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I thought I had jock itch and tried all the antifungal creams, powders etc.... Then tried vinegars, bleaches, tea tree oil, etc etc.... They all worked temporarily. I finally got the nerve to go see a dermatologist and the Dr. diagnosed it as just eczema caused by my skin reacting to my own sweat and prescribed corticosteroid creams. Works amazingly well! Itching stops for very long periods of time, and I just have to keep the area dry with any type of powder (baby powder, foot powder, talc, or corn starch).

Go see a Doctor! Just be care with the corticosteroid, it tends to thin the skin if used too much. Use only small amounts!


In my previous email I wrote 'ecumaid' soap. The name is actually 'emumaid'


I tried every thing nothing worked so I tried using fungi nail toe and foot, max strength . stung like crazy but it is working great only two days and skin is clearing up nicely. I have had this for four months really bad. now almost gone.


I used apple cider vinegar morning and night (and mouthwash at work) to keep this under control.

Whenever I showered, I washed the area thoroughly with ecumaid soap (which I left on for few minutes). Note that this soap routine finally killed the fungus when I washed my derriere with it.

Afterwards I went super-filthy as a test (by not showering for a full week) and the fungus did not return.


Suffering from this myself. Terribly annoying. Ruins quality of life at times. Have been managing for about 10 years Id say. Best of luck to anyone having to treat this or get treatment.Here is my two cents. MY REMEDY: Just recently discovered that I can sit on my toilet next to the bathroom sink, turn on the hot water until it is scalding hot(do so at your own risk, beware not to hurt yourself, make the water as hot as you can handle but hot enough to kill bacteria and fungus so pretty hot) and soak some unscented baby wipes with Vitamin E and Aloe and carefully dab the affected areas. At first it may seem a bit painful but Jock itch in itself is painful enough. I dab the affected areas for a few minutes or until I feel amazing. The itching and ticklish sensation go away, I experience relief for about a day or more. I actually feel normal. Combining this with a topical ointment will most likely keep you problem free. My theory is that the pain that we all experience is due to an infection that occurs from scratching them in the first place. I also theorize that ticklish sensation we all get before scratching is the actual fungus feeding on our skin. Once you scratch away the dead skin(that the fungus has eaten) you are essentially giving the fungus a new layer to feed on. The problem, is that we get an infection that burns like CRAZY. After using the scalding hot baby wipes I believe the hot water begins to kill the fungus because they cant handle the extreme heat. You also kill the bacteria causing the infection. I theorize that the reason jock itch can come back so easily is that fungus may continue to live within our rectums and slowly move back into the neighbourhood of the scrotum in due time. They must also love certain dietary choices that we all have. Maybe spicy foods or trans fats. Greasy foods probably. Certain proteins. Not enough greens. Try changing your diet into something that isn't attractive to them. Do some more research. But seriously Hot Water Baby wipes until relief. Try it. It cant hurt :)

Former Itchy Dude

I had jock itch for about a year and a half, the most maddening experience of my life. I tried the creams, sprays, powders, butt paste, candida pills, etc. -- nothing worked. It was the same every time, some glimmer of hope at first, then it would seem to become immune and get worse.

I would read around and try some of the home remedies, some people live for years and years like this, just accepting it and living symbiotically with a weird organism living on their skin. No way I was doing that, anything that can get on your skin, make it raw, and then make you want to damage your own skin by scratching so it can take over more of you is way creepy to me. And to top it off, those creams and the urge to scratch your greasy crotch and ass is so disgusting. I was not giving up.

What worked for me you ask? Calamine lotion. Growing up in the Midwest I had plenty of encounters with poison ivy and remembered this miracle cure against itchy rashes as a kid. I thought what the hell, I already wish I were dead instead of living with this disgusting organism on my skin that I could potentially give to someone else.

I bought the spray bottle variety that contains an analgesic. Man it felt like scorched earth when I sprayed it on, even worse than the Tinactin, but I would endure that feeling every hour of every day than live with that nasty stuff growing and feeding on me. The Calamine takes away the itch after a while like the other stuff but this continues to have a dull pain, which again is welcome to the weird itchy feeling from before.

Anyone that has used Calamine lotion knows that it forms a dry crusty patch wherever you apply to your skin. I can confirm that in my case the fungus died after a few days but I keep applying it even after a week now. I am waiting for my skin to fully heal before I stop treatment. I really can’t see how this wouldn’t kill just about any fungus infection as it creates such a dry hostile environment on the skin.

Anyway no matter what, never give up! Kill that stuff with whatever it takes, as long as it takes, and don’t succumb to some disgusting organism feeding on your body. It diminishes your quality of life and keeps you from doing things you would otherwise do as a person and a man.


I have suffered with jock itch for about 6 months to a year. It started as athletes foot and not sure if it transferred by clothing or socks or may be in system and I tried killing the athletes foot but might have spread inside body or through clothing.

My tips are to sleep naked or with underwear only to avoid sweating and moisture. Using dead sea salt scrub which has natural minerals and anti-bacterial properties. I also have used professional scrubs to heal or reduce presence of fungus. Has worked to a point and appears less red and more brown colored. Keeping area clean, dry and give no chance for fungus to develop or grow. Make life horrible for fungus. Overdrying skin helps too. I may be sore and uncomfortable but it works. Taking multivitamins to fight internally too and healing process. Lastly, anything prescription or anti-fungal is a good bet too. Maybe chemical peels, I have heard something about those and killing layer of skin. Could kill layer of fungus too. Would watch out around that area though.

I live in an area with extreme winters and I feel snowy and icy weather freezes fungus and noticed change with athletes foot. Changes in temperature affect fungus grow and life I guess.


Alcohol, really strong alcohol. I used moonshine and it was gone in 2 days. This was after 2 years and numerous other remedies. Vodka would probably be good as well. Rubbing alcohol isn't strong enough. Alcohol is very dehydrating and the fungus craves moisture.


Keep the infected area clean, clean, clean. Washing with a clean towel using mild soap and applying a decent moisturizer after drying with a clean towel, 3-5 times a day initially and at least twice a day as a preventative measure.

Make sure any undergarments and towels are cleaned with bleach if possible and even your pants should be washed daily if you are sweating for any reason and shouldn't be worn more than a couple times in any event.

Sheets should also be kept clean on a regular basis, again with bleach if possible.

Keep it clean!


Seems like there are just about as many remedies as there are sufferers :-).

Here's my (current) 5c worth:
A few months ago, I was very surprised (mainly because I don't look down there too often) a large red patch with clearly defined edges on the inside of both my upper thighs, adjacent to my scrotum. A Google photo search seemed to confirm that this was Tinia Cruris. My doc took a look, agreed with the diagnosis, and suggested Lamisil cream. This cleared the red patches pretty quickly and I thought the problem was solved. Not quite.
A couple of weeks later, I developed an itch around my scrotum. A quick exam revealed that my upper thighs were still clear of the red patches but the entire ball bag was a dark pink color. I figured that the Tina Cruris must have transferred to this area and dosed it with Lamisil. However, this time the cream stung, which hadn't happened before, and did nothing to remove the itching or the discoloration.
I had some Canesten so I tried that, but the stinging and itching was worse than with Lamisil.
Having read all of these pages, I was quite daunted with the number of possible cures, but one suggestion caught my eye: Saliva. I'd used this odd-sounding remedy for several years to help with Rosacea on my nose, and it always helped, so I tried it on my scrotum. It worked. Well, at least it keeps the itching to a minimum, and, if I'm more diligent about applying my 'spit and polish' solution (I tend to put off doing it, but I reckon it needs to be done two or three times a day), I think it could clear it up permanently. It's certainly cheaper than creams! :-)

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