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70 Home Remedies for Jock Itch

Sheila Harris

Guaranteed cure, go to tractor supply and purchase topical fungicide, dab on area twice daily. The 2ND day it will b gone and so will discoloration.


Below mentioned cream does wonders even in cases of acute jock itch and other fungal infections with effect showing in less than a week (twice a day application after normal cleaning and drying up of affected area). It is an easily obtainable over the counter cream. However, it would be safe to read safety and precautions.

Gentalene Plus Cream (Beclomethasone Dipropionate/Neomycin/Clotrimazole) - 0.025%/0.5%/1% (20gm Tube)


well guys i have tried so many home remedies like using hydrogen peroxide, tea tree oil, clotrimazole dusting powder, turmeric,garlic honey paste etc all of these might work but didn't find any good results. Finally i went to a doctor he prescribed me Fluxizol-150(Fluconazole 150mg) (weelky once), Ketoconazole Cream 2%(use at night time) and fluconazole Dusting powder (use at day time). And this worked like charm i got rid of jock itch in just one week.
I used cream liberally its just approx 3$ in india :)


For scrotum itch (no rash) rub a quarter teaspoon of Epsom Salt into the skin after showering until all the grains are dissolved. For added relief use a small hand brush to give the itchy area a good scrub after the treatment. Let dry before donning underwear.


Just apply dettol in cotton on the affected area without much water dilution. Just 3 to 4 days, it not waste your time using all other approaches..simple, cost effective and works wonders


Tea Tree oil. Cleared up symptoms in 3 days, itching stopped in 2 days, immediate relief on first application. I applied a small amount to affected area with a swab before bed each night, I always wear boxers. It's a very odoriferous application, scabbing days 2-3.


i am using neem oil and tea tree oil along with anti fungal and anti bacterial powder for the past one week. The itching has reduced considerably by 80%. i wanted to know if the dark color formed fades after it has been cured? if not then what can i use to make the color lighten?


Suffered for years on and off with this horrible thing .. Any amount of creams , then tried cider vinegar .. But unpasterised ! ...made all the difference to me .. Hope it does to anyone who tries it
..took 48 hours to start healing process . All itching stopped almost straight away . Went all crusty ( sorry) must be part the procces then skin back to normal . What a relief ..does sting momenteraly bit not for long


Apply Selsun Blue(SELENIUM SULFIDE version) and leave on overnight. Burns the crap out of the fungus. You will see where the fungus was because it will be burned off yet will not touch your healthy skin. The redness will be healed after a few days then you will be jock fungus free! From now on wear only Boxers. Done! now get back out there.


I have had problems with this and done lots, I have found something that works 100% in 3-4 days it will be gone and if wanted put bits on here and there when you remember too, There is a natural product you can buy call Black Walnut Tincture, 22$ comes in small bottle, drop 15 drops and wipe around on area with cotton ball and let air dry. do this 2 times a day for 3-5 days morning night along with showers and dry gitch. This is thee most amazing thing ever 100% satisfied. read up on black walnut its an amazing product for any kind of skin infections, also can get pills take 4 a day for 2 weeks while wiping area infected area will be gone for sure.

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