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Try a oatmeal bath I had this for over a year. I tried a oatmeal bath today instant relief


I have been dealing with what is either jock itch or ringworm (I'm told it's pretty much the same thing) for shit 5 years now. It started as a few spots on my legs and now 5 years later I have it on my legs, my ass, my balls, my arms, and now I'm starting to get it on my face and head. I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing has worked. I've tried every otc cream, spray, and powder. I've tried tea tree oil, mouth wash, peroxide, bleach, vinegar, lime-away. I even crushed fresh garlic into a paste and rubbed it on me. That actually burnt my skin so bad I gota blister the size of a golf ball! I've been to the dr. 3 times. Twice I've been given anti-fungal pills which apparently are horrible for your liver, and still I am infected. Some of the stuff I've tried makes it seem as though it's starting to go away but it always comes back within a week. I use clean towels and wear clean clothes. I've tried burning it off, scraping it off... I'm almost to the point I may try cutting it out of me. I don't care how painful the remedy is... Please can somebody suggest something I haven't yet tried (I've also tried the alcohol, both rubbing alcohols and drinking alcohol). I'm so depressed and disgusted every time I look in the mirror I want to kill myself. I know this sounds dramatic but this has really gotten to me. PLEASE HELP!


Alot of the remedies here are...interesting.

The bottom line is that fungii prefer non-acidic and moist environments in which to grow. Preventing and treating jock itch entails not just killing the fungii with an anti-fungal, but also making the affected less hospitable for the fungus in the first place. If you accomplish the first without the second, you're going to re-infect yourself.

I can't speak to diet and changes in diet -- I'm sure these have an impact, but it is foolish to generalize what works for one person, since each person's context is unique (given extant factors like body chemistry, medication, and illness).

Here are things that worked (for me) to cure a persistent jock-itch infection (which I picked up scuba diving in the Caribbean) that lasted six years:

(1) Trim the hair in the groin area. All of it, from the top of the pubic line to the...err...backdoor. Keep it trimmed until the infection is gone. If you're a super-hairy dude like me, all the hair can make it difficult to ensure the area is dry, and moisture encourages the growth and spread of the fungus. Note I said "trim" -- NOT SHAVE. Shaving can remove the top layers of skin, and make the infection worse by irritating the skin.

(2) Don't use antibacterial soaps or creams. Killing off the natural bacteria will eliminate the natural competitors (bacteria) to the fungii on the skin. Of course, if you have an open or weeping area, get to Urgent Care or your doctor. Cellulitis can result otherwise, and it sucks.

(3) Shower at least twice a day, washing the affected area with plain soap (like Ivory, Dove...just something without antibacterial agents). DO NOT SCRUB the area -- this can irritate the skin and make the infection worse.

(4) Blow dry the area after showering. Or air dry -- just make sure it's completely, completely dry after showering.

(5) Use a cream containing clotrimazole (see on the area after showering and drying. Again, allow this to dry completely before dressing.

(6) Use a light layer of powder containing clotrimazole after the cream has dried. This will help prevent the affected area from rubbing against your underwear and other skin, as well as help keep things dry. Apply the powder throughout the day.

(7) Wear loose-fitting clothes that let the skin of the affected area breathe. If you're lucky enough to work from home for most days of the week, forget pants and underwear altogether: fold a towel, sprinkle some powder on it, and plant your behind there. Change the towel every day.

(8) Don't wear underwear that rub on the affected area -- I had to switch to boxer briefs, as briefs rubbed and boxers allow my balls to rub against my thighs, which was not ideal.

(9) If you can't shower after being wet or sweaty, wipe the affected area gently with white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. Sometimes I used 1 part isopropyl/rubbing alcohol to three parts vinegar in this case. This cleans the surface of the skin, and makes it more acidic, which the fungii won't like. Let everything dry and reapply the cream and powder.

(10) Go to an Urgent Care or see your doctor. The oral treatments are not wonderful, and it's certainly not pleasant to have to drop trou in front of an attractive nurse, but that embarrassment pales in comparison when one considers the implications of being "that guy" who can't stop scratching his crotch.

(11) If you're SCUBA diving or partaking in some other activity in the water, take vinegar wipes and wipe yourself down as soon as you get out of the water. Even if you can't get dry, this will help with the itching.

And last: DON'T SCRATCH! This is the worst thing -- the relief is wonderful at first, but the infection will really kick with a vengeance afterward. Vinegar like described in #9 stopped the itching for me immediately. In a pinch, I've used apple cider vinegar, and even pickle juice.

Hope this helps someone. Jock itch sucks.


Become a Vegan!
Why? Because it is the only true solution to your jock itch problem, I had it for 1 1/2 yrs and it was hell! Never has anything been more annoying than this, I Tried many many many things even home remedies, but I came upon the ph balance diet and the starch solution and I learned that many foods can make your body acidic, all animal food, no surprise there... I was shocked! But happy to try a truly new thing that I had never thought of, so I tried it, I became a vegan 3 months ago and once I gave up all the animal products I am finally fungus free, I live in NYC where it gets pretty humid and on humid days my fungus is non existent, try it and you won't regret being fungus free in your jock,


Well one day my inner/upper thigh was on fire. So I scratch it and pay no mind to it. Then it hopped to the other upper thigh. It had my attention at this point... So I tried 100% tea tree, bleach, but what is currently working well is Everclear. I don't even drink but heard that 75.5% ethanol does the trick. So I walked into the liquor store, bought some Everclear, applied it, and wow definitely feeling and looking a whole lot better. Day 2 and I've noticed substantial results. I'm going to keep applying until gone and then continue to apply for good measure. If this doesn't work I might just start drinking the stuff (totally kidding).


I tried ACV and it burned like heck for days! And calamine lotion to keep the area dry, but as a woman it made that are very raw and painful. It was not until I used Body Force Parasite-Free that things got better. The best part is this product allows the body to heal from within!

Ditch The Itch

I've had the dreaded jock it for the last 6 months or so. Like most people suffering from this fungus, I've tried just about everything from OTC medications to natural home remedies. I've finally found something that has given me immediate results and that's EPSOM SALT. I make a paste from it by adding a small amount of water. Rub it on the affected areas and let it sit for a few minutes. I usually follow this with an Epsom Salt bath soak for about 20-30 minutes. The redness is completely gone within 2 days and even the brownness is starting to fade and normal skin colour is returning. I hope this provides some relief for anyone dealing with this frustrating fungus.

Man grass nightmare

After suffering for about 2 months in my nether region from jockitch,I finally got to a point where I would try and solicit any help that I could from the Internet (after all,I discovered that Elvis and Tupac reside in the same hotel on the Internet)...but to my surprise...after grueling attempts at various methods to escape Satan's fungus love child..I found that a combination of using tea tree oil and hydrocortisone inthe man grass area was an ample cure after about 4 treatments... but get ready to stop drop and roll from the agony...


I have had jock itch for the past five years and nothing seen to work. My friend went to Mexico and brought me back an ointment 'Barmicil Compuesto'. In just two weeks my jock itch is gone. I used it three times a week and notice results in just one week.


Hey guys, I wanted to share my secret with you. I was using Tea Tree Soap and that was working well, but it is not cheap and I ran out and got some painful redness and all. I just happened to buy a soap at Dollar Tree called Lemon Verbena soap and it cleared it right up. I also bought some at the 99cent store too. I am loaded up and plan on being fungus free for a long time.

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