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Im going to be real with you about chigger bites. Scratch every single one of them, get them to bleed. Damp alchohol on a paper towel and rub it on your wounds. ( This cleans them, it will sting for a momment and temporary gets rid of the itch ) When the itch comes back use cordozone 10. ( cost 5 dollars at walmart ) Also your having a allergic reaction to the bites so take extra strength denadryl pills. ( 2 pills twice daily, you will feel drowzy but it is better than itching ) At night use tylenol pm sleep aid.

I had over 100 chigger bites on the left side of my body. I couldn't bear it and slept 4 hours within 2 days. I wen't to walmart and bought all the above items. Cost me less than 20 dollars. ( KEEP IN MIND THERE IS NO INSTANT CURE, YOU MUST LET YOUR BODY HEAL ). After following what I did you will still itch but it is bareable. The bites you did not scratch and use alchohol on will still itch or miss with the cordozone. I did this one night and I still have the chigger bites on me as im typing this 1 day later and the only chigger bite itching is one on my knee. ( note I have over a 100 chigger bites )

Hope this helps


Recently my wife and kids suffered with about 50 bites after spending a week in the woods at camp. They used bug spray; the new DEET replacement, but it didn't work.

After a couple of days they had scratched the welts open and mentioned the bites to me.

I went out and bought some first aid spray (the kind with Benzocaine) and a bottle of new skin. The concentration of Benzocaine was 20%. The higher the concentration the better, the reason is this helps quickly relieve the itching.

Step 1: spray each bite with the First Aid spray and wait for it to dry. This takes about 10 minutes and may sting some.

Step 2: Apply the 'New Skin' to the bites. Make 2 coats to help seal the wound.

Repeat the treatment every night before bed or after bathing. Use the first aid spay as necessary to relieve itching throughout the next day. If the spay does not work well enough then you can take Benadryl.


Simple, cheap, easy and effective. As soon as you suspect you have chiggers, saturate the area with cheap hairspray. This feel good going on because of the cold, immobilizes the ones that haven't got you yet and suffocates all of the little suckers that get coated with the hairspray. Reapply after showering. Same concept as nail polish but much easier.


I have suffered with chigger bites before that last about a week. Last night when I awoke with bites all over my ankles I got a bucket of HOT water and about a cup of bleach and soaked for about 10 minutes. When I was done I did not feel and itching and was able to get back to sleep. 24 hours later I still have not had any itching, I wish I tried this remedy in the previous years.


I'm 55 years old and all my life we put finger nail polish on the little sickers. It really kills them.

Marsha in Oklahoma

Lavender oil.. I keep it in a little
roller bottle, roll it on when I first
feel the chigger chew. It does the
bugger in & pick off with tweasers.
When the tormenting itches act up, rub
it on again. Had hundreds of the evil
ones get me tonight. I soak in the salt
bath/sometimes the apple vineger.
Started putting the neem oil on the dogs..Why do those nasty,nasty arachnid
chiggers always get you at the very worst places.


I read in a natural remedies book that tumeric (the spice) works on chiggers and so it does. Relieves the itching immediately and seems to kill the chiggers. Problem is they keep coming back! I only have them on the backs of my hands from carrying in some firewood and can't get rid of them permanently.
Another thing that immedicately helped the itching was daubing with Coke or Pepsi - stops the itching NOW! but doesn't seem to kill the chiggers. I am going to try Absorbine Jr. and Chigerrid (if I can find that) Powdered sulpher also sounds like it could work.


I have chigger bites and didn't know what they looked like. I tried a lot of is the scoop..Bathe with really hot water, scrub the bites with soapy water,then pour in Epson Salt...when you get out use a sterilized needle and remove the head of the bite and put iodine on it. NO MORE ITCHING!!!!!! Thank Goodness(be sure and buy the real iodine not the safe alternative)


I live in Missouri,yes I was moving some plants around in my yard,never had a problem before bingo!!chiggers all over my body head to toe drove me nuts!!! Lost sleep trying to find something that works tried nail polish worked good but not enough tried toothpaste, mouthwash,alcohol,even tried a little bleach clean up yea sometimes the itch is so bad one can be desperate for any kind of relief. I had a tube of clean and clear cream cleanser oil free after a very hot shower soaped up twice toweled off and a good. Gentle rub over the welts I applied this cream generously and over that I applied caladryl oh sweet heaven relief so far oh don't forget to pop your benadryl


I've tried all the remedies everyone has mentioned and to no avail. Since I use sea breeze for sensitive skin on my itchy scalp I tried it on my 20+ chiggers and ahhhhh finally some relief. Works excellent for me.

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