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I had about 50 chigger bites, and the best remedy for me was rubbing alcohol, and clear nail polish. I also swam and spent time outside in the sun, and think that this all helped heal and bring the swelling down. After one day of the clear nailpolish solution, they had greatly diminished, and did not itch at all. While the red bites still existed for awhile, they did not spread, flattened, and did not itch. I swear by the clear nail polish solution.


For chigger bites, take a hot shower which makes it sting a little in the beginning but stops the itching. Then dry off and put peroxide on them and the next day they don't itch and already healing. Also milk supposedly helps so drink a big glass of milk every day.

Chigger Bit

Go to Walmart and buy Chiggerex. You will be good to go after applying.


I moved to Tn 9 months ago and this spring and summer has been hot, I have never been been bit chiggers, until now, and they sure do love me I heard from my neighbor that you take clorox bleach and spray it on you after you have been out side, the chiggers supposedly jump off, also I found alcohol rub or vinegar is good before you go outside and when you come in.Spray your clothes and shoes with Off spray, try to avoid using it on your skin.Take your clothes before you come back in and remove them if possible outside and shake them, then wash them right away in hot water and dry them
Avoid throwing your clothes in the laundry basket and let them sit till you do laundry again as they can still bite you and others who have put clothes in the basket Avoid hanging your clothes outside as they will jump on them especially on a windy day
Then proceed to a hot soapy shower
I also have found that putting on a dab of Bengay or some other heat cream on the bites brings relief, so does a astringent and listerine rub poured on a face cloth and rub all over you
Also take Claritin or some type of antihistaime helps also a chlorine pool dip
Most of all keep grass and weeds cut short and try to stay out of tall grass, even in the woods
Tuck your pants in boots or shoes with long socks and shirt inside pants if you must be outside
Becareful to brush off if you need to make a bathroom run as they maybe on you and you pull your shirt up or pants down as they can get in the groin area or fall near the toilet or floor and remain there till they find you.
They say prevention is the best medicine, you know what will work for you, experiment soon you will find the best remedy
Good luck and soon it will be fall and the little suckers will be gone


My son went to our pond and didn't even think about chiggers. When he came home they were not bothering him at first, but 4 oclock in the morning is horrible when your 11yr old is hurting and itching so bad.... We have tried many things, bleach on the bites, sting like crazy, but only give a little bit or relief. The best that we have found is a warm bath with diluted Pine sol in the water, soak for about 10 to 20 minutes, when you get out, pat yourself dry and then apply listerine mouthwash on the bites, it may sting for a bit but so far we have had a peacefull 6 hrs of releif. Thank you to all that have posted on here we have taken two major things and have put them together and it works for us. Also learned that using the dryer sheets helps stop them from getting on you and sulphr!


I've tried them all and you won't believe what turns out to be the perfct treatment. Have you ever heard of Ambesol for tooth pain? Buy it at any drugstore or Walmart. A dab on your finger, dab on the chigger bite, it kills the itch and the chigger in one treatment! Try it! You will think it is a miracle!


I was attacked by Chiggers recently, and I looked at this remedy page to find anything that will help! What worked for me? SCALDING hot water aimed directly on the bites. It hurts, but it def works. Listerine works well too, but can be a little sticky.Take a Benadyl at night; it eliminates the itch and lets you heal overnight without scratching. Lastly, Aloe Vera with Lidocaine relieved a lot of the pain after a scratching session. WASH ALL YOUR CLOTHES AND BEDDING THAT YOU CAME IN CONTACT WITH!!!!


I am a Real Estate agent in a rural area and have to show land properties so I'm exposed to chiggers a lot. I'm going to give you second hand info that another agent gave me that works. After being covered in over 150 bites, she was talking to a chiropractor the next day and mentioned it. He told her to take a hot bath as hot as she could stand it and pour 1/2 a bag of Epsom Salt in the bath. Then the next day, do the same thing with the other half bag of Epsom Salt. She said that the Epsom Salt draws out the poison that the Chigger injects into the skin. She said that she recovered in just a couple of days versus the 2 or 3 weeks that is a normal recovery for her. I haven't tried it yet but I will the next time. I am also told by more than one person that Listerine relieves the itch instantly.


A fingernail file worked worked for me, sharpen your nails, go to town, scratch the eggs, feed the larva, they leave you, 3 days later, 'vola', life goes on.


I am a professional pest control exterminator in texas and the chiggers here leave you bites the size of this STATE. When i get chigger bites i use chigarid.It provides instant relief. It also works great on sand flies,ticks,fleas,mosquitos and them darn Trust me you will use it religiously.

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