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I'm just sitting here mind blown thinking ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!
I'm 19 and had eczema all my life so have suffered a hell of a lot with chapped lips and recently they've gotten a lot worse and nothing has worked to cure them, and I've only today realised that the solution was in my fridge the whole time!!
That solution is cucumber! Just put it on and they immediately feel softer and less sore!

Also a few tips from personal experience about chapped lips:
Firstly VASELINE, CARMEX AND CHAPSTICKS DO NOT WORK! Especially if you have a skin condition like eczema, because they are a barrier to lock moisture, but if there is no moisture in your lips in the first place they simply will not work.

Also watch what you eat and drink. Acidic foods such as citrus fruits or overly hot or cold foods can really dry your lips out and damage them so be careful.

Also if eczema is a cause of your chapped lips try mixing a small amount of pure hydrocortisone with some moisturising cream and apply before bed to help heal your lips.

Hope this helps!

Just a random girl...

Mixing honey and sugar together and rubbing it off with luke-warm water works great for getting the dead skin off. I carry it around in a small container.


Bag Balm! I had it around here for years for injuries on the horses. I decided to use it on myself. In 24 hours my lips were 100% better. It's cheap, it has lanolin in it, and one small tin of it would probably last a life time if you only used it on lips! There are no expiration dates, it never goes bad.


I had major chapped lips for 2 weeks and nothing helped. I tried lanolin, sugar scrubs, honey, drinking water, carmex, etc.

Then, I was looking in my medicine cabinet and I saw an old jar of Vick's Vapor Rub. I rubbed some on my lips that night and the next morning, my chapped lips were almost healed! I then used it for another day and my lips went back to normal. Who knew?


To make lip balm:
Orange juice
a few petals (crushed)
If you mix all of these you will have nice healthy looking lips.


I don't understand why you have to do a sugar rub or try to remove the skin for the lips to get better. Just put a tad of lanolin on (100% pure) which should take care of the problem. I just wished I had known that a long time ago so I didn't have to suffer endlessly. Sporadically, my lips would get chapped and bleed. I used to think vaseline or aquaphor would help but it actually made it worse. I just want to be able to help others so they don't have to be in pain and help others in similar situation.


One way is to try making a lip scrub
You need
-a bowl full of sugar
-any extract if you are not satisfied with the honey scent
-you can add any color you want you can add lip gloss, lipstick, Lipbalm, food coloring

Mix it up. If you want it gritty add more sugar if you want it on the soft side use less sugar. Simply put it on your finger and gently rub it in a circular motion.

You can even try by putting on a lip moisturizer and wait a few minutes and get a towel with those little things sticking out and rub it gently.

You can try buy getting a washcloth and heat up some water for abut a minute and dip it in the water. Take it out and squeeze any excess. BE CAREFUL IT IS HOT!!! And put the hot washcloth on your lips take it off if it is too hot. When it becomes colder take it off. Simply rub off all the dead skin. And layer it with your favorite lip balm.

Make sure to drink lots of water. Hope your try these


use 100% pure lanolin (natural) with only one ingredient which has cured my severely chapped lips. I'll be using it forever.


use 100% pure lanolin that has just one ingredient. I have had extremely severe chapped lips for over 30 years. It has done wonders for me. Even Dr. Oz's show suggested putting lanolin for chapped lips. It has done wonders for me. Hope this helps all chapped lip sufferers.


When you finish brushing your teeth, Brush your lips gently with the foam for a minute. Follow up by applying Vitamin E in paste form.

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