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My son got these chigger bites so bad on his private up front. I took him to the DR cause it caused it to swell. DR said to take claritin every 24 hours and Zantac 75 every 12 hours.. Does wonders, not sure how, but Dr. said it was the combination of the two medicines!!


I found out if I place a lit cigarett near the bite and hold it close enough to feel the heat and a bit of a sting the itch will go away for good. The relief is quick and permanent.


I had chigger bites real bad. I tryed all differant things salt, baking soda, cadradril lotion, chigger bite cream. None of that worked. Then i went and got a stick of after bite and clear nail polish. take like two showers aday and rub really hard with soap and water. Then when you get out put the after bite on each then let that dry and then put on the nail polish. This stops the itching and the spreading because you cant itch through the polish. You can make it worse if u itch and night cause you can spread the rash.


The popular home remedy for which there is little justification is to dab nail polish on the welt. This cannot 'smother' the chigger because it has not burrowed into your skin, and it was probably scratched off long ago. The only benefit to applying a thick coat of nail polish is that it helps to remind you not to scratch the bite.

Only the larvae are known to attack humans. They pierce the skin and inject into the host a salivary secretion containing powerful, digestive enzymes that break down skin cells that are ingested (tissues become liquefied and sucked up). Also, this digestive fluid causes surrounding tissues to harden, forming a straw-like feeding tube of hardened flesh from which further, partially-digested skin cells may be sucked out. After a larva is fully fed in four days, it drops from the host, leaving a red welt with a white, hard central area on the skin that itches severely and may later develop into dermatitis. Any welts, swelling, itching, or fever will usually develop three to six hours after exposure and may continue a week or longer. If nothing is done to relieve itching, symptoms may continue a week or more. Scratching a bite may break the skin, resulting in secondary infections. Chiggers are not known to transmit any disease in the United States.

Donna Z

I live in south-central Missouri, on a cattle ranch, and I get into chiggers at least twice a year. I am sensitive to the bite and have a really hard time, itching day and night and marked around my ankles and lower legs with nasty-looking sores.

The kids in the area told me to take a hot soapy shower, then 'scratch'em 'til they're raw, put hairspray on them, and get ready to dance'.

I don't know if the bitesgo away any faster, but it does stop the itching.


when i was in the army we had an FTX. Basically out in the wildernes somewhere for three days no showers no sleep no real toilets and tons of chiggers especially in south carolina. When we got back i had chigger bites all on my lower legs to my anckles(the chiggers got in my boots) My drill Sgt. gave me neosporen , rubbed that on morning and night and i kept myself from scratching and the less i scratched the less it itched and they where gone in a couple of days.


After reading all the remedies and trying a few, I think petroleum jelly works the best. Although I took it a step further because while I wanted to make sure the chiggers died, I also wanted relief from the itching so I tried A and D ointment. If its good enough for a new baby`s diaper rash, it`s good enough for me. So far so good!Desitin would probably work also but it would be harder to wash off and a little smelly. Oh! Guess what? You can use it on your private areas!


This may sound weird, but it works for chigger bite itch. As soon as you notice an itch associated with chiggers, take a hair dryer(handheld blow-dryer), turn it on 'high', and hold it a few inches from the bite. Continue to hold it there until the heat becomes uncomfortable (a few seconds). After the heat subsides from your skin, the itch will be gone!


Use finger nail polish, make sure it is clear and put it on the chigger bite. The bite should go away in a few days.

John Mason

Rub bacon grease on affected areas of skin. Itching will stop immediately and chigger bites will disappear in 2 or 3 days.

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