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34 Home Remedies for Anxiety


I have been suffering from anixiety and panic disorder for 7 years now. I've tried antidepressants which helped at first but last time I tried them it made my symptoms 10 times worse! I've learned to control them with healthly living; eating well, excercise, good sleep patterns. One thing that I tried 7 days ago is cutting sucralose (splenda) out of my diet. I have been symptom free for 5 days now! (I started using splenda 7 years ago. Coincendence?)


Im 41. And like all of you ive tried everything. Pills, pot, meditation, sex, drugs, rock and roll, all the herbs, henbane, kava, valerian, hops, shitloads of booze. Anything to just stop my brain from telling me i am going to die. Sleep used to be a joke. I tried all the anti-depressents, narcotics etc. But i have found the holy grail for all of us.

Breakfast - 250 mgs of GABA
Lunch - 250 MGs of GABA
Dinner - 250 MGS of GABA
Before bed - 500 MGs of GABA and 500 MGS of Magnesium(Ionic Fizz is the best)

Its important to know that your panic attack is a sympton of a lie that our brains are telling us. It tells us its time to worry and blast off. Do what i do and tell your brain to STFU. And it hates it when i do something positive that builds self esteem. Running or walking etc.

Now for the last thing that will set you free. GET OUT OF OURSELVES AND INTO SOMEONE ELSE. I cant stress this enough. In the middle of your attack, go but a couple 1$ hamburgers and give them to a homeless man. Tell him you love him and that God does as well. Then shake his or her hand. You will think about that person and the good you did all day. Thats my meditation.


I have a number of remedies for Anxiety and/or Stress, starting with my top recomendation and on.

1. Hypnosis/self hypnosis - this has been show to be the most benificial alternative remedy that doesn't involve medication, herbs, supplements ect. You can even hypnotize yourself and there are many programs out there on the internet for that.

2. Blue Vervain - a natural herb that is usually found as a tincture, has no adverse reactions known and promotes relaxation, due to the fact that it is a natural muscle relaxer. It only lasts a couple of hours and needs to be taken several times throughout the day, however. Some may not like the taste of it either, but is better when mixed with tea.

3. Kavaa - a natural muscle relaxer, the strongest I know out there and can be found in a variety of means (ie tea or pills, etc). However, it can cause insomnia and should only be taken in the morning. It can also cause memory lapses and decreased concentration or focus. It should not be taken every day, and only in intervals with at least a week off every month. The positive benifit is that it puts you in a very relaxed state, can take away muscle spasms, twitches, rashes and other stress related problems. I suggest Yogi Kavaa Stress Relief Tea with Kavaa.

Other Herbs for Anxiety/Stress:

Gotu kola
Passion flower


I have experience anxiety for about 2 months..I tried Dr,therapy,psych etc...I was at the movies w kids n husband watching a kids movie...when suddenly experience irregular heart beats,hot flash,scared etc..called 911 was taken to hospital..cont on daily basis..scared.went to a health food store thxs God found a lady that looked into my eyes told me that I had colon problems n my nerve system was high n dhydrated..prescribed anxiety free pills (name of the pills that include Passion flower)colon cleansor,rescue sleep, vitamins w vitamin b...n had 3 sessions of relaxation massages.also ck ur ph acid...n most important PRAY..hopefully these technics well help...God bless u ..


I found the remedy Anxie D by biorevival can relieve anxiety pretty quickly. The product contains vitamin d3 and l theanine which work together to bring relief. Vitamin d 3 has been studied extensively for anxiety.


you get into a panic attack through your thoughts so you need to get out of it through your thoughts and then when you see that you simply think your way out of it you stop having them altogether.dont be fooled by your thoughts that it is not that easy it is.just tell yourself that if you feel it is not going away fast enough for you that it will be gone sooner than you think especially if you keep your thoughts to yourself reassuring and sounds too easy but if you call fears bluff youll be shocked at how fooled you were by your own thinking.guaranteed success if you apply it no pills no therapist no doctor no fear.


To alleviate anxiety oxytocin a hormone is activated in the pituitary gland in the brain via nipple stimulation. What is needed is two bobby pins that are used to pinch each nipple. At first you may need to remove the bobby pins after a period of time according to your pain threshold. With time your pain threshold will increase allowing your nipples to be remain pinched during your waking hours. It is not recommended that you sleep with the bobby pins in place.

Nipple stimulation is relayed by spinal nerves to the hypothalamus. The stimulation causes neurons that make oxytocin to fire action potentials in intermittent bursts; these bursts result in the secretion of pulses of oxytocin from the neurosecretory nerve terminals of the pituitary gland.

Oxytocin evokes feelings of contentment, reductions in anxiety, and feelings of calmness and security.


One of the most effective things you can do if you are having a panic attack is to pick up a tennis ball or something small and toss it back and forth. Keep tossing it back and forth. It interrupts left brain and right brain activity making it impossible to have a panic attack. sometimes you may find that closing your eyes and trying to think about the panic attack as you do this relieves the worry. As you throw the object lightly back in forth and keep letting go of the ball as it goes back and forth you allow yourself to relax more and more. Other things that help are proper diet, exercise, yoga and meditation, alternate nostril breathing(pranayama), and herbal supplements. These things will work and you will be in a state of relaxation, free of anxiety.


I actually have a question. I have severe light headedness along with my anxiety. I've had cat scans, MRI etc. There is nothing wrong with me. Does anyone else have this problem??


My panic attacks are awful, and I always panic and think Im dying.
Whenever I get a panic attack, I think to myself, if I couldnt breath I'd be dead by now, praying to God e.g please God, Im very scared, help me get stronger etc etc is also a good way as you dont feel so 'alone'.

Also, drink water, it helps.

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