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For chigger bites,

Dip a cotton ball in anti-septic mouthwash and wipe it over the bite.

Sweet relief from the itching will follow!

chigger bites

chigger bites upear ussauly near your undie line where there is heat but i found out if you put clear nail polish on and around the bite it sufficates the chigger and kills it it really does work i have a chigger bite right now and i personally just did that.


Take a bath in douche powder. Massengill makes a powder, hard to find, but has always worked for my mom and me.


Lemon juice. I was going nuts with the itching around my ankles and tried several things. Finally I grabbed a lemon floating in my non sweet iced tea and AHH, releif!!!


Just so you all know, chiggers do not actually burrow into the skin. When they bite, they inject something that makes you itch. Putting nail polish, alcohol, bleach, etc. will only irritate the skin and does not help alleviate the itching. Best things you can do is take benedryl or off-brand version and apply anti-itch creams. The creams that include an analgesic work best. Look up more info on chiggers online. Only bad thing is the itching and possible infection from itching due to breaks in the skin from scratching too much and too hard.


I am amazed at what people will put on their skin to relieve the torture of chigger bites! Soaking in bleach? WOW!

The 1st time chiggers got me I lived in FL. It was mild and I didn't know it was chiggers. I thought I was getting eczema or something.

Now I am UPSTATE NY! It is Spring and I was digging in my garden for the first time. I woke up the next morning with chigger bites all over my left forearm. I again misidentified the bites as 'spider' until I researched online and learned about 'chigger'.

I already know how long these lesions take to heal but at least I have a product to treat them with. I am using 'Wal-dryl Anti-itch Cream 2%', the store brand of Walgreens. I am also using Cortaid, Hydrocortisone 1%. I think the Waldryl actually gives me more itch relief for more hours but the Cortaid makes the lesions less swollen and red. Got both for under $10.


Try Lye from a hair perm kit or Monistat Yeast Infection Cream..both works


An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!! To prevent chigger bites after routine forays to my flower garden, or after yard work, I go straight to the bathroom, and splash handfulls of rubbing alcohol on my arms and legs. I make sure every bare square inch gets wetted with the alcohol. It works for me, and it's cheap. If I'm outdoors for longer (even if I've sprayed with bug spray like 'OFF'), I immediately shower when I come in, making sure to vigorously lather those favorite chigger spots like arm pits and groin, and redress in clean clothes. I hope I don't have to try any chigger bite remedies this year...but if it happens, I'll consider some of the wisdom I found here at this site. Thanks!


Absorbine Jr! I went camping with my husband and ended up with chiggers in my clothes! I had bites all over and suffered horribly for a couple weeks before I found this remedy.

The relief was instantaneous! It took a few applications to completely clear them up, but no kidding, INSTANT RELIEF! After weeks of misery.

You can find Absorbine Jr. near the Aspercreme. It is a topical analgesic but also works well for bites and is magic for chiggers (thank God!)

George in Central TX

I've learned that to get RID of the chiggers is short order is by shocking them with hot and cold water flushing. First, flush with cold water(tap water) until your skin becomes accustomed to it. The switch to hot water. Not so hot as to cause damage to your skin, okay? It won't feel hot to you at first because your skin below the surface where the nerves are are still cold. It takes a few seconds for you to begin feeling the heat. As soon as it becomes uncomfortable, switch back to the cold water. Repeat this about four of five times in a row. The chiggers can't handle the extreme, sudden temperature change and either die or give it up and get the heck out of there. I've done this numerous times and the relief is immediate and it gets rid of those nasty darned creatures. Again, be careful NOT to burn your skin. This works EVERY time for me.

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