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Two days ago I woke up with over 175 bites from my shoulders to my thighs, and I've tried almost everything on here (toothpaste, nail polish remover, clear nail polish, salt baths, etc.) and none of it worked, but I have finally found a remedy: BLEACH. Not a bleach bath, that works for a few minutes, but didn't make the itching totally stop. Instead, douse a washcloth with plain beach, soak the washcloth in water, and then scrub the bites with the cloth. Wait a few minutes, wipe the bleach off with a different damp cloth (just water) and then immediately apply Cortizone 10. It's the only relief I've found after two days of misery. Also make sure to take benedryl!


Sensodyne toothpaste works great on chigger bites. My husband tried it one day, after we had moved to an area with chiggers, and we have been using it every summer since.


I just tried the epsom soak followed by salt scrub followed by cool mint listerine and AMAZING! First time in two days the stopped. I tried all the creams to no avail. Heat from a blow dryer was working until two days ago. I an seriously amazed and thrilled. Worst bites ever as you know. Trying the ambesol to see if it helps numb the pain. So happy I found this sure! Listerine...your best friend.


Old Army way of dealing with Chiggers is prevention. A simply way to avoid chigger bites is to rub a homemade lotion containing powder/flour of sulfur (10% by volume to lotion) and any kind of cheap skin lotion (coconut lotion from the dollar store). Place ingredients in a mixing bowl. Mix them together with a cake mixer until uniformed and apply to every inch of your body. Chiggers, Ticks, and any kind of mite hates sulfur and have so since recorded time. I have used this for 30 years for both Chiggers and Deer Ticks and works everytime. (Caution: Do not use if allergic to sulfur...duh)


I hauled in some wood from my back porch and the next day I noticed these little blackish things on the back of my hands.
I didn't think they were Chiggers because they are not supposed to be around in California. WRONG! They are now. Don't know if it is global warming or just our area, but my doctor gets them too. There are some 31 varieties of Chiggers, so these may not be the kind as from Kansas, etc.

Anyway, I have been to different doctors five different times, and nothing seems to work. Then I read in a natural medicine book about TUMERIC.
It works. I use a little olive oil, and then sprinkle powdered tumeric on liberally. The itch stops immediately and the little bumps turn black. My skin turns orangy yellow from the spice, but it even seems to work deep down and later the top layer of skin will peel off taking the whole bite area with it. If the skin seems raw, I will then take a Clorox wipe or two and dampen them more with water, and wrap the whole thing with a clean dish towel. The itching stops and the bites will be gone in a few days. The only trouble is the tumeric is really messy and will yellow your sleeves, etc. but it does seem to wash out okay.

Instant Relief

Wash with soap and water clean area very well, then use Lice killing shampoo , just rub in on the bite and lather let it stay on bite for 10-15 mins. then rinse off and blot dry with towel. You feel relief instantly. This is such a life savior and you dont even have to use medication to try to get reid of them.


It is 80 degrees in South Carolina for the last week. I couldn’t resist working outdoors clearing brush and trash out of the yard. I ended up with a double dose of poison ivy AND chiggers, and haven’t slept in a week. I read many of the posts, and some make a lot of sense. Nothing OTC works and cost a lot of money. I needed something that will help get rid of the reaction and promote healing while preventing infection.

We know: 1) the larvae inject an enzyme into your skin to kill it and then feed off the dead skin. 2) By the time the allergic reaction starts, the larvae are gone. 3) It’s the reaction to the enzyme that causes the intense itch—not the larvae. 4) You will not smother the larvae with nail polish as they are not there.

Most of the remedies that interested me started with some type of soak—sea water, hot bath, Epsom salt bath, etc., which will soften the skin and tissue in and around the lesions. Epsom salts and even something like Calgon, will increase the amount of water absorption of your skin. Then, some kind of abrasive--sea sand, Epsom salt crystals, baking soda, etc. Then, something antiseptic to prevent infection. (DO NOT scratch the tops off the lesions with your fingernails, like some of these posts promote. Fingernails are hideously dirty and you are just begging for a MRSA infection). Then, some type of cooling compound—Cool mint Listerine, camphor, mint, menthol, witch hazel, eucalyptus, etc.

I made a paste of baking soda and cool mint Listerine (which is antiseptic) as that’s what I already had in the house. I took a hot bath. While in the bath after a long soak, I put the paste on an abrasive cloth used to exfoliate skin, and scrubbed the heck out of the lesions until I had actually scrubbed them raw, and then scrubbed them again. A few hours later, the sores were drying up and I felt relief already. The trick is to remove and/or neutralize the enzymes to stop the allergic reaction.

out west

Chigger bites. We had no luck with anything the Dr. gave us. We saw some of your home remedies, Clorox bleach, ammonia, and nail polish remover. Seems alone it just was not enough to kill the buggers on our legs. I told my husband that I had had enough (over 3 months ) so I got 3 small bowls and a hand full of cotton balls. Poured Clorox in a bowl, ammonia in a bowl, and fingernail polish in a bowl. We dipped one cotton ball in each bowl then took turns with the Clorox ammonia and nail polish holding it on top of the chigger for 30 seconds each then did it a few more times. It will sting but the spot starts to bleed. and it won't with Dr's meds . so it lets go and dies. OK after that things where getting better(5 months later) and I was thinking that about that same time I noticed a funny bump on the side of my cheek close to my chin . Well it would come and go so I forgot about about it. I decided to Put a cotton ball with Clorox on it then the ammonia then nail polish about 3 or 4 times. It started to bleed and a red thing the size of a RED TIC TAC came out it had long strings on it like feelers or blood suckers or a chigger. I WILL NEVER GO CAMPING AGAIN


years ago my parents took their little long haired dog that slept in their bed to California. When they came home a few days later my mother had a tick in her ear.Our family Dr.could not get it out and was sent to another Dr. HE PUT A DROP OF ETHER ON IT TO PUT IT TO SLEEP AND OUT IT CAME.(the dog picked up a ticks) -------Chiggers------- Some how I got bit by chiggers, meds from the dr did nothing. Over 6 or 7 months this has gone on and on then I bought a small bottle of compound w maximum strength fast acting liquid wart remover for my husband.. I read the active ingredients---ETHER 63.6%---- WOW---SO I bought Rid and Nix Lice killer. - now this helped on a red spot on my skin that this thing called home for a long time.I sterilized a pair of tweezers with alcohol then roughed up the top of the sore then put the compound w on it and put lice killer on top. I noticed if the chigger falls asleep the sore will bleed when it lets go of its grip. As soon as it bleeds put more rid and compound w on start trying to scrap the chigger out while it is sleeping. You can use the tweezers to work the compound w down to make sure its on the chigger. Spray with DEET around the area not getting in the opened sore so they wont move around. You can't get rid of them unless they let go of their grip. keep trying. Also Amonia kills them. good luck


I was really suffering from my chigger bites this summer and read through all these remedies. I went to the pharmacy with the idea of buying every single one to see which would work. Just for the heck of it, I also asked the pharmacist. He told me that he had specially ordered several bottles of this stuff called Chigarid. This stuff was fantastic. I'd recommend ordering it ahead of time so you'll have it when you need it.

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