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Chip Chapman

Here is the real deal. I got chigger bites literally all over my body, must be a thousand, last Sunday it is now Thursday and I have a few days left to deal with this vermin. I have been soaking daily in hot bath with Epsom Salts, (very soothing and antibacterial). After that I spray a mix of Chloraseptic (an anesthetic) and alcohol (antibacterial) all over the bites this calms the itch almost immediately. Then take an Acetaminophen (pain)this has gotten me about halfway through the night when I get up and reapply the spray. Works pretty well and I still have my sanity, just messy with the food coloring . You can spot treat with any itch cream as needed but this doesn't help long. Change cloths and towels often to minimize infection. Try it I think it will help you too.


I have become a expert on chigger bites, if their is something around that bites it is going to bite me. Please before you enter the woods spray down good with a bug repellent especially around the feet, ankles and mid section. If you still get bit take a bath in epsom salt, 2cups of salt soak 20 mins daily for as long as needed and then find the baking powder make you a good paste and apply to affected area. Apply paste as needed within 6 days you should be good again.A friend once told me their isn't anything worst than a chigger bite and nothing feels better than scratching a chigger bite. Hope this helps!


I have done a small bit of research about these vile creatures. The best remedy is PREVENTION. Get Permanone and read how to use it. Once you start itching from chiggers it's too late to do anything to stop it. When a chigger gets under your skin, it feeds until it bursts (kind of gross, isn't it??) It's body fluids is what causes the inflammation and itching. Go to for a full blown dissertation on these things and relief from the itch.


I got chiggers all over my legs and torso. i feel for anyone who has to deal with these horrible horrible creatures. i'm going to be very very honest here. nothing exactly works. the best thing i have done is to get a wash cloth and wipe alcohol all over my bites. i bought some chiggerex from wal-mart and it does soothe the itching initially but after the first use, it stops helping the itch. go to the doctor!!! they will give you a shot in the butt that will stop itching AND they will give you a mild anti-psychotic to help with the 'going crazy' feeling. believe me, i was where you're at not too long ago and it sucks. i felt like crying during the night because the itching woke me up all through the night. GO TO THE DOCTOR!!! it's the only thing that actually 'helps' there are things that you can do like the chiggerex and alcohol that are very very short term. GO TO THE DOCTOR!! you want that shot in you butt. trust me! it will make the itching stop for 48 hours. my friend had to go again after the 48 hours because it had worn off and she still had bites. good luck and know that you are not alone in the 'i want to cut my legs off' feeling. :-/


A thick layer of clear nail polish suffocates the chiggers in a day or two. I had to peel off the old and put a new layer on a couple of bites the second day as they were still itching. I had over 50 bites on my ankles and legs and the only thing that worked was the thick layer of clear nail polish.


I found that by applying Isopropyl Alcohol 91% to the chigger bites with cotton 4 times a day for 4-5 days the bites stopped itching. I don't know if the alcohol killed the chiggers or not but the itching stopped and the bites turned dark red and dried up.


My Bijon kept me up all night itching, so I googled 'chiggers on dogs' and found this site. I had tried many of the remidies mentioned here the lat time he was infested with little success. This morning, I tried the Listerine Mint and he went from scratching himself raw to immediate relief! I'm a believer.


Chiggers need oxygen just like ticks and other mites. I put a good slather of vaseline on my ankle and shin. Because I did not have enough gauze, I used a panty liner and surgical tape to cover overnight. For about 3 minutes the itching got worse but then went away completely. The next day I took a hot shower, patted dry and put on a drying agent. [I happen to have edible diatomaceous earth to rid my animals and house of fleas.] Worked Perfectly!!!


Listen, I'm not recommending this remedy to anyone else, I just want to let everyone know how much this has worked for me. Last year was another year of every bug in the south, seemingly, finding me to chew on, ticks, mosquitoes and my very favorite little tortuous varmint, the southern chigger. I get them everywhere and so did my mother, and in any southern state I'm a magnet or something. Needless to say we stay out of blackberry bushes. I am very fair, blood vessels all over me just under the skin, I think they can smell blood! Anyway, this year I added another experimental chemical to the list. Floor cleaning, mopping Ammonia, full strength on a cotton ball! I rubbed it on patches of bites and held the ammonia-soaked-cotton ball on the bite itself for several minutes, and would reapply a few times over the next hour. Glory be, they disappear!!! Hump and all, gone, sometimes the little ones go away in 2 hours with a few dabs, big ones take overnight after applications! Best to do this as soon as coming into house or when the itching or bump appears. Especially seems to work on 'skeeter bites' and no see-ums. This is a critter my ex says you get in the mountains when camping. Not sure, I've never seen them. Anyway, the itching subsides after about 1 hour. My next relief suggestion is..., say you didn't use the full strength ammonia soon enough, is sunburn anesthetizer! or the toothache stuff like oragel. I happen to have had a sunburn spray with Lidocaine in it. I'm 57, raised in the south, and suffered so many years! This works! The Ammonia pen from the store never did. I think it just wasn't strong enough. Hope the ammonia doesn't take a toll on my liver and kidneys, but man, I've got to have relief! Actually, I'm thinking about moving to cooler climates. The little ticks so tiny, and the big ticks that bring their own knife, fork and spoon are driving me crazy. Did I mention I have to spray my shoes and legs with killer before I go outside!


I live in country and have been bitten by chiggers all of my life, the absolute best thing I have tried is oil of oregeno! It stops the itch and actually has antibiotic properties that help it heal faster.It also has natural phenol which helps itch stop quick.I use it for numerous things. it can even be taken internally. I get it at health food store,kinda expensive for good stuuf but it is well worth it.

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