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Dr Mom

Ok, for prevention each day take an extra strength B vitamin complex. I didn't believe it when I was told this years ago (by a doctor). Chiggers used to love me, but I haven't had a bite since. It also keeps mosquitoes away. If you are unfortunate enough to already have bites the surest treatment is a prescription med called crotamiton, so you need a cooperative Dr.


My mother used a mixture of butter and table salt on us. Apply to bites.


Here's a simple solution, that's been used for more than a century.
1.Take a partial jar of Vicks Vaporub, add a couple of tablespoons of regular table salt to it.
2.Stir it up and then apply a small amount to each bite. The purpose of the Vicks is to hold the salt granules in place, and the menthol alleviates the itching.
Make sure to have three or four salt granules right on top of the bite. Put it on when you go to bed, and when you wake up the swelling is down, it no longer itches and the chigger is dead and gone. If you have any residual inflammation, apply it again the second night. That 1/4 full or less jar of Vicks that you added salt to? It'll last you 10 to 20 years.


This may sound a bit weird but putting clear nail polish on the bites will dry it right up. works like a charm. good luck everyone....

Theresa from NJ

After reading every remedy and trying to best match my closet stock.. I started with our old home remedy for Fire Ant bites and covered my bites with Tiger Balm.. Still having itching I looked for baking soda... and pulled baking powder on a whim... mixed it with 2 to 1 part salt and a just a bit of water and then painted my bites liberally with the foaming liquid... in 5 miniutes I had relief!!! TRY IT!!! I am thinking the foaming slat mixture allowed salt to get into bites.


The real trick is keeping them off to prevent the bit. I know of only two good ways to do this and a third that can help a little.
1. Sulfur Powder...sprinkle a pinch over each sock and pant leg before going into the weeds. (It can be hard to find but I had success in the small town pharmacy's}
2. Gasoline...sprinkle gas over your pant legs and shoes. (dangerous/flammable)
3. Bug spray. spray down your legs and body with a strong bug spray prior to getting into the tall grass/weeds.


I have found that Witch Hazel will instantly kill the little buggers. It does work!


Well 48hrs into these new level of Hell!
Ok here we go......
Once you are sure you have removed all of them. Make sure you use a wash cloth when you shower. I didn't use one and woke up around 2:30/3a.m. in agony; feeling like I was being eaten alive by little specs, about half smaller then this>.
I had never actually seen them before. I am use to the ones that get below the beltline and get really personal. usually go away in a fewfour days.
The majority of these are on my stomach, chest, sides, back, down my backside, and about 20-30 bites on each ankle.

Now the treatment.
shower in cool water with a bottle of 91% Isopropyl alcohol. Punch a small hole in the safety foil so it sprays when squeezed. Pour down the shoulders/chest AND GO TO TOWN try rubbing your skin off with the palms of your hand! use ample amounts of the alcohol and watch getting it on the jewels, it Gets a little warm. Get out and air dry.

For the ointment use clear calamine lotion with Jewelweed.
Take a round bottom plastic tumbler cup.Put a small handful of the leaves(mainly)and flowers(for color) in the cup. Mull with the handle end of a small screwdriver adding a tablespoon of the Calamine. Continue mulling till a consistency of liquid hand soap. Apply with the Screwdriver it will make circles and wont break the skin. This drastically reduces the size of the bites and seems to be drying them up. Atleast the ones that I can reach.
Use BIOFREEZE when it gets to crazy!
I believe with this treatment I can get rid of this sooner then with all the other BS I have read.
Good Luck, Hope this helps.
Try to stay away from the steel wool, even though it sounds so pleasant at this point


I found that clay particularly Calcium Bentonite clay works very well. Mix the clay with water to get a consistency of toothpaste then spread on affected areas. Let dry it will suck all the toxins and dry the bite and stop the itch. Take a shower after a bit or just leave on its just clay and wont hurt anything.


When I was a kid in the 50's my grandfather put powdered sulfur in our socks. Never got a bite. Today I just use a little fingernail polish over the bite area, clear is best, no color. It really works

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