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THIS IS THE BEST REMEDY EVER!!! I am 37 and from Texas. I have been fishing with my dad my whole life. whenever those chiggers attack, dab each bite with clear fingernail polish, it removes the itch, suffocates the chigger and you are baths or scrubbing or medicines!


Last Thursday I was working in my yard and due to a knee surgery I am unable to kneel needless to say I had to sit on the grass while pulling out weeds. Oh holy cow did I not think that thru! I have chigger bites all over my calves. Thankfully I have none anywhere else. I had been wearing on my hip one of those 'off fans' on my hip so that worked for more sensitive areas.:) But as I said before my calves it didn't cover the chiggers there. When I came inside my legs were firered swollen, and oh so very miserable. I have tried many things, and actually found something that has helped with the itch that surprised me. Calamine lotion! It has been wonderful. I never thought that it would work actually put it on to appease my husband and wow um I owe him a steak dinner. Lol.
Hope this helps someone, and just a reminder chiggers don't burrow into your skin it's an allergic reaction to their saliva when they bite you that causes people to itch. I will say from now on when I go outside Off spray will be my best friend. LOL Have a great day! Sorry its so long.


Guaranteed instructions to stop chigger bites from itching: Dab ammonia on the bite and it will definitely stop it from itching. Let the ammonia dry on the bite before you put clothes over it. One application should do the trick, but it will not take more than two. This also works for mosquito bites.


Today I spent about an hour and a half in the shore of a lake and when i got out i got very itchy from the chiggers! first thing i did was take a hot shower then I cut a lemon in half (you could also use lemon juice) and rubbed it on all of the itching spots, left it on for about 5 minutes (it will probably really sting!!) and then wiped it off with a towel. That helped the itching alot but i was still a little irritated so i took some olive oil and rubbed it all over the burning spots.. this stopped the itching almost completely!!


I had got some bad chigger bug bites yesterday and I just wanted to let everyone know what I did to treat it.first I full bodied scrubbed with the citrus flavored listerene that stops the itching but I don't think it gets rid of them next I poured a whole body of green rubbing achohal in the tub and added about 2 cups of clorox filled the tub up with water and soaked for about 10-15 mins .itching stopped immediately and chigger blisters disappeared in about a hour I would say I had about 50 bite marks arms legs back hip and I was surprised to see them go away so fast with no scabbing or anything.I would advice using those three things to anybody that has had a recent encounter with these little buggers hope this help a few of you out there with this problem I had for me this was a way to get fully rid of them in less than 24 hours


Chigger bites are something to drive anyone insane. I've just experienced chiggers lately, and learned that putting clear finger nail polish on the bites will help! It will suffocate them and temporarily help itching. Rubbing deodorant on the bites will also help. Try it out!


In June, 2011 I received many chigger bites while cutting under brush around the edge of the yard even though I soaked in salt water afterwards. The next time I cut brush, I put a half cup of ice cream salt (all I had) in a white sock and tied the end. In the shower, I scrubbed hard all over with the salt filled sock in as hot water I could stand. Soap making is one of my hobbies so I soaped up good and shampooed afterward with Neem Oil soap (I use it on my pets for killing fleas). Since ice cream salt doesn't melt easily, I untied the sock, emptied the salt in a container and hung the sock to dry. I had no new chigger bites, hope this works for you.


To all whohave chiggers, here is what works for me and our cub scout pack. Even when we all use Deet, some of these little buggers still get you: 1.Hot shower with lots of soap and scrubing with a washrag.
2. Listerine applied liberaly over any bite. Apply several times a day until healed.
3. Wash everything you wore in hot water with clorox.

Donna Gammon

To stop itching, for mosquito or chigger bites apply toothpaste to the bite.


I had never been exposed to Chiggers till now- and i'm 38- but Whoa is me i walked in a field with my daughter and my sis to take pics for my Daughter's Graduation Announcement. After an after noon of taking pics sitting in the nature with the pretty wild flowers.. I found my self itching and later covered from Waist line to Knees in chigger bites.
After several baths and some Cortisone cream and an oral allergy pill- In desperation to stop the itching, I tried while in the shower putting this Foot Mud Mask that is Menthol all over my skin. I let it sit for literally 2 mins and then rinsed my legs down.
My skin was all tingly and cool the itching stopped for a good 3-4 hrs.
I would like to try it again and rinse with a Salt scrub to help dry them out--

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