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74 Home Remedies for Chapped Lips


Vaseline is just a cover up, it doesn't heal. I've been there, and it is horrible in the long run. It's only a temporary solution. Please, if your reading this, DO NOT put Vaseline on your lips. Try coconut oil, cucumber slices, aloe vera, honey, and even peanut butter. They really work.


This is a really simple and easy way to get rid of dead skin and have soft lips! You'll need
1) a small bowl
2) Your favorite lip GLOSS
3) a spoon with a bit of sugar on it.
Mix the lip gloss and the sugar together in a small bowl. Take your finger or a q-tip and smear it on your lips, then rub them together. Leave it on for about 5 minutes, and wipe off. Your dead skin should be gone! Then, put on your faorite chap-stick or lip balm!

Been There Done That

I have been a very active person all my life. I have chapped lips multiple times a year. The best thing I have ever used for chapped lips is Metholatum. No bee's wax. Menthol to sooth and increased blood flow, which speeds healing and it just feels good. Tingly.


Things you need:
-Vanilla Extract

What to do:
Brush your teeth at night
Brush the toothbrush circular on your lips
When finished, put on libalm
Take off Lipbalm after a while
Mix the sugar, vaseline and vanilla extract make sure you put in a lot of sugar so it will become a thick paste
Rub on lips and wake up to beautiful soft lips


Rub honey and sugar on your lips then go to bed. When u wake up it will rub off all the dead skin when you wash your face.that's it :)

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I have had chapped lips since the day I was born! I have been to a doctor over them and a dermatologist and other professionals they prescribed some different things but then my great grandmother, who was full blooded Cherokee Indian, She told me to take a Vitamin E capsule and honey! Take the honey and dab it onto your dry lips, then break the capsule and take the minerals and rub/dab onto the honey!! It Really Works!!


I never tried honey I will next time but I found out that if you have chapped lips where you get cuts in the corners of your mouth and it just wont go away rotate any kind of neo sporin on the lips with carmex or some other kind of treatment. When nothing else worked for me the neo sporin was the only thing that worked. I very very rarely get those cuts on the side of my mouth but when I do thats what I do to get rid of it.


take a thick lip gloss/balm and rub a thick layer over lips, then take a small pinch of sugar and rub over balm then go to bed
take honey and sugar and put on lips, then take a plain toothbrush with hot water and rub on lips next peel off any excess dead skin then rub on carmax


Every winter I suffer from dry/cracked/severly dry lips, of course I figured I was not drinking plenty of fluids , so that is the #1 everyone should do,I also added 1-2 coconut drink per week ,and final but not least a scrub followed by a good oil:

Scrub: 1/2 tsp. Honey 1/2tsp.sugar
Moisturize: w/coconut oil 'or' lip balm by: Alba( coconut)

All this works well for me! Hope it works for someone else!


ok my lips were TERRIBLE they were cracked so bad that if they were even touched or moved at all they burned real bad. i found my 'elf thereaputic conditioning balm' its AMAZING!!!!!!! i had to reapply it a couple times, but in the end they were soft and smooth again!

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