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Michael Bradford

I am from Oklahoma, and an avid outdoorsman. These pests are a part of it for me. They attack the sockline, then waistline, then arms unless you are laying down on the grass. They can also be in bushes and shrubs. Pets can track them in on carpets. You can't see them, so to prevent chiggers, simply use mosquito spray or a Deet product. If you get them, simply swab Clorox on the bites to kill the bugs. Scratching makes them dig deeper and itch worse. If they are a bad case, then take a bath with a few cubs of Clorox in it and get it as hot as possible. Keep a door or window open, or place a fan nearby to get rid of the fumes. After the bath, apply HydroCortisone cream for the itch. Before bed, apply Neosporin. Continue with Neosporin after that for healing. Then send me a million dollars for this advise. You will feel it's worth it.


I am being driven mad by chigger bites. Ice wrapped in a towel seems to offer at least temporary relief. Don't leave the ice on too long or else you'll have more problems, but the ice numbs the area and the itch is gone for a while.


I am surprised no one has suggested drinking milk for chiggers. The enzymes in the milk help to soothe the itch and the skin. It also works for hives.


Once you have them its too late!
Prevent them with powdered sulpher.

C. Gee

My son has had several bouts with chiggars and we have tried all of the suggested remedies even scratching them until they were raw and giving him a bleach bath. That works but boy is it painful for a child. We had an aunt that makes homemade soap and I have found that if you take a wash cloth and lather it up with homemade soap a few times a day and scrub the affected areas it works wonders. My son says it is the best thing we have ever used. We also give him benedryl and put either Aveno anti-itch cream or Dermoplast after we wash him.

If you can get you some homemade soap it works for a whole lot of things!


There is one very simple solution to relieve a chigger bite itch.

Lime juice.

It works wonders if you didn't catch them soon enough and just need something to take away the itch. You'll need to reapply every so often though.


After getting several chigger bites over the weekend, I used a remedy recommended by my physician for mosquito bites to stop the itching. Make a paste using meat tenderizer and water and then rub it on the bites. I left it on them for about 20 minutes and then took a shower and scrubbed each bite. It helped tremendously with the itching.


I recently went fishing with my husband, and shortly after returning home I started to itch! Really bad!! I soon discovered that I had about 40 bites, probably 20 in my private area! I tried the nail polish but ended up scratching it off. I got some calamine lotion and that helped a little, but the next day I went to wal-mart, and looked where all of the hydrocortizone creams and anti itch creams were and I found Active On.... and it works great! Its made by the same company that make the headache stuff that you apply on your forehead to take away headaches. I dont know if the headache kind works but the Anti Itch kind works great. And you can use it anywhere!!! Hope this works for you as well as it has for me!


I am from Ireland and I now live in Florida. Needless to say my fair skin was like a feast for mosquito bites, ants and a new and completely unknown to me, chiggers. I had some on my feet and every time I would go to bed I would wake up with more until my feet were covered in bites. I tried Icing them which gave temporary relief, benadryl, Aloe ointment, everything and I have found the best one is wash the infected area with hot water and soap and immediately afterward put Lysterine Mouthwash on the infected areas. It hasbenzoic acid as well as an alcohol water solution in it so it basically has the same ingredients as Chiggerex and preety much everybody has mouthwash in the house. Immediate relief from itching.


Defense is the best offense here.Prevention of being bitten by using 100% Deet repellent is best. Also washing your clothes in 20 Mule Team Borax may help as some borax residue will kill/repel the larvae. Borates tend to dehydrate ticks, chigger larvae and other certain pest even termites.

If bitten I use a product called Chigger Rid. It can be purchased at Walgreens or Wal-Mart. It is like a nail polish, but also has ether in the formula. Brush it over the bite and the itching stops. reapply when necessary, the less you scratch the better. I think if the larve is still there, the either kills it.

If outdoors also wear light colored clothing - dark colors supposedly attract the chiggers.

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