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15 Home Remedies for Hickey Removal


Just got home at around 3 am with a hickey,
1 hit it with ice for 20 min,
2 scrape with a coin,
The ice will close your blood vessels, then the coin will break up the blood clot and help your body absorb the blood reducing the visibility, when scraping it be sure to pull the skin back on either side and go from the middle out. I pushed very hard and could literally see the hickey being scraped away.its 4:40 now my neck doesn't look normal, but no evidence of a hickey what so ever.


you wouldn't believe it but it works. all you need is some coco-butter or tummy butter for stretch marks (same thing), ice or popsicle and a medium/soft bush or comb. rub coco-butter into hickey. grab the popsicle or ice (popsicle works bettter for this) rub popicle gently on and all around the area of hickey for a few mins then with a brush or comb, start bushing lightly in a circular motion. keep re-applying small amounts of coco-butter into skin and continue to essentially brush the coco-butter into skin. Keep repeating this process until you basically cant see it anymore (aprox 30-45 min depending on the severity of the mark. Hope this helps. Did wonders for me and for that, you wont get caught slippin' like i almost did. Good luck yall.


What I do is for the mouth, like when you bite you lip. I take a toothbrush while I brush my teeth, and brush from the inside where the hickey is, and do it for about three to five mins. Then, take a washcloth like the one my grandmother knitted for me, and scrub inside of you mouth where the hickey is, and do that until it is faded almost all the way. Then, swish water around in your mouth several times,and scrub with the washcloth again until its gone.


One Word 'Popsicles'!


My first, and almost only go-to, remedy for hickeys is dmso gel. It works as an anti-inflammatory and works within a day. I buy mine online but I believe you can also buy it at a bait n tackle shop or walgreens. Just rub it onto the hickey (or bruise) and let it sit. If it begins to itch wash it off with water. Only apply it once a day, simply because it will irritate the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin.


My dad actually told me this one when I was 14!! Take a hair brush and rub it over the hickey back and forth for about three minutes or until the mark has gone. It totally disappears and does not come back as it helps with the blood vessels. This remedy has come very handy for the last 15 years especially after i got married :)


Try this workaround: Get a temporary tattoo over the hickie. You can get them on any dollar store, it will look so sexy you may want to get a permanent :-)


Use a warm washcloth and hold it there for a few minutes until you can no longer feel the warmth. Then use the ridged side of a coin and massage the blood vessels until the redness is gone or significantly reduced. If it's still bad put on neosporin. Used this before my wedding day and it was gone :)


rub the hickey as hard as you can with a spoon for 4 or 5 mins and u will see a differnce..


use icy hot cream. an elict tooth brush with preperation H. ice and heat compress.
tooth paste. eye drops with red eye remover. diper rash cream. tea bags. and rubbing it with a coin all seem verry effictive,
i know from experience.

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