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I use the CP Relief Wand for chigger bites. Just apply water on chigger bite and put the CP-1000 over the irritated itching area turn on, set intensity to tolerated (you will feel a message and mild pin pricks) and the itching feeling will go away. It is awesome!


I got topical steroid cream on day 2 of chigger bites. By day 4 I didn't notice any improvement. Doc called in MethylPREDNIsone (6 days of a tapered dosage). My bites looked less red and less inflamed by the end of day 1 on those oral pills (day 4 of chiggers). That night I still couldn't sleep so I tried tooth numbing liquid (topical) but it didn't work- I used it one night and it halted the itching long enough for me to sleep 3.5 hours. But last night it didn't work at all. So I spit on all my bites and rubbed it in (not too hard). It stopped itching almost instantly. A few of the worse ones required some more spit but after that they didn't itch for the next 8 hours. They started itching and I spit on them again, brought the itch down by about 95%. Probably works better if you haven't eaten anything recently. Try it. Nothing to lose. Just wash your hands. Also, use gel packs almost every hour, whether you need them or not, but especially when our bites are itching. It really works. I secured the gel packs around my ankles for 10-15 min.


the easiest and fasted is to run a tub of bathwater adding a bottle of rubbing alchohol to the running water or about 3 ounces of Clorox. soak for 15 minutes and your done itching and with the bugs

Ru t h

I use hand sanitizer on the chigger bites that work better than anything I found even showering with soap and water foes not always do the trick. Try this

Al Newman

Thank many of you for the relief I have received following some of your remedies. The ones that worked best for me was the hot bath. I didn't have Epsom salt but I do make home made lye soap. I used an 80% Castille Bar (80% Olive Oil) with 5% superfat in as hot a water as I could stand. Then I applied a hydrocortisone cream on some bites and Cortizone 10 with Aloe on others (whichever was the closest at the time of the itch). They both worked well.

For the past two days I have been using Deep Woods Off with deet and no new bites.

Thank those that suggested these methods, I am most appreciative.


Apply Head and Shoulders shampoo and let dry. I wait and hour or so and shower. Usually the itch is gone and doesn't return. Bite bumps go away


I recently was camping and was covered with chigger bite ~ A friend of mine told me to use solid deodorant and rub it on the bites ~ I was surprised it actually worked


Ok people, get real honest relief right now. First sign of bite or itch apply your choice of facial clay mask on and around the spot. I literally mean like a little hill on the bite as to smother the entire bite, let dry. Leave on as long as you have comfort. Shower, and while you air dry get cotton balls and hydrogen peroxide. Hold the peroxide on your bites for one minute per bite. Then with Que-tips apply Tea tree oil smothering the bites and around the area as well. Before going to bed repeat the process. If you're not lazy and you love the results keep it up at least five days. To prevent the bites in the first place always shower before going out step out of the tub and stand on a towel or rug while wet and apply Avon's Skln So Soft bath oil from head to toe. Once dressed hope for the best!

Tony Yarquest

I have 20 years of experience dealing with chigger bites. I'm not an expert, but who really is?
Often people mention that the Chigger is somehow burrowed themselves into your skin. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Total Myth. Chiggers do not Burrow themselves into your skin, their saliva contains a powerful digestive enzyme that softens the skin so they can insert their stinger (stylostome) into your skin easier when extracting blood to fertilize their eggs. This is why they go for the waste band and your feet, because those areas are already moist. Making it easier to penetrate the skin.
The itching is due to the presence of the stylostome still in your body/bite, then your body reacts by creating Histamine, that's why an anti histamine is recommended. A topical application may work well for some, but those of us that are extremely allergic to insect bites, we have to take Benadryl orally to reduce histamine, but it takes forever and the itching in the meantime will make you want to try anything to make it stop.
To relieve the itch immediately, there are many topical solutions, but there is not one for all, each of us are different and our bodies react differently to each of them.

I personally react best to the following.
Clean the area, try not to break the skin, if the bite has already started pussing, then what I am about to recommend will sting like hell so you may want to skip the first step, cleaning it with alcohol. You will then want to soak in Baking Soda and water, this neutralizes the Ph balance in of the skin, this is why Arm and Hammer baking soda tooth paste has worked for some folks. The combination of Mint and Baking soda.
Blot dry then use a bleach pen (it's a highly diluted bleach applicator) dab the area. Bleach contains Hypochlorous acid. Which works great as a disinfectant. If you don't have a bleach pen, use bleach but DO NOT use pure bleach, be sure to dilute the bleach to 1/50th or a 50:1 ratio with water. Then cover with a round bandage used to cover blisters. This works great because the idea is same as using nail polish, it keeps oxygen or air out of the infected area, oxygen causes the histamine to react and in turn it itches like hell. Medicated bandages work great as well, prevents infections, etc. Again, this has worked for me, may not work for everyone.


I suggest skin so soft, the original oil. Apply to skin everywhere you can reach. You should be nude while applying. Do this before going out! Even between your toes! If you already have biites, use original plain Clorox bleach! Wash bite sites, apply with cotton ball or finger. Easier to put some in a small bowl or lid. My have to apply twice. THIS WORKS!

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