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First of all, my heart goes out to all of anyone with multiple chigger bites. I cannot imagine the agony you have suffered. The most I've had at one time is 5 or 6 bites and that was horrible and painful enough.

Here is the remedys I've tried and the results:

*Absolutly wash and heat dry clothes.
*Absolutly hot shower or bath and scrub well with soap.

1. Dabbed on Caladryl lotion: helped a little but only for a half hour or so.

2. Alcohol: stung but not much help for pain and itching.

3. H2o2 (hydrogen peroxide): no help

4. Cortisone cream: helped a little for a short time.

5. Bleach: helped a little for short time.

6. Mixed Caladryl lotion, baking soda and hemorrhoid ointment into paste, covered the bite and put a bandaid over it...worked GREAT! Took half an hour for the itch to completely stop. Slept all night and reapplied again in the moring. This remedy worked for me.

7. Was in a hurry so just dabbed a big glob of Tom's no floride peppermint toothpaste on bites and covered with bandaid....took 45 minutes then felt the tingle and it STOPPED THE ITCH.
So this worked very well too.

I hate those damn chiggers and feel so sorry for the poor dogs that must get bit on their tender tummies and underarms ( underlegs?) Ouch!


I rather give birth to a child than going through the torch er of these chiggers. I woke up digging into my skin I was with tears. Not a thing in my house but oral gel mouth wash, before I applied I washed vigorously with a cloth patted dry and poured the mouth wash on, instantly it relieved my symptoms. The oral jel was a topical anesthetic. I now wear long pants, socks when fishing and duct tape around the ankles.


The only 'remedy' that has ever aided me for any period of time, a few hours, is placing the bites under hot water, about as hot as you can reasonably stand.(Burning yourself is not considered part of the remedy.)
This allows me to get to sleep and have a decent night's sleep. Sometimes have to repeat during night.


Listerine Mint really works! Apply listerine on a cotton ball and apply to bite liberally and let dry. I found significant relief in one day! The listerine and the mint help dry the bites in order to heal more quickly. I also found Chiggerex at Walmart, that works well also, so I use a combination of the two.


Nail polish didn't work for me. Itch creams with corticosteroids didn't work for me. Apple cider vinegar relieves the itching for about an hour. Chiggerex Plus relieves the itching for about 4 hours (contains benzocaine) and antihistamine tablets (chlorpheniramine maleate) at bedtime help me sleep without itching. Also, 2 extra-strength acetaminophen tablets (500 mg. each) stop the itching for about 6 hours.


I just got a slew of 32 chigger bites on a forest walk all around my ankles and tried Bacitracin, Hydrocortisone, ice...everything! After reading these hints I tried to find some thing around the house that might work and decided to spray hair mousse on all my bites....amazingly it worked...I just let it dry naturally and so far, no itching at all! Now I have to worry about the clothes I wore spreading the chiggers in my home!!!


I worked for the Dept of Health for years. People were always calling for help with chiggers and chigger bites. Unfortunately, there is no single cure. Most of the time it comes down to home remedies. I've read a lot of these posts, and so many of the suggested cures seem to have one particular thing in common that IS known to help: ingredients used as drying agents. Whether it's a liquid like Listerine; a powder like Gold Bond or even concrete; any kind of salt; pure soaps; Benadryl or hydrocortisone cream or gel.....all of them are used as drying agents. They will draw out and absorb the fluids that cause the itching.
As for the usefulness of 'shields' like nail polish and liquid band-aids: they don't absorb or heal, but they do block the wound from being exposed to air, so this may stop the itching for a while; however, you don't want to leave it on for very long. Remember, air is another drying agent and will help the bite heal. If you do want to use a shield-type cure, better to use a regular Band-aid: it will block some of the air, but it also has the cotton pad, which will help absorb the fluids. All wounds need to 'breathe' in order to heal.
Nothing will completely and permanently stop the itching, but none of these cures (when used with care) will cause any harm either. Just try not to scratch, as that can cause an infection. Then you'll have more problems than just some very annoying bug bites.

Ted Birnbaum

Chigger bites often caused greater inflammation & itching than mosquito bites. I discovered by taking 25 mg of manganese (as in manganese gluconate or Albion chelated manganese) daily, I could PREVENT the bad inflammation and itching. I still got bit but the swelling and itching were insignificant. Taking manganese after the bite did NOT help. After the summer, I did NOT take so much manganese...only take what you need.


Bugs Love me. When I encountered Chiggers, I scratched myself raw! A friend told me his friend used a prescription called: PERMETHRIN CREAM 5%. Not sure if this is generic or not.The doctor gave me Hydrocortisone ointment 2.5%. Said it would relieve itching till it healed.I also tried Nail polish; listerine, etc. none worked. Permethrin Cream, 5% is for live bugs under the skin. However, Chiggers are not in this catagory. But, it does work for me. In fact, it is the ONLY thing that does work. Good Luck.


I recently got chigger bites(started feeling them yesterday, in fact), and being a Yankee transplant in the Southeast, I automatically assumed poison ivy or poison oak as that was the only thing I thought it would be. So I tried the usual remedies I've used for that, like Cortisone gel, Dawn soap, etc. And nothing worked. I was still itching like the devil all night last night and all day today. While talking with some co-workers about my recent hiking/camping trip, and how I had 'gotten poison ivy', somebody said 'where'd you get it?' And I said 'on my ankles, oddly enough, under my socks'. They asked me to show them, and then three people proceeded to tell me that I have chigger bites, and not poison ivy. So I looked up remedies for chigger bites, and asked friends on Facebook. I decided to try two different remedies at once since I had bites on both ankles/feet. On one leg, I applied Chiggerex, and on the other leg, Cool Mint Listerine. To my surprise, both remedies are working equally well. I have applied both remedies this evening, and they have both lasted for the same amount of time, approximately four or more hours. Since applying both the chiggerex and listerine, I've had to reapply once after about four hours. Since then, I'm doing just fine.

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