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4 Home Remedies for Split Ends


Jojoba oil is the only thing that's has really worked for my split ends. It also help with hair growth. Apply to roots and ends after shower


This isn't exactly a 'home remedy' but I hope it helps.To avoid and treat split ends you'll want to avoid putting too much heat on your hair,ex. straightening, curling, blow drying, but if you must apply heat to your hair be SURE to use heat protector. Tresemme Heat Protector is a great one! And avoid bleaching your hair, that dries it out and does a lot of damage to it. Also you'll want to use a really good conditioner and a deep conditioner for once or twice a week, a great deep conditioner is AUSSIE MOIST 3 MINUTE MIRACLE DEEEP CONDITIONER. Not the 'smooth' you want the 'moist'. It worked miracles on so many peoples hair and lots of people just use it as their everyday conditioner. But I'm sure any deep conditioner works just fine. Use detangler while brushing through your hair, brushing your hair rips at the ends and damages them a lot so use detangler. Do not brush your hair while its wet because it's weakest then. Wait for it to dry. Also putting in coconut milk will help, it has shea butter and vitamin E and coconut oil a bunch of healthy stuff in it that's really good for your hair. I know this sounds gross but on the 'home remedy' side of this if you want to make a 'hair mask' so to speak, try eggs and olive oil. Gross I know but it really helps rebuild the proteins in your hair and moisturize it. Here's the recipe
2 eggs
4 table spoons olive oil
mix together, apply to hair
wrap hair in plastic (or shower cap)
leave in for 10-12 minutes
Rinse with lukewarm water

And the obvious, get your hair cut regularly, figure out how often YOUR hair personally should be cut to stay healthy, it's different for everyone, some say every 6-8 weeks but yeah figure out what works for you. Carry around a pair of scissors to snip off any new split ends you find, the sooner you cut them the better, if you leave them they'll start going up your hair and your gonna have to cut it a lot shorter than you wanted, so cut them sooner than later! Hope this helped!
-Ashley <3


Dont use a hair straightner. its really screws up your hair. also get a hair trim like 2 times a years if you dont. helps keep your hair healthy and growing.


If u have split ends the best Remedy is to use the right products. I use to dye my hair and now that I let my natural color grow out my hair and ends are healthier than ever. I discovered if ur hair has a problem stick to one product that does good for u for example. I use treseme shampoo and conditioner for split ends. I have curly hair I was my hair every 2 or 3 days the most comb with a wide tooth comb and my ends look great. Also with this I've had less trims on my ends. My last ends cut was in september that's 6 months ago. Hair usually grows 1 inch every 4 months on most people. It worked for me so I do recomend this. Stop Dying ur hair and use products for split ends treatment for ur type of hair.

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