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Larry Busby

What i use for chigger bites is a vinegar and water mix. I'd start with twenty parts water to one part white vinegar. Stronger works faster, but burns more if you've already been scratching.

Mike (Mountain Hopper) H.

If you know you have many chigger bites, or suspect you may have many chigger bites, when you get back to the house, fill the bath tub with warm water, add about one-half to one cup of bleach, and soak in the bath for about five minutes (don't put bleach water on face or hair); after soaking for five minutes, shower and wash with soap. Don't bother with the bleach bath a day later - it won't help then. Just take the hot shower. Don't repeat baths with bleach - it won't help. Some 'bravo' men I know rub undiluted bleach onto bare skin. I don't recommend undiluted bleach on skin.

Afterwards, if the bites itch, it takes a lot of discipline, but do not scratch. This makes it much worse, and makes the itch last much longer. If you scratch, you may be looking at discomformt for a week or more. If you don't believe me, pick out one bite that you don't scratch; you will see it is the one where the discomfort eases the fastest.

Since children (and some adults) can not resist scratching, read all the other treatments listed, but be careful not to try those that suggest products that may be harmful to the skin. Many of the treatments don't actually help, they just 'mask' the itch to where you don't think you feel the itch anymore. You can use 'CALAMINE LOTION' or similar topical lotions. For children, giving 'BENADRYL' (at the dose recommended on the package) helps, especially before bedtime.

As far as prevention, if wearing shorts, a simple application of 'OFF' is effective for the legs and ankles. If wearing pants, the most effective is 'PERMANONE', but this must only be applied to clothes (never to the skin!) and must allowed to dry. I spray my pants the night before and let them air dry.

I base this approach on many trips into the woods near Mountain View, Arkansas, and, yes, I did suffer many times before arriving at this approach.

I wish you well.


I have really fair skin and I react really bad to chigger bites. I got probably about 50 in my private spots. I was at camp when I got them so I couldn't use any of the remedies where you do somthing as soon as you spot the bite. I tried lots of things (when I got home 2 days later) off this website including, the hairdryer, the oatmeal bath, nail polish, and many ointments and creams. None of them worked for me. My dad took me to the store and a lady (that worked there) asked us what we were looking for. We said chigger bite relief and then she gave us this container. It was called 'Chiggerex' She said that it was the only thing she used. We got it and when we got home I was totally relieved.


I was treated by a physician for severe chigger bites and her remedy works. If you do this, you will be free of chiggers by the end of the day. Chiggers are the larvae of a certain type of mite. They bite into your skin and release digestive enzymes to eat some of your skin. This causes irritation and by the time it really itches, the chigger is on the move to feed somewhere else. It's not living in your skin in a burrow under your itchy lump. It's going to bite you somewhere else.

It's easy to get rid of chiggers. Just use a common pediculide such as 'Nix'. It will kill the chiggers on your body after a quick application, a ten minute wait and rinse. I do so after each time I enter a known area infested with chiggers and I have been relatively chigger-free for over a decade.
I have heard of people using a dog's flea dip for this purpose too. That stuff is actually stronger than Nix. I'm not sure I'd recommend that and certainly never spray yourself with something that kills insects such as 'RAID'. You could end up accidentally killing yourself by covering your body with a strong insecticide.


We have always used clear fingernail polish on chigger bites to smoother them.But yesterday after mowing I had way too many for nail polish, so I used Emlers Glue (this is easy to peel off after dry)I found that it stop the itching right away!!!

No longer Itchy from Indiana

THE BEST: Desitin and meat tenderizer. Do this as soon as you see the bites. Don't delay or it will be too late. This is the best remedy I have ever found. This may cause a scar. While the skin is broken, it will be suseptible to infection. Keep clean and dry.

If there is a blister on the center of the bite, scratch it open with something very clean (not your dirty fingernail,) so you expose the raw skin in the center of the bite. This should be a very tiny area. Cover the skin surrounding the 'hole' or center of the bite with Desitin or other diaper rash cream -- the white kind with a high percentage of zinc oxide. Use a q-tip to apply it and be VERY careful not to get any on the center or hole of the bite. The purpose of this is to protect the skin surrounding the hole from the meat tenderizer.

Then make a thick paste of Adolph's meat tenderizer (buy in the spice aisle) and water. Put this on the center or hole of the bite. It will sting. Leave on for 5 minutes. Do not rub or you will rub the Desitin into the hole and the tenderizer will not be able to make contact with the your skin in the hole. Gently rinse off with cool running water after 5 min. Do not rub or you will get Desitin in the hole. Repeat 6 times a day for two days. The itch should be gone.

(While it is still itching you can also also use topical Benedryl spray or gel or anything that contains 2% diphenhydramine. Do not use anything cream or oily based or it will 'waterproof' the bite and the meat tenderizer will not be able to make contact.)

How this works: The enzymes in the meat tenderizer break down the substance that the chigger injects into you. However, it also breaks down your skin. You will be left with a small 'crater' where the meat tenderizer has dissolved your skin. This crater will eventually fill in with a scab. Keep it clean and dry to prevent infection.

My chigger bites usually itch for 5 weeks. When I used this method, they itched for 2 and a half days. Amazing.


I Run the rivers on my wave runner and camp on the banks. I wear sandals and shorts. Have not had a problem with ticks, misquitoes,chiggers or poison ivy. AS long as I have my iodine and baby oil mixture. 1/2 oz. Iodine to 16 oz. baby oil. If fair skined, put sun block on first. When I haven't used my mixture. I clean the area with mechanix soap that has grit, top off with iodine and use Dr. Sheffields oral pain relief. Which has 20% benzocane. The highest concentration I have been able to find over the counter.Cheap prevention and cheap cure.




Ok if you are outside and you belive you have been around chiggers than as soon as you come in take a washcloth with bleach water on it and rub it on your legs, this is to kill the chiggers before they bite you, and add 1 or 2 cups of bleach to your bath as well just dont wash your hair. this is also to kill the chiggers before they bite you!!!!


I had some Flanders Buttocks Cream and remebered the Buttpaste remedy. Used the Flanders on my 4 year old daughter's back throughout the day and she was relieved immediately! They started to shrink and the redness started to go away by bedtime. Thanks for the buttpaste remedy!

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