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I went to cvs our local drug store and bought a bottle of chigarid, it helps for about 2-3 hours tops and its very expensive too considering i had them from the waist down. so i was told by a friend to use kerosene and i tried it. it worked great no more itching for 1 whole day, although you smell like kerosene for the day. Also if you plan to go into the woods a good way to prevent chiggers and ticks from attacking you is spray your legs and boots with a high concentrated mixture of garlic and water. it will keep them off you. Much safer than spraying yourself with that chemical [ DEET ] found in most insect repelants. I also found that wiping youself down with a fabric softner sheet will keep the gnats from biting you on those hot summer days.


After a long day in the Ozarks, and a zillion chigger bites, I read a lot of medical sites and couldn't find any real help. So, from the info I did glean, and finding out that even after showers the little buggers will hang on and live, I bought a bottle of Nix(head lice treatment). I wiped it all over the bites, and, yes, if it can kill head lice, you bet it will kill chiggers. I then dabbed hydrogen peroxide on to prevent any infection. Healed well and no scabs.


Put Neosporin ointment on the bites to help the healing process and prevent infection.

Wrap an ace bandage over the site to cut off the air. The air is what makes it itch.

I just got my first night of sleep thanks to the ace bandage!

(Thank you to everyone on this site for contributing their ideas too.)


I had HUNDREDS of chigger bites -- way too many for most of the topical treatments. I was about to lose my mind with the itching. After trying other methods of relief, I found that taking a VERY hot shower or bath, as hot as you can stand it, and then daubing the infected area with Listerine mouthwash gave me great relief. The mouthwash is anticeptic and seems to help with the healing. Whatever, I felt like a new person.


Dermoplast! It's a topical anesthetic that numbs the skin. It is only temporary, but it is wonderful! It will keep you from itching the area so they can heal quicker.


chigger bites are so uncomfortable.... my folks always put ammonia on a cotton ball and dabbed-rubbed this over the bite areas.. immediate relief.... probably should avoid sensitive areas or dilute a bit.. immediate, cheap, effective.


Take a bath as soon as possible, rub some benadryl on the bite and just bear it. The bite weakens your skin so scratching it usually results in an open sore. If you scratch an open sore you can get a staph infection. Staph infections will cure itching but they can kill you too.

as always, good luck/have fun!


Keep a tall pair of boots or shoes that can be easily sprayed off after walking in a weeded area. Remove all clothes and wash them. Take a bath within two hours of being exposed. It may take several hours before they finally bite. After showering rub 5% vinegar(apple cider might be best)to soothe skin and deter any more bites. On bites dab a little tea tree oil to help prevent any infection. Plus this is irritating to the mite if its still there. Cover that with a clear calamine solution that has itch relief in it.


I am new to Texas and never had chigger bites before. I had them all over my feet and ankles. The itch was so bad, I thought I was going to go crazy. I tried the nail polish remedy and did not get any results. A family friend who is native to Texas and a ranch foreman suggested a hot bath mixed with bleach: 50%water/50% bleach. I soaked my feet for about ten minutes and it COMPLETELY took away the itch. Wanted to offer the advice on here because it worked so well for me and I was desperate for a remedy at one time. Hope it works for you!


Bordeaux's Butt Paste works great at removing the itch & redness! I had over 100 bite to one leg. I was willing to try anything! Someone (on this site) mentioned something about Desitin. I will only use Butt Paste on my daughter's diaper rash and figured I would give it a try. The redness and itching subsided almost instantly!

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