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74 Home Remedies for Chapped Lips


I've suffered with bad chapped lips all my life if you are the same I feel for you :(
First of all chapsticks, carmex, nivea, pretty much most drug store lipbalms WILL NOT If WORK. (But if your lips arent that bad and only slightly chapped, Vaseline might do the trick)
Try putting cucumber slices on your lips, they moisturise and have vitamins so they help dry lips, it really worked for me!
Also, plain Hydrocorsitone can clear up the problem.
(Just a quick tip: avoid really spicy foods as they can set your lips on fire)
If your lips are only moderately chapped then cocoa butter lotions (Like Palmers) and other moisturisers are worth trying. Exfoliating lips regularly is a good idea.
Hope this helps :)


Lanolin is 100% natural (from the brand Lansinoh) and is the only stuff that works for me on a consistent basis. It's used for cracked nipples from breastfeeding and is even safe for babies. You can get it from Target, Buy Buy Baby, etc. Aquaphor helps when the chapping gets really bad.


I currently have chapped lips and Vaseline/petroleum jelly really helps. While you are putting the Vaseline DON'T interact with your lips in any way although it could burn a little at first but it will feel great after a minute or two. Hopefully I helped and I am sorry if you are not feeling good!!!! :)


A bottle of lube (a thinish oily liquid) will make it VERY smooth!! It worked for me and my sister.


I had chapped lips for over a month. Tried all the lip stocks like Blisti, Chapstick and Vaseline and coconut oil etc- nothing worked except A& D Ointment. It took a few days but it was the only thing that made any difference.


I've tried many remedies on here (peanut butter and honey specifically) and found that they didn't work. Then I tried rubbing a little dab of neosporin on the dried skin works amazingly!


I tried the Vick's Vapor Rub last night and it worked!

The smell was quite overpowering though. Not sure how I could use this during the day if need be. Ajd it was very intensely tingling at first. But when I woke up I was fine. And no, I did not use a toothbrush before ;)


Rub your tooth brush over your lips and wipe with a warm wet towel. Then apply honey until smooth and moist. Voila!


cocoa butter lotion works great!


simply use your tooth brush and rub it against thee chapped parts of your lips then rinse it of and apply Vaseline. I SWEAR it works!!!!!

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