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My husband is a hunter and he swears by using diluted Pine Sol cleaner. Just mix a bath with Pine Sol added and soak for about 10 minutes. Chiggers dead and gone.

Rick Allen

I recently went to mexico and found out they have quite a chigger issue down there. I have been in agony for 3 days with over 50 bites on my legs and belt line. Being from Colorado I have never seen or heard of a chigger before. I made a midnight run to Walmart when I got home and bought cortizone 10 and chiggerex and applied one liberally over the bites with about on a scale of 1-10, 1 being no relief. Both remedies scored about a 4. I read where a guy said listerine applied to the bites stopped the itching so I tried that and thank the lord in heaven I give listerine a 10. the itching has stopped for the first time in 4 days I am not going crazy. Listerine works.

Thomas Dindinger

I was hunting in a wooded/field area, and also received chigger bites. These are very annoying rashes if not treated immediately. I was one to learn the hard way. But i found a remedy that worked wonders, on accident. All i had at home was poison ivy 'calamine spray'. I sprayed this on each bump or rash and the itching went away immediately and the rashes did after a few days. Highy reccomended.


I recently tried this and it works quite well. First spread a thick layer of hydrocortizone cream on the bites. Wait for this to dry as much as possible. Next apply an alcohol based hand sanitizer to the area. A product like Germ-X works well, but any gelled alcohol product will work. This provides almost instant relief because of the cooling alcohol. Next, and this is important because it suffocates the chiggers, apply whipped wax to the area. I found a hair product called Nolita which is a creamy whipped wax. Finally, don't touch the area. Within a day the chiggers will be dead and you won't itch.

kansas bowhnter

OK face it, a chigger has not just bitten you, it has dug in under your skin and set up house. All the other remedies will make the itch more tolerable but you will be miserable until he dies! I know the PETA folks will not like this but insectisides are good, use them, I use Malathion on a sponge, let it set for 15 min, then take a shower. End of problem, bug dead.


For chigger bites take a small amount of softened butter and add an equal amount of table salt to it. Apply the paste to the chigger bites and scrub them for as long as you can stand it. It actually feels pretty good. Then leave the paste on overnight. You may want to reapply the paste the next day, but the itching should be gone, and the sores soon will disappear.

Necol from VA

I had at least 100 chigger bites all over my body, including feet, behind the knees, genitals, name it! I read all the different advice on this site and tried several. Nailpolish, hairspray and heat didn't work at all. Using Desitin or Butt Paste worked some, but the cream was rubbing off on all my furniture and making a mess. Same with the Vick's VapoRub. I finally found HOURS of blessed relief with Listerine Cool Mint. I soaked a washcloth with the Listerine and doused my entire body. It stung a bit on the bites I had scratched open, but my relief was instantaneous! I haven't itched all day! If you are as desperate as I was was, try this. It worked wonders on me!

shirley A.Evans

for itching from chigger bites. I found that Distilled white vinegar 5% it does stop itching & drys up bites


This summer has been the worst for chiggers in North Georgia. After reading some of these remedies I tried the hair dryer. It worked for me to some extent. My wife check our medicine cabinet and found some Bee Sting Relief Swabs. They WORKED! They contained pramoxine hydrochloride. As our supply was almost gone I looked online to see what product contained pramoxine hydrochloride and found it was the main ingredient in the following: Anest Hemor, Aveeno Anti-Itch (obsolete), Calaclear, Caladryl Clear, Callergy Clear, Epipram, Fleet Pain Relief Pad, Hemorr-oxine, Itch-X, Phicon, Pramegel, Prax, Proctofoam, Proctozone-P, Sarna Sensitive, Soothe-It Plus Hemmorhoidal Pad, Summers Eve Anti-Itch, Tronolane, Tronothane.

former farmer Bill

I've found these 2 preventitive measures in a book by Alan Lacey, who wrote a gardening column for the Wall Street Journal in the 1980's. Both worked very well for me when I was spending most of every summer weekend in chigger infested Indiana fields during the 1990's.

Right Guard deodorant spray
Drop trou, hike up your shirt and spray everywhere a chigger might go, especially everywhere below your waist. The chiggers will go to someone else.

Bounce Fabric Softener sheets
Rub a sheet all over your skin below the waist and on as much of your upper body as you want to protect, again the chiggers will find you not their liking and go eslewhere.

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