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Rick F

'SALONPAS', it is a pain relieving patch with camphor, menthol, and methyl salicylate combined percentages serves as a 'topical analgesic' for arthritis, strains, bruises and sprains. But, like most of you I tried pretty much all the home remedies mentioned in you contributing commentaries on this web site.

I too became desperate, having moved to TX almost three years ago, I have experienced now my third spring/summer/fall season in the unwanted company of those miserable little guests 'chiggers'. Finally, this year I discovered 'SALONPAS'. Yes, as soon as you are able to strip your clothes off (preferably outdoors or near your washer and dryer area) and wash and dry your clothes immediately. You want to prevent the spread of these little 'suckers' from inhabiting your home. Then run don't walk to the nearest shower or bath-tub and wash/soak whatever is your leisure and use the hottest water you can tolerate and plenty of body wash, rinse and repeat: allover including your hair.

Now a small envelope containing the patches of 'SALONPAS' from the box, and before stripping the medicated patch off
the protective shield, cut the patch into 4 small square shaped pieces. Then peel each medicated patch off the shielf and apply to skin where insect bite appears. Do this to all of your most annoying insect bites. Though, it will not completely make the bites disappear, the combination of the active ingredients helps calm the itching sensation to the point that you will forget about the annoying and irritating itch, and keep you from scratching. Repeat this treatment every 6 to 8 hours as necessary. Warning: If your skin is sensitive to any of the above mentioned ingredients, please be cautious and do not use or use in monitored moderation.
And, yes to help even more I have taken to the use of 'Bendadryl' tabs to help even moreso, and aid in getting some comfortable undisturbed sleep. It almost seems that if I get substantial and un-interrupted sleep the sooner I feel that I recover from this discomfort. Another hint: Take a large container (plastic) with lid such as a RubberMaid box, toss into it a couple of
light and loose fitting articles of clothing; long pants, long sleeve shirts, soxs, and maybe paper/polyester blend painters overalls and footies (you can get these at a hardware store in the paint section, and they are disposable and some are even re-useable after a good laundry wash in the gentle cycle. Again, loosely place them in the box, and spray the inside of the box with a full can of body bug spray such as 'OFF'. Allow the fumes of the spray to penetrate the fabric/material of the clothing, and use these items when tending to outdoor garden/yard maintenance or just enjoying your front porch seating and/or patio areas. It really does work. Just remember to either dispose of the items or launder immediately.


In absense of clear nail posih(any color will do...clear makes you looks less insane) so I dabbed on a nice coat of liquid band-aid and it worked awesome. I just put it on and the itching is gone!


On a friend's advice, I tried alcohol. Lots of it. It did relieve the itching, but I had trouble getting used to the hangovers.


Chiggers are related to ticks
Chiggers are not bugs or any other type of insect. Chiggers are the juvenile (or larval) form of a specific family of mites, the Trombiculidae. Mites are arachnids, like spiders and scorpions, and are closely related to ticks.

Chigger mites are unique among the many mite families in that only the larval stage feeds on vertebrate animals; chiggers dine on us only in their childhood, and later become vegetarians that live on the soil.

Chiggers are tiny--less than 1/150 of an inch in diameter. More than a thousand of them could line up across this page and still leave room for two or three hundred more. At this size, chiggers are almost invisible to the unaided eye. However, when several chiggers cluster together near an elastic waistband or wristwatch they can be seen because of their bright red color.

Chiggers are born red; they do not become red from feeding on blood as some believe. An engorged, well fed chigger changes to a yellow color.

Under the microscope, you can see that the chigger is an ugly little creature (if it was larger, it could star in any science fiction movie). Although adult chigger mites have eight legs, the troublesome young chiggers have only six.

Like ticks, they bite and hang on
One of the greatest misconceptions about chiggers is that they burrow into our skin and eventually die within the tissues, thus causing the persistent itch. This widespread myth has its origin in the southern states where pests with similar names such as jigger flea or the chigoe do attack by burrowing under skin. Chiggers are not equipped to burrow, and they are much too large to enter through the pores.

If chiggers do not burrow under skin or drink blood, what are they doing that itches so much? Chiggers do bite us, much like ticks do. Chiggers attach by inserting minute specialized mouth parts into skin depressions, usually at skin pores or hair follicles.

The chigger's piercing mouth parts are short and delicate, and can penetrate only thin skin or where the skin wrinkles and folds.

That's why most chigger bites are around the ankles, the back of the knees, about the crotch, under the belt line and in the armpits. The insertion of the mouth parts is not perceptible. The bite alone is not the source of the itch.


Powdered sulphur is the best defense–if you and your friends can stand the smell
By far, the most effective and time-proven repellent for chiggers is sulphur. Chiggers hate sulphur and definitely avoid it. Powdered sulphur, called sublimed sulphur or flowers of sulfur, is available through most pharmacies. Dust the powdered sulphur around the opening of your pants, socks and boots. If you plan to venture into a heavily infested area, powdered sulphur can be rubbed over the skin on your legs, arms and waist. Some people rub on a mixture of half talcum powder and half sulphur.

But a word of warning: sulphur has a strong odor. The combination of sulfur and sweat will make you unpleasant company for anyone who has not had the same treatment. Sulphur is also irritating to the skin of some people. If you have not used sulphur before, try it on a small area of your skin first.

Some families have problems enjoying summer backyard activities because of chiggers. The most effective means to eliminate these chiggers is just remove the habitat favored by the adults and juveniles. Clearing away brush and weeds, keeping the grass cut close to the ground and removing conditions which attract small animals that can serve as hosts is the best way to get chiggers out of your yard. Chiggers seldom survive in areas that are well groomed.


stop reading . Go put 'cool minty listerine' on the area liberally. Yes it will sting for a few seconds.

Now that you are itch free.. can help the next poor soul.
Come back here and VOTE 10.. Some of the other solutions were dangerous and cost a lot more than a bottle of listerine.

There is no bug alive in there. That red dot was the bugs straw. It was drinking your skin.


The BEST EVER remedy for chigger bites is really crazy but it works! Wet the skin area where you were bitten and then rub some concrete powder or masonry mix just on the bite. Instant relief. The powder sucks out the itchiness and it heals super quick.


Went camping and got 70 bites all over my abdomen. Apparently they like where seams of clothes lie and wrinkles where you sweat. I spent two days of hell until I figured out what kind of bug bit me and found this site. Nail polish did NOT work at all, however salt water did. I put salt water on each bite and by morning they were much smaller. Still itched, but I didn't feel like I was going to crawl out of my skin. Took a bath filled with regular salt and bath salt, soaked for about 30 minutes. Then coated each with witch hazel (pharmacy section of store, near rubbing alcohol). The bites are now HALF the size they were and barely itch at all!!! Oh sweet relief!!!!


I have been at war with chiggers for at least 15 years.I have tried EVERY and all remedies known to man,nothing.I've studied,and researched,and here is what I came up with...A young 6 lagged chigger gets on you,bits you and has injected you with a strong enzyme that rots the skin so it can eat,then fall off never to bit again.Its the enzyme we are left with.I believe that when air is in contact with the enzyme,thats what makes you itch.I also believe that alot of remedies proves it,like nail polish ect.cuts off the air and makes it stop itching.My home remedie is Aqua Net hair spray extra hold,creates a thin air tight barrier thats stops the itching.Thats what I believe !!Man will win the war one day !!!!


It sounds weird but it works in 5-10 minutes without using kitchen cleaning fluids LOL!!! I was in agony!!! Buy either Mexana medicated powder or Gold Bond medicated powder and a container of Bactine antiseptic spray. Mix the powder and spray together into a paste a little thicker than the consistency of calamine lotion. Apply the paste to the individual bites or to the affected areas and let dry. Besides getting rid of the itch it seems to make te pustules rupture and dry up. Tell me what your experience is.

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