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I use lye soap for my chigger bites and poison ivy/oak/ sumac. It's gone with in a few days. Highly recommend!


I discovered on accident one year while camping that you can prevent most (or all in my case) chigger bites by washing your body with a dandruff shampoo. I use Pert Plus and came across it cause I had forgotten my body wash at home.


I've had chiggers right now and since i cant stand the itching i have made it worse, i have tired all the remedy's that you guys have put on here and none of them worked not even the heat(all that does is make you itch more) my boyfriend bought me Calamine lotion and now its almost completely gone and now i'm not up almost every hour because i itch to bad. it really works i would buy this first and if it doesn't help you then i would try something different


for chiggers (especially when you have a lot of bites) you take a ratail comb and comb through your arm for example then just pour mouthwash on it and keep combing it will burn but not for very long like 30 seconds works wonders.

S. T.

I've read through all the rememedies and found some to be hilarious, mis-guiding, and counter-productive.

I'm someone that's very, very allergic to chigger bites. I can have one and it will effect me enough to not sleep. Yes, just one. So you can imagine the agony when I have 20+.

I have tried Bendaryl, calamine lotion, chiggerex, mouthwash, toothpaste, alcohol, peroxide, oil, gasoline, bleach, nail polish, baking soda, and everything else everyone has mentioned here.

I then remembered hearing a story a long time ago about how certain soldiers would get horrible mosquito bites and would literally take the end of a cigarette and hold it close enough to burn the bite and it would stop the itching immediately and never return.

From that day on, any time I've gotten chigger bites, I've taken a lighter and gotten the end hot enough to burn the bite. Yes, it hurts if you have a low pain tolerance. But it does resolve the itching. You can then apply hydrocortizone cream to the area and sleep in peace and the itch will likely stay gone for good. A week later, any marks should be completely healed. Don't be an idiot and over-burn yourself. Just do it enough to where you know it'll kill the itching and don't do it so much that you give yourself a second-degree burn. If it blisters up a little bit, great. You've done the job.

A more extreme measure if you don't want to burn yourself to ease your torture is to take a sharp knife and stab the sharp end directly into the middle of the bite. This will draw blood but it will also scab the bite over the next day and the itching is gone. Just make sure the knife is sterile.

Again, I know everyone is different. I can certainly tolerate pain MUCH better than the itching the comes with chiggers.


I'm 17 and have lived in Louisiana all of my life and just came in contact with these nasty itchy critters a few days ago. My fiancé and I were helping a friend clean his grandpa's yard and they found us. I was wearing loose shorts and they got me in the crease of my legs by my undies, on my sides and bottom, where the underwire of my bra falls and under my arms. My poor fiancé got them in some even more uncomfortable places. They didnt show up for about a day or two. After reading some we decided we didn't want to try fingernail polish or ammonia or any of the more...chemical type remedies. My mom works at a farmers co-op and gave us this stuff called Appalachian secrets. It's good for all kinds of bug bites and poison oak, sumac and ivy. We used it last night and though it doesn't do much for itching the bumps have gone down a lot. Later I'm going to go soak up to my nose in an Epsom salt bath and hopefully they will be gone. He put some alcohol on some of his bites and that helped the itchy part some.
Good Luck and I feel for anyone who has these buggers in the more...sensitive areas.


chigger bites. Had 40 on my back and arms. tried listerine did not stop insane itching. Was going out so i put on Old Spice mens under arm deoderent and Rubed some on the chigger bites and the itching stopped. Kept doing this when ever the itching started . in 3 days all the red skin and itching was gone the bites were so small you could not see them Use Old Spice mens heavy duty under arm deoderent.


I got red bug bites outside and i tried nail polish and that didn't help and neither did alcohol so I rubbed nail polish remover and it stopped itching.


I was suffering from being eaten alive by these chiggers I had bites all over my body they itched like crazy until ,I found pure acetone I put it on at 11:00 at night and I also took a benadryl. (you can find both at Walmart or the acetone at any place that sells nail polish) but when I woke up the itch was gone and these massive bites were now like well the size of freckles but still had little tiny bumbs from where the chigger (was) and also just for future reference do not use nail polish it kills them yes but it doesn't stop the frantic itching that you had before In fact it only makes it worse cause the polish irritates your skin.good luck to you on getting them cleared it's suck yes but you can do it. Ps if you have gold bond anti-itch cream that doesn't heal them but it stops the itching for a while. .___. - lol it's a whale.

Martin Hoyle Drye

Fingernail Polish does in fact work! I know from experience. If you think fingernail Polish doesn't work, you must be SOME kind of a nut because it does. I would get chiggers as a kid when picking blackberries and it was murder. They would bite me behind my knees, groin and underarms and I discovered that fingernail Polish extinguished the itching.

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