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After going years without chigger bites, I have them for the second time this summer! Just read the many suggestions for chigger bite relief after waking up itching like crazy. I remember my mom using the clear nail polish on me as a kid to supposedly smother the chigger. I now know that there is nothing to smother in there, but I think the polish seemed to help, as some people still swear by it, because it still helped dry up the area and put a barrier on the skin from the surrounding air. After scrubbing well in a warm shower, I decided to try spreading maximum strength vagisil cream on my bites. It contains a strong topical analgesic, and vitamins A, D, E and aloe. Worked! The swelling, redness and itching of the bumps subsided very quickly and they already look like they are shrinking and drying up! It worked way better and faster than the other after bite products I tried before this.


I walk every day with my dogs, and I find dusting sulfur from an old sock, is the best to avoid bites.
But if you forget, like I do, the fast stop itching relief, Is VETERICYN, for animals, it does come in Human, but more expensive and still the same suff. This is a skin Ph balancer. When it dries, one can put other ointments on over. I use this for all minor cuts, even safe for eyes! Try it you will be sold!


Bugs have had a love affair with me for years. The best thing that has worked for me I only discovered last year. It made sense to me. I use Off or Cutter or some other insect repellant AFTER the bite. The little stinkers are buried in your skin. I have found that if you continually dab insect repellant on them, they will die inside and then stop their burrowing/itch causing behavior. After that the bump will simply settle down and go away. I re-apply whenever the itch starts up again which is usually a few times a day, as opposed to every fifteen minutes with other cures. They always seem to 'go to sleep' for a while, then I dab them again. They won't live for long under constant attack from this poison.


Meat Tenderizer!! Make a paste smear it on and it works.Just got them for first time in 20 years. Our little league team couldn't keep our gloves on and down our pants at the same time until an ol' Timer clued us in. Good Luck

Living in the South

Living in the South means living with things like Chiggers, ticks, fleas and other bad insects. But anyone who has ever had the displeasure to have been bitten by a chigger, knows all-too-well
that Chiggers are nasty little misery-makers!
That said, I am very sensitive to all insect bites -particularly CHIGGERS! After years of trying ALL the recommended remidies listed here, the
truth is, everyone of us are different and what works well for one person will NOT work for another person. I've tried them all.
That said, it's important to use very
extreme caution when trying any of these 'feel-better' remedies, and here's why:
I tried the 'bleach thing' some years ago, and I sustained bleach burns, same thing happened with hydrogen peroxide and nail polish remover. Clear nail polish does nothing but burn, and leaves you with a nasty red mark that can be sore for days. Things like Chiggerex are fine, but only lasts an hour or so.
The things that really DO WORK for nasty chigger bites: Listerine for immediate relief, then bathe, then apply Calidryl, Campho-Phenique or other topical treatments that works best for you. Take an antihistamine like; benedryl if you experience severe itching & pain (like I do) as this will help to relieve the irritation more -Long Term. I, personally take Sudafed PE sinus-headache as it works great for me.
The important thing is to always bathe in COOL (NOT HOT) water with a mix of about 2 cups of sodium-bicarbinate (Baking Soda) per halh tub full of cool water, soak for 10-15 minutes this puts balance back into the PH of your skin, then blot (don't rub) dry. The hot water may feel better, but it will actually make it hurt worse after the bath because it inflames the already inflamed bites!
Next, apply the topical treatment of your choice (Caladryl, Campho-phenique, chiggerex, etc) and take an antihistamine. This is your best defense against the awful pain and itch of chigger bites. I personally get the BEST RELIEF (after the bath) by applying caladryl with a cotton ball directly to all of the affected areas, as it cools and soothes for hours and hours, then I take 2 Sudafed PE Sinus Headache tablets (Wagreen's equivalent) for pain relief, it works just GREAT!
(Please remember that Sudafed contains tylenol in case you take a blood thinner, you could use benedryl instead or ask a pharmacist for help).
I hope this helps you as well as it did for me.


OMG I just cut grass near Ann Arbor Mi.
The chiggers are really bad as I have over 100 bites on my legs and ankles.
I could scratch the skin off my bones, they itch that bad. The pharmacy owner was an old army guy and said to always suck on wooden matches. The bugs don't like the sulfer. Too little Too late. Chickoderm and clear nail polish is what's left.


I'm guessing by reading all of this, nothing has changed in 58 years except people will try anything. I always went to both my grandparents and played in the woods, garden, fields and sheds (nothing has changed except that I am now the grandparent). Chiggers, ticks and fleas were and still are a nusence. First get rid of the hitch hikers, bath in warm water w/vinegar (I like apple cider and I use a min. of a pint/tub). Then when the bites become noticeable, apply Campho-Phenique (I like the oil, but the gell works too). I use a qtip and apply twice so it absorbs in. Generally once a day until the bumb goes away will do, but morning and evening will keep you from looking ridiculous as you try to scratch some of the locations bugs will bite you. Read up on Campho-Phenique and you will want it in your medicine cabinet for many things. Use a deet insect repellant to reduce the chances of getting bit, but be prepared any way, as those little buggers will find a way to get to your cracks and crevices.


After receiving over 20 chigger bites on just one foot, about 15 on the other, and about 5-10 in very tender areas I was desperate to find some form of relief after frantically scratching all night. I found this website and decided to try some of the remedies. I mean, what's there to lose? I took a very warm shower and scrubbed with Epsom salts. Then I used dog flea and tick bath on my feet. I know, I know, not supposed to be used on humans. Yeah, well chiggers aren't supposed to be on humans either. Then I dried off and used original yellow Listerine. Every time I started feeling the need to itch I used Listerine on a cotton ball. Chigarid would work for about 5 minutes and then the pain was unbearable. I love it for mosquito bites though. All the bites are now oozing and drying up. Listerine is an antiseptic and commonly used for skin and hair fungus as well as athletes foot. I heard putting equal parts sulfur and baby powder in a old sock and then dusting your ankles and waist before going outside deters them. Has to work better than the Off deep woods I used before getting dressed and then again after dressing.


I moved to an area with Chiggers. I never even heard of them until last year. The itching was unbearable. I had tried all the anti-itch creams etc. I finally was so desperate I went to the pharmacy and asked. They recommended Chiggerex. (they actually keep it behind the counter here) This stuff is amazing......and cheap. less than $3.00 a jar and a little goes a long way. I bought 4 bottles last year! I will never again be without it.

Eaten Alive

OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! Sunday evening had a nice walk along our back property...DID NOT THINK THAT THROUGH!!

Sprayed myself with Deep Woods off before i even got out there, but I've lived in the south my whole life, you always take a hot shower when you come in from outside playing/working whatever. So took a shower, got out and didn't see any bites. I'm thinking at that point....Deep Woods off is a score....WAY WRONG ANSWER!!!! By 3am Monday morning I was seriously considering boiling my skin off somehow just to ease the misery that is Chigger bites. In the last 48 hours I have tried:

Bleach, Listerine (both cool mint and regular), an entire tube of cortisone cream (temporary hour by hour relief), Calamine, Caladryl, itch-x, Chigg away, Chiggarid...I've eaten Benadryl like M&Ms.

Today: I went to the doctor for a DECADRON (spelling?) shot.

OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG the relief is damn near orgasmic. He also prescribed Elimite cream but the Caladryl tends to give me longer relief.

I have yet to try the ideas of Lice Shampoo or the Monistat (lol) cream. But both sound like logical remedies.

Best bet though is just go to your doctor when you first start itching and get the shot. I've counted 132 bites from my knees to my bra line and as it stands now (about 15 hours later) I only have about 10-12 bites that are still itchy.

Hope all the sufferer find their relief SOON.

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