extract then rub around bad tooth and spit out.
The pain went away instantly for me for sometimes 24 hours.
Also can rub Vick's Vapor Rub on jaw/face that covers bad tooth.
I swear by this home remedy for toothaches. I get calls from friends for this remedy when they or their family or friends have a toothache. It works for them as well! =o}


It was around 2.30am I waked up with a very bad tooth pain . I used warm water nothing happen I brush with colgate 3 to 4 times , the pain was hitting I used salt and zindatilismath cannot find the way to rief my pain , its around 4.30 sitill it was a pain very bady , I used a gell named as quadrajel applyed on a tooth ace area and to the gums I quickly find a big relief in a few minutes .


I've had a bad toothache for a week, throbbing rubbing the temple head about to explode toothache,....I used colgate triple action toothpaste, with 1/4 teaspoon sea salt on top, and brushed the area for 3 minutes, warm water swish and spit, and BAM, gone....2-3 times a all my other teeth are whiter then before...take 1 aleve every 6 hours. Temporary till dentist appt.

Tooth fairy

This really works!! Crush some garlic, add a few drops of Benadryl and another drops of vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.. Rub it around your gum and the pain is gone in seconds!.. Good luck


my tooth was constantly throbbing I used oragel for a while until the pain got worst. I came on too this site and seen a few ideas so I went and qot salt and water and I rubbed it on my tooth and all around the gum and its only been about 2 minutes and I can 100% say I feel a BIG amount of pain relief lifted off of the tooth.. Thanks Guys :)


For my toothache I wash my mouth with salt water a couple of times then brush my teeth then rinse with mouthwash. Really works cause I'll be walking around here like I'm going crazy....

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