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I had a bad case of jock itch and tried everything (except prescription meds), including all over the counter methods (Lotrim Ultra, Lamisil - powder, cream and sprays). I also tried a variety of home remedies (including dandruff shampoo). Nothing work, until I across the suggestion of cayenne pepper. I mixed this with Aloe Vera. It took a few weeks. The last time I used the pepper I put too much on, it burned beyond belief. However, a few days afterward the jock itch was completely gone.


Vinegar really does help stings like hell do.I put two or three capfulls of it in the bath while its running and it helps

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My own 'solution' was to shave the hair around my groin area. Seemed weird, but definitely did the trick. Tried several years of lotions, powders, and so on--all of which failed. The JI disappeared in a couple of days. I conclude that hair helps keep the area wet and allows the fungus to grow. Try it--it's cheap, simple, 'natural' and works.

ET in VA

I used about a third of the probiotics from a capsule mixed with jojoba oil and applied it to my affected area twice a day for the last three days and it's gone! still a little discolored but all the symptoms are gone. I thought to use it because the probiotics eat the yeast fungus in our gut and if the jock itch is a fungus then....


I suffered from jock itch for 5 years, nothing really works. Problem we don't get rid of it is because we get used to it (itch). It feels good when you itch and scratch, but later burns a lot.

Wet the infected area with water, apply Dettol handwash and make it a lather and leave it for 2 minutes and wash it off with water.

Wipe the area with a clean towel or cloth and dry the area. And now the permanent resolution...

Apply Quadriderm RF (Beclomethasone Dipropionate, Clotrimazole, and Neomycin) Cream to the infected area covering beyond the infection marks. Use sterilized underwear. Do this twice a day for 1 week minimum.

After you clear up all infection, do not forget about it, you need to watch for it in between and as a prophylactic measure you can apply the cream once a week. Like this you can permanently get rid of jock itch or any other itch.


Tried everything from prescription medicines to home remedies.
* Decreased size & Itching: Vinegar, Black Walnut Tincture, Listerine, iodine, medicines
* No change: garlic, Selson Blue
* Made worse: Coconut Oil, Desitin (zinc)
* Made go away: some of above PLUS use powder twice daily; I also used deodorant


OK. I've had this crap for a year or so and it sucks. I've tried all kinds of stuff and nothing worked until last weekend.
I shaved the area. Then purchased those little cotton pads that women often use to remove makeup and a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar(I'll refer to this as ACV from here on).
I just starting rubbing the area with the ACV and letting it air dry 3 or 4 times per day. I don't have time to clean the area before I rub ACV on it. It apparently doesn't matter. It stung like hell the 1st 2 times, but it's worked. The urge to scratch is gone and the slight discoloration is going away. It doesn't smell great after being in your underwear all day, but ultimately that doesn't matter. Just thought I'd share. The shit worked.

Anonymous i have been dealing with this jock itch crap for about 5 years or so..since i was in iraq....i work in hot environments on a regular basis and have tried EVERYTHING...i have had some luck with tenactin and other stuff like it for a temporary fix...but i found a strange fix as of a few nights ago....after reading a few peoples ideas about using vinegar...i got a lil drunk one night and was trying to pass out...but couldnt because i was itching to i went and put pickle juice on my junk just being stupid and holy crap!!!..instant relief...swear to god...try will burn for a sec but it stops everything and u can atleast go to sleep...i have yet to see if it makes it go away...but if u want a good night sleep atleast....use dill pickle juice....rub it on and let it dry...then pass yo butt out...goodnight


So, if it's not going away with what you tried... it's probably bacterial. Use Hibeclens soap 2 times daily, that should resolve it.


Whatever you're putting on the affected area - if it's not really working just stop using it. Instead use your own saliva. I was suffering with bad, unceasing jock itch in 2011 and no cream or powder or tincture or anything made a difference. Then I found a weird video on YouTube that suggested using 'spit.' It cleared it up instantly. This is not a joke. Apply saliva to the affected area, don't both washing it off, just leave it there. Don't do it just after don't want to be putting food particles down there... I get the impression it needs to be your own saliva, by the way....

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