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Big Riggin

I weedwhacked about 3 days ago with shorts on. Aside from the many flying rocks that pelted my skinny legs I came home to itching red bites! So a few minutes ago I called my dad from the school bathroom telling him to bring me some listerine becasue I saw several posts on this site saying it worked. I went to the Varsity locker room put my gym shorts on and sat down and dumped the listerine on a tshirt and scrubbed after scrubbing I dumped some on each leg and let it sit. I dabbed it off and went back to Environmental Science :) Sittin in here now my legs feel tingly but no itching :) I smell very minty also!


Hi mi name is erik im from baton rouge la. I find that there is a couple of things that work very well other than just washing with warm soapy water . You can use vicks vapor rub for one this will suffercate a start to pull them out of your skin. Also go to wal-mart amd pick up Dr. Tichenors antiseptic peppermint mouthwashthis stuff takes care of every kind of bug bite there is .It also takes care of razor burn for when you get done shaving

NJ Diane

Deer hunter husband covered in chigger bites...Chiggerex is good, but you all are right. The Cool Mint Listerene works wonders! Bought a huge bottle -WalMart brand and it is amazing! Don't know why it works, but it does!


I take a hot shower, wash thoroughly with soap, then when I get out of the shower pat down bite areas with pad soaked in alcohol. I even go so far as to itch them open so that the alcohol soaks them and they start to heal, otherwise ones that haven't been itched stay itchy longer. I usually don't have issues sleeping after doing this. Also wear looser clothes once your bitten so that material doesn't 'irritate' and rub bites.


my name is kelton, im 14 years old. i live in raleigh N.C. i go deer huntin every day, and collect red bugs (chiggers) on the way. what i recomend and my dad is to rub all ur bites with hydrogen peroxide. then rub all ur bites with alcohol. its will sting like CrAzY and feel a little itchey or funney, just pat it down with a towl. (DONT RUB). and thats it. thanks 4 reading :)


This might sound crazy, but my son gets them at least twice a year.... Rub Old Spice on the bites and them will stop itching right away. I promise this works!!!!!!


Born and raised in the swamps of south ga. chiggers are as common as an old blue tick hound.this remedy is no secret ,grandparents used for years.octagon soap:hot bath lather up rag scrub bite areas.soap contains herbs to not only take away itch but also heal bite areas.Do noi let these little pests deter you from enjoying all the beauty and peace of spending the day with mother nature.have a very blessed day.


#1. Chiggers,redbugs, body bugs, or whatever you wish to call them do not burrow under the skin to live. They attach themselves to you and start sucking blood similar to a mosqueto with no wings. The other difference is the fact that when you rub the area that they have attached to you actually kill them breaking the highly irritating stem off in your skin. This is what leaves the horrible itching. There are not bugs actually living in your skin that you have to kill. They are actually very fragile and can be taken care of with a simple shower and also immediately washing your clothes you may have been wearing. The epson salt or clorox soak will relieve the infection of the stem left behind(the longer you soak the better). The anahistimine in the benadryl will relieve the itch. The bites are a pain to get over so remember, the next time you decide to go to the wilderness during the warm months, spray down. The best cure is preventitive measure.


ok i live in tennessee and im eat up from my waist down with chiggers!!! ive tried repel and permamone but to no avail on keepin them off me. but someone my dad ran into introduced him to a lil secret and bless that man's heart!!!!! OLIVE OIL!!! just rub it on your legs and arms no chiggers, seed ticks, or deer ticks!!!! it magic lol i keep a bottle in my truck and never go huntin or fishin without it!!!!

Jim R in SC

My experience: yesterday I walked in a field of tall weeds wearing shorts and no insect repellent protection (duh!). About 4 hours later I was burning up with literally hundreds of chigger bites, mostly all over my thighs, butt, and behind my knees and elbows. I thought I was going to die from the deep burning itching.

I got in a hot shower and scrubbed myself down with very little effect, in fact my skin was more inflamed from the scrubbing.

I then read some posts here, and ran a hot bath with about 1/2 bag of Epsom salts and even added about an eighth of a bottle of Listerine. I soaked until the water was too cold to stay in it, 40 minutes.

Got out and used a wash cloth to rub Benadryl itch stopping Gel, mixed with more Listerine all over the inflammations. Then I took 3 Benedryl alergy capsules (box said take 2), and it became bearable enough to sleep.

Woke up this morning and I feel like I dodged a thousand bullets. No more burning itch or inflammation-all day. It's a miracle, but I don't know and I don't care which treatment to attribute my cure. Probably a combination of all the things I did.

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