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On a recent Search and Rescue (SAR) exercise we pushed our way through some of the thickest, nastiest parts of a wildlife area. Fortunately no ticks, but oh my gosh I am eaten alive with chiggers. Next time I will skip the equine bug spray my team mate used on me and stick with my DEET spray. Now that I have them again I am going to use my tried and true 'cure' for chiggers learned in my Boy Scout days. I will take a long, hot bath with Fels Naptha soap. It may not be easy to find. I found mine at a hardware, not Lowe's or Home old-fashioned one. I also like using a sunburn spray that has lidocaine in it. The higher percentage the better.


After reading many remedies on here this is what quickly worked - I usually don't write these but having chigger bites really sucks (last time I will do a brake job outside without bug spray!).

So here it is: I thought of this because my poison ivy remedy of gojo granules working in a similar way.

Step 1: buy a bag of epson salt and get in tub of very warm yet comfortable water. It is important to not add salt yet soak for a minute to get your skin acclimated to the ph of the water.
Step 2: Pour 6-8 cups of salt in the tub and soak infected area making sure the salt is circulating. This will disturb the salinity and ph around the infection - You should now feel the need to itch and that is your moment of opportunity.
Step 3: At the point you want to itch take salt right from the bag and make a paste of salt over the entire area of bites (be sure to rub the salt granules generously on the infected area this is the key to it working!).
Step 4: Now once you have the paste set leave infected area above water for about 15 minutes listen to radio etc.
Step 5: Quickly dip infected area in bath water you originally mixed in salt and watch when you get out of the tub the welts quickly recede to small bite marks when you dry off. LET THE WATER DRY ON ITS OWN DO NOT TOWEL OFF THE INFECTED AREA. This will leave a nice salt film that will help you until you need to repeat the process.

I was using antibiotic cream and alcohol for days before I figured this out. The cream and alcohol method only resulted in liquid coming out of bite bumps like a zit (gross). A chemist I work with said my method is rapidly changing salinity and other biological values thus killing off the infection the bite marks have left. Good luck these really suck if you get them but this will help quickly.

Chuck H

New-Skin worked well for me. paint a little on each bite a few times. Its antiseptic and it covers the bite sealing it and stopping the itching and it lasts a few days as long as you dont scrub it off in the shower, which is long enough for the bites to heal. ITs great for cuticle cracks as well. But so is super glue.


I have at least 50 chigger bites on my feet and calfs and at first nothing was working so I put my feet in cold bath water for about 5 to 10 minutes which took away the need to scratch for a while then I went out and bought cortisone 10 and that seemed to help as well for a longer amount of time.

Eric b. from Texas

Wow should have been a doctor or scientist.!!!! Found the amazing cure that everyone should know about to get rid of chigger itch. Get washed then rub down any area with blue ice sunburn gel with aloe Vera & lidocaine & menthol!!!!!!!!! Not minutes but instant relief from those pesky critters. Hope I can help anyone looking for a cure. Don't forget the benadryl when u know you got them this will help long term


Chiggers are the worst especially when you and your two young kids get then all at once this morning I found STING-KILL in cabinet and works has even a little tube that you crack open so kids can safely apply AWESOME!

Brian in Chicago

Cool Mint Listerine works very well for me.

Chiggers love me, and my reaction to them is extreme itching for days and days. I seem to get bites every year, around June. It's gotten so hard to live with that I have finally done some exhaustive research on the Web to find a remedy.

What I have found, and many here on this site have confirmed, is that chiggers do not burrow into your skin. That's a well established misconception. The source of the irritation comes from the saliva of these microscopic mites, which are only biting you in their larva-stage of development. I believe this is why I only suffer through this in June, and not later in the Summer.

At any rate, Cool Mint Listerine, applied liberally with cotton balls, has been effective in both reducing the itch, as well as the appearance of the welts. I believe this has to do with the drying effect, and the antiseptic value of the product. Rubbing alcohol seems to work in much the same way. I have found that Tucks medicated pads offer relief as well, possibly from the Witch Hazel. I owe the Listerine remedy to the many posts I found here on this Web site. So I am adding my endorsement here as well.


Okay. So I haven't tried much. But from what i have tried the thing that seems to work best is just ice. I currently have over 20 chigger bites (I must say OUCH....) I have them on the back of my knees, around my waistline, next to my pantie line, just under the wire in my bra, and even in my BELLYBUTTON. And gosh they itch like crazy! So I understand what everyone's going through with wanting to saw off their body parts. but again. Just numbing it with ice got me through the worst night. Ah sweet relief! hope this helps.


I am 44 and have chiggers for the first time. I asked several people whom I thought would really know and they all, at separate times, and without knowing what anyone else had told me, said that clear fingernail polish works. Just dab a little bit on the bite. This will smother the chigger and in a couple of days you will be chigger-free. Personally, I have tried calamine lotion first, but if it doesnt't give me some relief, I might just try the clear polish.


I woke up yesterday with atleast 20 chigger bites on my butt, torso, and upper thighs, I had been working in my garden the previous day....I'm guessing that is where they came from??? The bites kept me up all night itching like crazy, so finally after an hour of crazed scratching, I got up and went to see what remedy I could come up with. I soaked two cotton balls in Witch Hazel and rubbed it all over me. Waited for it to dry, then rubber some Aveeno hydrocortizon cream over it. It took about 4 or 5 minutes to have an effect but it works. I will try soaking in Epsom salt if it starts itching again.

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