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When I was a little girl, my Dad go chiggers all the time. The only thing he did for them was to put Salty Bacon Greece on them and he would be just fine.

Jesse B.

k guys, one simple fact about chiggers is that they DO NOT burrow into your skin, this is from a combination of myth, and thinking you see it in the bite (thats just a red dot, not a bug)
the most annoying thing about the chiggers is that they dont itch for almost a full day after they bite you, so prevention is useless by the time you itch.
taking hot showers when infested with living, crawling chiggers will help remove them, they are very delicate and can be rubbed off with a towel, showers will also help itches when VERY VERY hot, itch is caused by a chemical your body releases (histomine maybe) heat makes your body put out the chemical, it can only put out so much per certain time, so the shower almost disables your ability to itch (as much)
when they bite they put their saliva (spit) into your skin, this kills all skin cells it touches, which in turn creates a dead cell tube (really small) your body reacting to such tube is where the itch comes in
other itch remedies that i have found affective are all forms of heat, a lit cigarette, a hair dryer, heating pad (not so much), anything with benadryl (different sprays, lotions and pills) it is an anti-histomine which helps itch. try your best not to scratch, that makes it worse, it reminds your body of the itch, irritates the sore, creating an itch, and leaves the possibility of an infection from dirty fingernails.
other remedies which i havent tried yet (for my current case of chiggers) that still sound like they will work are listerine, it contains many ingredients of anti-chigger lotions, just apply with cue-tip on sore, also meat tenderizer spread over the sores with out grinding in, it makes sense cause it helps break down tissues (bad for skin) but good for that 'tube' chigger created earlier that needs to be destroyed, other remidies that have a placebo or other affect are fingernail polish, tape, glue, or anything that will dry a layer over it, the only way this helps in reality is the fact it stops you from scratching and helps dry sore
lastly but not least, today after a two day bout with these itchy sores i went to a friends house to go swimming, after a few hours predominantly in the pool with some decent physical activity, i only had a few itches in the next couple hours (i have over 100 bites only 2 consistantly itched) i dunno why the swim helped, but my guesses could be the chlorine in the water helping break down the sore as the meat tenderizer did, and the physical activity stopped me from scratching for over 2 hours giving them time to heal some, and to get my mind off the itches
this is my second battle with chiggers, the first numbering well over 250 bites mainly from the knee up, and at least 20 on my private area, i was miserable for 5 days, i used the hair dryer mostly, my best word of advice tho is dont use dangerous stuff, insecticides are not for humans, dont use them (they arent insects, tho the insecticide will prolly kill em) kerosine, gasoline, and bleach are not good to be in your body, at all, so dont put them there, listerine will provide burn too, and that is the only form of relief that will be achieved from either of those dangerous folklores

srry its so long guys, just hope it helps you tons when you get em and google how to fix em =]
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Take a very, very hot shower and aim the water on to the bites. Lots of water, lots of soap, rub with a clean wash cloth. You will gasp with pain, but it's worth it. Stop shower when the pain subsides. Dry off, put Listerine on a cotton ball, and wash each bite. Let dry. Put antibiotic ointment on each bite (optional). Take a Benadryl and go to bed.
Repeat the treatment daily until bites improve. Use Listerine in between to control itch. I needed Benadryl for only one night. I am VERY, VERY sensitive to chiggers. Blisters, bright red skin all over the affected area, misery for days or weeks without proper treatment. Intense pain and itching that takes your breath away. If it worked for me, it might work for you!


I got my chigger bites when I was out on my farm with my horses. I didn't realize what they were until they started itching like CRAZY! I had previously read that a way to cure chigger bites was nail polish, but I didn't have any. So instead I tried tooth paste. I worked magic. The itching stopped and they went away in a few days! I was amazed. Just grab a little bit of tooth pate and stick it on there! Hope it works for you too!


I have never had chigger bites as an adult- this is AWFUL- GOD THE ITCH! 3 days of severe itching and discomfort- tried all the remedies online... WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS SOONER... MEAT TENDERIZER- it works for bee stings, why not chiggers... I have been using meat tenderizer on my bites and it's working... nothing will STOP the itch completely, but this has helped in healing the wounds faster and gives some temporary relief... just wrap a wet cloth with a generous amount of meat tenderizer around your wound area and sit there for as long as you can take it... it will tingle and burn at first, but it DOES help! I know we all react differently, and I am severely allergic to these bites... I'd try this FIRST, as soon as you see the bites... GOD HELP US ALL- oh, the ITCH!


for the horrible crazed feeling of the chigger ugh! first, listerien worked good for the itching but the lil annoying dude is under your skin laying larva (making babies) AHHHHH! so to kill the lil bugger clear nail polish, smother over the bump. < sould be done before you go to bed that way your not tempted to itch causing the nail polish to flake away witch will cause it not to work but this all worked for me.

old scout

I learned many many years ago at girl scout camp about putting sulfur powder in a sock and 'dusting' around the ankles, waist, and wrists. ALWAYS worked.


The only thing that worked for me is benadryl, and aloe vera gel with lidocaine, the stuff thats used for sunburn relief. A bath with HOT water, use lots of soap to kill the larvae works good to get rid of 'em.

Bob now in Brasil

Prevention is the key to chiggers.
I was a game warden in South Georgia and after a severe case of chiggers the old timers told me to use powdered sulfur. I went to a local drug store and bought a small bag. They explained that I first needed to get completely dressed, then open my pants, lift my shirt and sprinkle the powder all the way around my waist. It really works....I had to patrol on foot in the same high grass and weeds where I got them before. Several hours later, when I got home I showered and no chiggers. Powdered sulfur does not smell or harm your clothes....and is not expensive.


The only remedy that I have ever found to work - and I have tried many is a very hot soak in a bathtob with about 4 ounces of clorox bleach added.

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