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Marcus M.

Almond extract oil works almost as well as--if not as good as-- Anbesol/Orajel Extra Strength; even though, they use different key ingredients. Almond extract oil ingredients: water, alcohol(35-40%), and bitter almond of oil. I heard that oils were good to great for the teeth and had even heard that they would stop toothache pain. However, I had moderate success with olive oil. Vanilla extract--although an alcohol compound as well--was even worse(useless). I found the almond extract by accident at my parents' house. When I applied it using my toothbrush as I would brushing my teeth, it burned at first and, eureka, it numbed my teeth as if it was Anbesol or Orajel extra strength. Now, I brush my teeth with baking soda(then rinse), brush with a decent toothpaste(then rinse), and last brush with the almond extract(then spit out about 10 times as needed). My teeth hurt so bad that it felt like they were possessed(my whole top teeth and some of the bottom ones were throbbing from one tooth and I could not rest), but I can sleep again. It will allow you 3 to 5 hours of respite from the pain. You should feel a similiar effect to Anbesol/Orajel. If the pain is severe or very good, you will likely feel the 'swollen teeth' feeling. If you've ever had a toothache and used numbing agents, then you know what I'm talking about. Sometimes, the pain will not come back for a really long time. If only I knew about this remedy with last toothache, as I could not even lie down with that! To the Lord God Jehovah and Jesus Christ of Christianity be the glory, honor, and praise for this discovery!


Hold a piece of ice on the tooth and the pain was instantly gone.


Saturday night was probably the worst night of my life. My tooth ache came on about 9:00 p.m. and kept me up all night. The only time I got any relief was when I was walking around. I came on this site to find out what I could possibly do to get some relief, but to no avail. I tried everything from warm salt water, alcohol, bread, etc. Yes, these remedies did work for a very short period of time (approximately 10 to 15 minutes). After being up all night and wanting to just die from the pain, I finally went to CVS at 8:00 a.m. and I bought Sensodyne tooth paste and Red Cross tooth ache medicine. Both of these products together are under $15.00. This is the only thing that worked for me. I first brushed by teeth with the Sensodyne (paying close attention to the tooth with the cavity), I then applied the Red Cross tooth ache medicine right into my cavity (with one of the little cotton balls it comes with). Within five (5) minutes, my tooth ache pain went from a 10 to a 2, but I still wanted the pain gone. So, I applied a finger full of Sensodyne toothpaste directly to my cavity, and what do you know, I was pain free for the rest of the day. (I am not kidding and I don't joke about pain). I followed the steps again (with the exception of the Sensodyne on my cavity) before bed, even though I still had no pain, and I finally got a great nights sleep. However, I did leave the little cotton ball from the Red Cross tooth ache medicine in the cavity all night, as I was not taking any chances of the pain returning in the middle of the night), So, if you are in extreme pain, find a 24 hour Walgreens or CVS and pick these items up. You will be asleep within 30 minutes after following these steps. TRUST ME. I hope you all get the relief that you deserve. I cannot think of anything more painful than a tooth ache. Good luck!!!


My remedy for toothache pain!!!
This actually works...
So I have this gaping hole in the top part of my molar all the way in the back on the bottom right...
And I looked on this site for remedies and tried a few... But I tweaked one of the recipes and made one of my own

So here it is... The best thing you can do is crush a baby aspirin in a corner of a sandwich baggy and some salt and then a few drops of vanilla extract to make a paste... Now, you can apply this paste directly to the effected area but for me i needed it on the nerve of the tooth and i needed it to last so I tore the corner off of a paper towel and rolled it then dipped the end into the paste and with a giant glob on the ends i stuck the piece of paper towel in the hole in my tooth and the pain was gone instantly (within five minutes) and it's been almost 4 hours later and the pain is still gone... It started 2:00 am saturday morning and I made it all the way to monday without bad pain now it's time to see a dentist


I just wanted to share that pure bourbon vanilla extract on the gum area where you're having tooth pain will give you instant relief. How much you use depends on how severe the pain is. I put the bourbon vanilla extract on a little folded piece of paper towel and kept it on the gum all night because of how much pain I was in. I slept like a baby.

Sidenote: imitation vanilla extract does not work
And the remedy above should only be used to hold you off till you can see a dentist that can fix the problem that's causing the pain. I also noticed keeping the head elevated while sleeping helped reduce pain.

steve rev

wow the chewing the fresh arlic really works, only now the pain seems to have moved into the whole right-hand side of my head!
....FRESH GARLIC - crunch it up and apply to affected areas with tongue
and rinse it all after you have swallowed most of a whole clove (small, from the middle of the bulb) with warm SALT WATER


Put salt,hot water,and salt on a q-tip and leave it there for 1 min. Then put any toothpaste on tooth,crack,hole,and gums.Leave moth close for 5 min.


I have had extreme pain tooth nerve pain. It has almost crippled me. I couldnt sleep or eat. I also was on the verge of tears. My first thought was advil liquid gels. So I took 5. Time passed and relief for me. I came to this website and a couple of people suggested sensodyne toothpaste. OMG!!!! I DOES WORK I TELL YOU. I WAS SKEPTICAL I TELL YOU. MY PAI. WAS SO SEVRE. BUT BY GOLLY 7MIN. WENT BY AND I HAVE RELIEF. THANK YOU. AND FOR THAT I FELT IT MY DUTY TO SHARE MY EXPERIENCE. OH IT


I had the worst toothache in my life. I had chipped a tooth and the nerve was exposed. It was throbbing pain and everything. I tried a bunch of remedies on here, and nothing seemed to work. I went to wal mart and bought sensodyne toothpaste and that helped a little bit. I also bought dentek, which is a filling repair kit. I put that on top of the nerve to cover it, and it was instant relief. I could hardly eat, I couldn't get any sleep. It helped so much! Highly suggest it!


Use sensodyne maximum strength with fluoride really does help.Simply rub it on your gum in the area thats giving you trouble.For me it gives instant relief.Different things work for different people but its worth a try and will help you get to sleep.

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