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Dry or Cracked Feet Home Remedies

6 Home Remedies for Dry or Cracked Feet


Apply a liberal amount of Vaseline to feet making sure tp work it into toenails, between toes and on heels. Put a pair of white cotton socks on over it and wear them to sleep overnight. A few nights of this and you'll have no more alligator feet. Men too, your wives and girlfriends will appreciate it.


For dry feet use:

1- Cocoa butter
2-shea butter
3 coconut oil


Get lemon juice, and rub all over your foot.....Then wash it off gently.


After years of trying various creams, lotions etc. for my dry, cracked feet, I tried Gramp Lyford's Salve. Within three days of applying nickel size amounts to my feet at night, I have new feet! Search Gramp Lyford's Salve online to order. It is not expensive and works wonders.


go to walmart in the foot section and get a tube of this stuff caled blue goo it has emu oil in it apply twice a day and y afeet will be as smooth as a babies bottom

D. Carmen

For Beautiful feet ready for sandals in the summer:

Sleep with pure cocoa Butter cream 'Not' lotion, or Vaselin on your entire foot and when u shower when u wake up your feet will be softer and smoother. After shower moisterize your feet while still wet from the shower with baby gel from johnson and johnson and pat dry with towel.

Works for me and I do this about 3 times a week. My feet are always smooth and I never have a cracked heel.

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