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Just warm up some water it could either be warm or hot either works and just put 4 table spoon of salt and rinse your month with like it was mouthwash do it like a couple time the pain goes away slowly.


For the past month or so I had tooth pain from a cavity and I kept the pain at bay by oil pulling with some coconut oil everyday. I don't know what the hell possessed me to stop but this past week or so the pain came back with a vengeance with it starting from my molar, spreading to my gums and then radiating towards the front of my mouth. The last two days were hell (especially nights) and I tried every remedy but nothing worked. But last night I read on a forum that elevating your head while you slept would prevent the rush of blood to it (and your teeth) and in theory prevent the pain. I swished with apple cider vinegar, then oil pulled with coconut oil, swished with listerine (the regular kind) and then with sea salt and baking soda. Took three ibuprofen and slept with my head elevated on 2 chair cushions along with two pillows and I am up at 4 am with virtually no pain at all. Im gonna keep doing this until I can get this tooth pulled but i hope this helps someone.


I read so many remedies here. Most worked but only temporary. I have been in agony. Cracked filled, infected, doctor prescribed antibiotics, have to wait for appointment for work.

The ONE that truly worked was this:

Crush one or two aspirin, one or two ibuprofens, (more if you want) some cocunut oil or any oil. Grind pills into power, mix with oil till it is thick paste, pack, rub, hold on to teeth and gum all around, especially do a little rubbing even if it scratches a little. Just when I was ready to cry and give up it started to kick in after about 10 minutes. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I have also tried the ground up pills with some vodka and some garlic juice (from jar of chopped garlic).This is why it works, you absorb much faster through your mucous membranes (gums, interior of mouth) and the little bit of rubbing pushes it in through better because it is mildly abrasive. I have been taking ibuprofen, aspirin, tramadol (partemel in UK) and it would work but not very fast and not as well. Right now I have rubbed and packed this on my tooth and gum and swallowed some ibuprofen and aspirin. One hour later...still comfortable. THANK YOU ALL!!


For severe tooth pain. Mix a 1:1 ratio (50/50) of salt and pepper. Add a couple hot drops of water and crush it into a paste. Use a q-tip/piece of cotton/your finger and put it directly where it hurts. It will relieve the pain within 1-3 minutes and last about 2 hours. You can also add garlic powder to the mix, or even tea. Another trick is to chew on an onion.


Nyquil took my pain dwn to a tolerable level didn't take it away all the way but enough to where I could sleep it took two swigs and swished em for 15 to 30 seconds apiece


I have also had problems with my teeth, actually I had a hole in the tooth and it unbearably ached, then my friend gave me a piece of advice, he advised to try taking Prialt, it's a painkillers and for God's sake it helped. In that moment I was the happiest person in the whole world


I came home from work one night and a sudden pain strikes my lower right jaw. A familiar pain I once felt 2 years ago. I woke up in the middle of the night in agonizing pain. My face was swollen and I had pain all on my right side of my body, from my ears to my spine. Later found out I needed to have an emergency root canal. Again this was two years ago. Let's fast forward to now:

I felt this pain and I immediately looked on google for remedies because it was 8 pm no chance of getting to a local dentist at this time. I came across a few good ones that worked for me a little bit.

1.) Apple Cider Vinegar & Honey

Two tbsp of ACV & two tbsp of honey in a cup of warm water. You can drink it or swish around the sore tooth.

2.) Hydrogen Peroxide & Listerine

A cap full of HP and swish around tooth then spit. Alright after a cap full of Listerine swish around tooth and spit. Immediately relieved a lot of pain & swelling on my face.

3.) Ice pack

I have an ice pack wrapped in a thin towel or scarf and I put it under my jaw to reduce swelling and it helps with the pain a little bit. Don't keep it on no more than 10 mins at at time.

4.) Orejel

Put it on gums around tooth every two hours

Puts a temporary numbing sensation on tooth. Doesn't last very long though.

5.) Rub it out

Use your index finger and run around the gums. You can always run your jaw too. It doesn't stop the pain but it feels better when you apply a little pressure.

I have an appointment tomorrow for a root canal but I'm going to try to get in today and just get my tooth pulled. Don't think I can wait another 24 hours in pain.

The pink fantailed pigeon

So i've been combating a rather painful toothache, i've broken a tooth with a cavity and currently cannot afford to see a dentist. Tonight I was woken up by the unbearable throbbing pain in my tooth,gum and up through my left cheekbone. So naturally i did what every smart young man/woman does when they need help at 3 AM. I googled help :D. What i found out that's dulled it enough to help me atleast get back to sleep was a mixture of holding and gently swishing a quarter of a cap of mouth wash over the hurting area and then right after this swishing the same amount of bacardi over the sore spot and spitting it out. Now it doesnt make the pain go away but it dulls it enough to go back to bed. went from a 8-9 pain down to a 2-3 so it helps well enough. I hope you all find this helpful just a bit, oh and fair warning, it kinda burns when ya do it also only do the rinses for about 20-30 and dont forget to spit both out~ Hope you all can sleep~


I've been dealing with constant tooth pain and I think I've finally found a remedy that works and doesn't taste horrible. My fiancé bought pepperoni today. My pain level is usually 10/10 24-7. As soon as the juices from the pepperoni hit my tooth the pain went away.


I have a broken tooth on the right side all the way in the back. I never had a problem with pain due to it until tonight. I took a few asprin but I needed immediate relief to be able to sleep. Since it's 10:40 on a Christmas Eve, I couldn't run to the store to grab something, I needed to use something in the house. I used NyQuil first. Squashed it around very good over the tooth that was causing my pain and I began to feel relief. Then I squashed vanilla extract around the tooth and that helped even more. I can't say I'm at a 0 pain level, but I can say I'm at a low 2 which will work long enough for the asprin to kick in or hopefully for me to fall asleep.

Good luck everyone! Tooth pain in the worst pain! I'd rather go through labor again! Lol!!

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