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Tronolane white cream me it's the best medication for chigger bites bar none...I tried Sarna, and many other meds but this product contains a nerve numbing agent called pramoine hydrocholoride 1\\ really does numb and reliably removes the intense's a hemmoridal cream but it does the best job of relieving chigger bite and mosquito bite itching.


Domoboro astringent helps.

Jean Bean the Gardner

I was literally covered in chigger bites! After being told by two physicians that it was poison and given various medications that didn't work, I was finally diagnosed by a fellow gardner friend! The very BEST remedy is a partial jar of Vicks Vapour Rub with 2-3 tsp of table salt mixed in. Apply to chigger bites and swelling will go down in just a few hours and the itching literally disappears! Apply as needed......

To avoid chiggers all together, apply Deep Woods Off before doing gardening or entering weeds, shower IMMEDIATELY when done. Also, I always wear a long sleeve shirt, long pants and every time!


I've fought chiggers for 21 years.,one day I put Neosporin topical ointment on a bite with a bandaid on it. Never itched again. Now I do this each time I get a bite. I do not itch at all. The next best thing is Dr.Tishenors mouth wash. Soak a cotton ball with it and wipe on bite.

Jacques Redou

Go to Tractor Supply or Wal Mart and buy

some RUBBER BOOTS. In Chigger season keep them by the back door. Before you go outside - put the boots on, THEN Put a LITTLE BIT of PETROLEUM JELLY on your finger and rub a THIN LINE of Petroleum Jelly about 3 INCHES below the top of the boots, ALL THE WAY AROUND. This way you can still grab the top of the boots without messing up the jelly. THE CHIGGERS CRAWL UP THE BOOTS AND GET STUCK IN THE PETROLEUM JELLY AND CANNOT BITE YOU. Wipe it off when you get back

to the house with a paper towel and throw the towel in a zip lock bag.



I have gotten chigger bites twice now, and the itch is horrendous! This last time I got them all over my feet, dozens of them! I tried everything from Vicks Vapo Rub, Oatmeal, Baking Soda, Nail Polish, Oragel, everything I tried, nothing worked. Finally I was so fed up, I soaked my feet in a tub of VERY hot water, about as hot as I could stand, for about 2-3 minutes, it made them itch like crazy and burn....BUT, as soon as I stepped out of the water, my itch was gone! Instant relief! I them applied some aloe vera lotion to soothe. This method lasts about 6-8 hrs!! So if you're suffering, and you know it will be almost a week before the itch stops, just soak in HOT water. It's that easy!


You cannot stop chiggers from getting on you, even tons of insect repellent won't stop them all. HOWEVER you are easily able to kill them if you put a cap full of Lysol concentrate in a small bath of warm water, and soak for 10 minutes, then shower as normal to rinse it off you.


The doc told me 20 years ago that if you put clear finger nail polish on the pustule they will die. They move up though. So you need to do this everytime you see a pustule. As for yards I do not know


After we discovered that dusting with powdered sulfur kept chiggers from hitching a ride on us, we decided to try it on our yard. I used the hand held gadget for broad casting grass seeds. Filled it with sulfur and cranked it while I walked all over the yard. I really think that a flour sifter might have worked better. For 10 years or so we had no problems. It is time to retreat it now. I recently got 5 or 6 bites in very personal lady places. That was Friday evening when I started itching. Monday morning I will be at my doctors office for a magic shot like the ones I sometimes have to get for poison ivy. My prescription cortisone cream that stops patches of poison ivy in two applications is only giving temporary relief now, even with Benedryl tablets. I just tried aspercream gel with lidocaine to see if it helps. But believe me, the shot is worth every penny.


In the scouts we had a chigger barrel. It is a 55 gallon barrel filled with water an a little bit of bleach. If any of us got chigger bites you would jump into the barrel wait a min then jump out. Works fast and no itching. You could do this in your tub. Kills the chiggers, stops the itching, and cleans your tub. Win, win, win!

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