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Ok, after waking on a Sunday morning during a camping trip and itching like crazy until the following weekend, I finally tried the following that seems to be working for me.

Well first let me say that I used some Benadryl cream and lotion and they worked ok enough. For short periods of time. BUT, what really worked long term was.....

Thankfully my bites seem to be isolated to just my legs from the knee down.

What I do is I get on a pair of those exfoliating gloves you use in the shower. Put them on, wet them down and squirt in some soap. Then I scrub the shit out of my legs and boy does this feel good. LOL.

Get out, dry well then apply Absorbine Jr. to ALL bites/welt areas. While that's drying, I mix a concoction of Gold Bond Medicated Powder and Bactine Spray in a little cup and mix well with one of those brushes you use to brush on hair dye. Make it the consistency of Calamine Lotion.

Then, once my legs are dry from the Absorbine, I get to painting over all bites and welts with the Bactine concoction. Make sure you go well outside of the actual bites and welts too.

I usually do this in the pm before bed and will not have to re-aaply until he next night. And surprisingly, I do NOT itch at all during the night or at all the next day.

Anyway, that's what worked for me!


I am not joking... Drink a couple of stout vodka and tonics with lime... And there is no itching whatsoever. It just stops! Prior to the drinks, I thought I'd go crazy with the itching. I'd tried prescription cortisone, Benedryl, ammonia, chiggaroff and peroxide. I'm headed to bed and hopefully will sleep like a baby!


just be sure to take an oral anti-histamine that you might take for any other allergy- take it every 6 or 12 hrs for two days... it will GREATLY reduce swelling and is more important than any other remedy though topical anti-itch mds are OK, the anti-histamine will almost make them unnecessary.

Your Prayerful Friend

I found that using: Tea Tree Oil, Baking Soda, Cortizone-10, and Alcohol mixed together helped to relief the itching. The problem that I had with that was, it only last from 3-7 hours. Finger nail polish worked over a few days for the ones I placed it on but not right away. The best way that I found to work quickly last night to get rid of Chiggers is practically almost hot scalding water. It worked right away but I still put the mixture of ingredients on it afterwords. That was over 12 hours ago and I'm still free from the itching, and the bumps seem to have gone down tremendously.

Dr Wilson

Ok listen up folks.After discovering the chigger bites. strip off, climb into the shower and thoroughly Wash with Hot water and lots of soap on a rag. After washing really good with soap on a rag, turn the water onto as cold as you can bare to rinse. stay as long as you can in the cold water. Climb out and air dry. Take some Benadryl, dissolve it in some ware and dap each bite with a cotton ball soaked in the Mix. After you finish, take a couple Benadryl by mouth and go to BED. When you awake,, they will no longer itch. Gone the next day. Chiggers bites suck !


Vicks Vapor Rub works: ...First, wash area throughly with hot water, allow to dry. Apply vapor rub. Repeat when itching returns. The rash and itching will go away in a few days.
To avoid chiggers and ticks, spray your shoes, lower legs and trousers with a good bug repellent.


Advanced healing bandaids. Never heard of chiggers till moving to south. Turns out they love me. Tried most of the remedies but none helped the chigger bite heal w/o scarring. Best remedy I found is cover the bite with one of the new type bandages that form a seal around the sore cutting off all air, water, or opportunity to itch. These band aids are water proof and will stay on through several showers. They also have medicine inside them. They are also less visible than regular bandaids.
Nextcare is one brand, but I prefer the Target generic brand called 'blister bandages advanced healing.' Scratching these bites or other invasive remedies are really dangerous. Last year I had one in a skin fold. The constant irritation caused a staff infection.


Hi all chigger suffers! I'm from the homeland of things that bite, Australia! Down here we call chiggers 'scrub itch' and boy have I been hit hard. After a particularly nasty episode I combined a bunch of things that work SO well and don't involve dousing yourself in harmful chemicals. Take rubbing alcohol hiking! When you feel titchy squirmy like you might have chiggers on you, wipe down with a cotton pad doused in alcohol, you will be surprised at how many suckers end up on the pads! (put pads in zip baggie to take home to bin). Also, before hiking a mixture of 1/3 ratio of baby oil, tea tree oil and dettol applied liberally helps deter them.
When you get home SHOWER WELL! Then take a bath in trusty arm and hammer baking soda (add LOTS to the bath!).
After bathing wipe bites down with alcohol again, let dry, apply baking soda paste. Throw an antihistamine in your throat and BAM itch gone. It's like a Christmas miracle, you can literally hear angels singing. Alcohol wipe and baking soda everytime the itch starts to return (usually every 6 hours for me). Bites head to toe clear up in about 48 hours, its amazing. (Ive also alternated baking soda paste with calamine with added lignocaine, the alternation every few hours also works a treat)


VapoRub!!! Read about vaporub on this thread, but it didnt get near enough credit! Took a hot bath then rubbed vaporub on the approximately 100 bites. Oh sweet relief! I am going to bed and I am certain I will actually sleep now!


My son got well over 100 bites while he was clearing our new property in pearcy ar...I read lots of remedies & came to the conclusion that I would concoct a potion of my listerine type mouthwash, put on bites using cotton balls ( contains eucalyptus, menthol).vagisil max strength 20% benzocaine (should've heard him when he saw the word vag...haha!!!) & any type diphenhydramine cream (compare to benadryl cream) after wiping mouth rinse on bites, mix both creams together & apply to bites. He said 'wow! Thanks works!'

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