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chewing fresh garlic worked like magic..I seriously couldn't believe how fast the pain went away. Thank you for posting about. literally saved me...I was crying and seriously consisering pulling ny own tooth out!!


I had a tooth removed nearly 3 wks ago. Since then I have learnt a new meaning for the word pain!! I suffer from chronic back pain & spina bifida so am on heavy duty pain relief. None of it even scratched the surface! Finally 2day I tried clove oil on a cotton ball & left on wound site 4 3mins. Tasted horrible & made my mouth numb but its working! Wot a relief! Also took couple of ibuprofen. Happy happy happy!


I had a real bad pain in my tooth my fb buddysaid take aspirin crash it add lil water make a paste put it on bad tooth.

Wow it work


My son has a terrible toothache. I just gave him an ibuprofen, had him rinse with a antiseptic mouthwash that I mixed with peroxide and a dash of salt. Then I had him place a small amt of black tea on the infected tooth. Seems to be working. Not completely out of pain but tolerable.


I researched what other people were saying I finally decided on crushed garlic and sea salt. I put it around my tooth. And kwpt it there for only a couple of minutes . Instant relief. Not completely gone. But when I woke up next morning. I felt great. Highly recommend to try

Toni Henderson

Put some vanilla abstract on a Q-tip and hold it directly on the pain till pain stops. Its has to be the original vanilla abstract. It will work up to 3 times only.


Hello all, I'd like to share an old Korean method that always worked for me in the past for getting rid of toothache problems. Okay, so get a corn. Eat the yellow kernels, or take them out (this is not part of the rehabilitation) because you want the 'empty' leftover corn stub, the corncob. Now, boil the corncob in water for two hours (add more water as you go). Afterwards, use the boiled water (not when its too hot obviously) as a mouth wash for about ten times or kinda have it in your mouth for five or ten minutes. You can keep the rest in your refrigerator and use it whenever you need to. This really works. The corncob is full of beta sitosterol which is actually used in making xylitol. Best of luck to all. I know this is time consuming but it really works and totally not harmful to your body at all.


Peppermint gum... any gum that says mint sugarless chew it on the effected side it will go away for a little while.

Big Ed

Tooth aches. Nothing worse than that pain. Here is what I use to relieve the pain. ANY Sensodyne tooth paste works awesome. Place glob of paste on area in mouth where the pain is, and it goes away. Another great product is Orajel's mouth wash for mouth sores. Use both of these products, and you don't have to go see a Dentist.


It's the day after Halloween and my 8 yr old did great with's 10:00 p.m. and she says her tooth no time at she has a full blown toothache and is crying how bad it hurts. I call E.R and of course no help. I start looking up home remedies for a I try the warm salt water and garlic salt luck but as I read ppl talk about vanilla extract...what do ya know she says' pain is less not that bad and could sleep now' to get some sleep.

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