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What I did previously with the mix of apple cider vinegar and coconut oil appears to killed off the fungus/bacteria in one step.
Now I'm watching it slowly die off (which will likely take a few days)


After my great success with removing jock itch, it came back (I suspect from the few bacteria not killed).
Now, to prevent that from reoccurring, I am using a 2-step method;

1) Apply apple cider vinegar by spray
2) When apple cider vinegar is almost dried out, apply coconut oil over the vinegar.

This resulted in a burn in the large jock itch that formed that lasted more than 1.5 hours.

At this rate, I think the jock itch will be gone in about 2 days


After more than 1 year with no symptoms (destroyed by apple cider vinegar (sprayed on) in 2013), about 2 weeks ago the jock itch returned. Again I attacked it with apple cider vinegar, though this time very lightly at first. The result was that the bacteria built a 'shield' that was 3 mm thick. Yesterday morning I held a facial tissue infused with apple cider vinegar against the bacterial shield in the morning and found out that the vinegar would break through the shield after 20 minutes.
So last night I applied facial tissue (folded in half) that were infused with apple cider vinegar to the bacteria while I laid in bed determined not to move. The total time in bed was 2 hours and my leg was slightly sore during the day afterwards. However, the bacteria is completely gone now.
The little mountain that represented the bacterial shield now looks like an empty volcano.


Jock itch. Scourge of the human body! I had it. Got rid of it using tea tree oil and now I have it AGAIN. I hate it and I want to get rid of it NOW. I found some really good suggestions here. Sulfur. Think I will try that first.
I beleieve I keep reinfecting myself though. I am almost sure I do it from the shower stall floor. When I shower, I believe I wash off much of the bacteria some of which remain on the shower floor. When I leave the shower stall, I carry some of the bacteria on my feet.
Then I get dressed, put on my underwear, some of the bacteria which are still on my feet gets rubbed off onto the underwear. There. I reinfected myself.
Here is my solution against reinfection.
Slip on a clean pair of socks before stepping into my underwear and pants.
What good is it to try to fight jock itch and not take the precautions to not reinfect myself. Also, it is a good idea to disinfect the shower stall floor before and after leaving the shower.


Coal tar is amazing!!!! Its called Nutregena makes something called T-gel which is a shampoo but it works amazing as a cleaning agent on any fungal areas and hopes the burn/itch immensely on top of killing the fungus.


Tried many over the counter and other home remedies for this fungal infection. The only thing I have found which works is to make a thin paste of rubbing alcohol and boric acid and apply to the infected area. It will burn when first applied. This will clear up the rash but you will need to reapply if there are signs of reinfection. For me now I only have to reapply once every six months or so whenever I see signs of a breakout.


I've only had jock itch twice in my life. Both times, contracting it from my husband while I was pregnant. My hormone levels allow it to be extremely stubborn. This time I tried all otc products (Lamisil, Lotrimin, Tinactin) to no avail. OBGYN prescribed Nystatin. Useless. OBGYN made me a concoction of zinc oxide combined with hydrocortizone and clotrimizole. Useless. I tried apple cider vinegar, alcohol, peroxide, garlic internally, tea tree oil, and oregano oil. Nothing. Went to the dermatologist and prescribed Oxistat antifungal. This made it worse! After months I kept searching and found the homeopathic remedy of sulphur. I had some sulphur acne medication put out by the Proactiv brand called refining mask (6% sulphur). Used it once and saw immediate results the following day. The sulphur is extremely drying and unclogs bacteria from the pores. I would cleanse the area with alcohol (91%) and reapply the sulphur morning and night. The key is no moisture, fungus can't survive without it. Thats why I think all the creams, oils, and lotions work like crap. You can find the refining mask on ebay or buy a sulfur soap in most health food stores.


If you can buy a cream called Miracle Comfrey,we get it here in S Africa, and apply it. It is excellent and has healing properites for all skin complaints and is inexpensive.


Hello. First of all sorry for the expelling. Its been almost eight months with this stupid Jock Itch sickness. At fist I did not know what it was I went to different doctors and no cure for six months. Until I Google it. Now in order to win a war first you need to know your enemy. And that's what I did I study my sickness... for one full month did not take anything and after that I found within the jock itch there are three enemies...

...The fist one is a ringworm. It looks circular and feel hard when u touch it.
...The second one is a line, it could be horizontal or vertically, and feel hard when you touch it.
....The third is the scaffin and is tender and it soft and hurt when you touch it..
Now some of us can have one or all three, like I did. There is a itching, and burning, it horrible.
Now you have to kill them in different ways. But first of all you need to take care of the burning and itching. Thank God for medicine.. OK you need to go to Walmart and buy Vagicare and Vagisil, yes I know it the cream that the woman use for There viganal, but this cream has Benzocain and Resorcinol which give you anesthesia you u can feel nothing like if you don't have anything...
Now its not permanent it depends, if you need to work it will take about a hour . If you are resting about two hours. Ether way when you feel discomfort you need to clean the area with paper towels and reapply. This is just the beginning..
You need to attack this. From the inside out. So what work for me was lamisil the pill , there are other pill but any will work, and you will find out if is working when you go and take a crap, there will be nasty smell, and your crap will be back/ brown with white strips, Yes I now is disgusting but is the only way to find out if you are kill it.... Now this is very important you need to drink lot and lot of water, thats how you wash the virus out of you body, now you also need to drink plum juice, or take matamucil. Be cause toe will be constipated when you are in the pill. When you crap comes normal the gone and all you have to do is kill the leftover with the .lines and the ringworm use the cream lamisil mix with tin acting powder with the ingredien tolnaftate. With the scaffing uses tinture merthiolate the orange one. And use boudreauxs butt.paste. every time you need to apply any. Cream always clean the area and change underwear. I hope this.helps and God bless you ..


After spending a bunch of money on Lotrimin,didn't work, and trying Secret deodorant(which works on a rash I get on my chest every summer),some old people told me to use corn starch from the grocery store. I take a shower,dry off and packed it on pretty good.2 days,and almost completly gone. I had it real bad,I thought I would go crazy it itched so bad. I just bought the cheap store brand.They said years ago they also used it for severe diaper rash also.

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