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Well, I tried everything listed here and more: peroxide, alcohol, witch hazel, nail polish, toothpaste, sunburn gel, listerine, diaper rash cream, epsom salt bath, olive oil, vicks vapo rub, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, Chiggarid, and just plain scratching! Some of these options did absolutely nothing and some helped a little bit. I finally thought, what the heck, I'll try some Chloraseptic and it worked!!!!!!!!! I have been in chigger bite hell until now and I finally have some relief. I figured if it would numb my throat it my numb the bites and it has. Hallelujah!!


The OCEAN saltwater and sand scrub with a long dose of sun can do wonders!


First, immediately take a hot shower and scrub off the chiggers!!!!Now,Scratch bite until it bleeds, or feels better, then rub hydrocortisone cream on welt. Then when it itches, every time when you go to scratch , you'll feel an excrement on the bite(like it's pushing the infection out)Then scratch that off, and immediately put more hydrocortisone cream on.( do this as needed, maybe 5 times in a day.) Then between the second or third day of doing this , do the same procedure, but rub rubbing alcohol on after scratching off excretion from the bite. You'll notice after the second to third day that the welts are getting smaller and drying up. Should feel better in 4 days if you do this every day.

CR from VA

Cool Mint Listerine is the wonder cure. After days of suffering with dozens of chigger bites, my hubby was miserable. I got the biggest bottle of Cool Mint Listerine I could find and doused him. The itching, which had gone on for days, stopped immediately! Within an hour the welts had 2 hours they were just small bumps and obviously healing. I doused him again after 6 hours and he is now sleeping like a baby. It's the eucalyptus and menthol that make the difference so get only the Cool Mint flavor and apply liberally. It will leave a faint blue residue but that is essential for healing and for ensuring they do not continue to bite. Thank you to everyone who suggested Cool Mint Listerine!! If you are suffering, please give it a try.


i know your not going to believe this but,i used lice shampoo this morning then put on calimine lotion. didnt itch.took a shower tonight,still didnt itch!!!best day ive had in 2 days!!!

Mattie A

Mine is more of a warning. Last sunday i had a really intence work out and sweat was poring out of me afterwards i went home and before i could take a shower my friend showed up and wanted to go fishing. We went to a small pond and the next day i was completly eatin alive by chiggers from head to tow there must be over a hundred bits onme over thirty on mfeet alone i usually get bites but nothing like this in my hole life almost s week later and i am still iching like mad my thought is that they must have gone crazy for the dry sweat onmy skin so take a shower be fore you go into nature

k. jones

since the bite of the chigger is an acid to dissolve the epidermis(upper layer of skin) all you need to do is to neutralize the acid. Arm and Hammer baking soda in a paste works great. just add water to the powder and voila spread and relax. then just treat any infection if it occurs from the scratching.


Stop chigger bite itching by scrubbing vigorously with beach sand and seawater. I get chigger bites regualrly but this time was different, one single bite between my toes was driving me nuts. I took a walk to the beach and while there couldn't resist the temptation to squish my feet in the sand, it felt so good I sat down and just scrubbed the bite with sand and water for about 5 minutes, within an hour the itch was gone and within 3 hrs the swelling was gone as well. Ah relief.


I have used clear fingernail polish for years and it seems to be the most effective remedy for chigger bites. This really takes the itch away. Paint it on generously! I think it smothers the little creatures...


OK I've read through quite a bit of these and most of them miss the point. Chiggers don't live under the skin but on it and are easily and often removed by scratching. they inject an enzyme that dissolves a portion of the skin and then hardens into a feeding tube. the only remedies I saw working either removed the feeding tube or braised it away. tried a warm bath and a comfortable abrasive of sugar and honey, then removed the 'chiggers' left with tweezers. Good luck

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