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I just did the gralic cure an it is great i have been itchy for a week now from a yeast infection an the itch hows now fully stoped it did burn at first but hey let it just sit there for a few mins an it will start to work its great


Whole Garlic pricked with a pin did not work for me. I minced a garlic clove and mixed it with coconut oil, you could use butter,or of any kind of oil that gets solid when refrigerated, I formed a ball and put it in the freezer. Then I used the hardened ball as a suppository,put it deep inside. It killed the infection in 2 days. My infection was really bad. Over the counter treatments($15) had nut worked. The garlic burned like crazy because I was so raw inside.Go straight to the minced garlic treatment before you get raw inside. Save your money.


If you even think about looking at my V-JJ, I will get a Y.I or BV! I tried this (reluctantly, but I did) Get a douche, rinse out the bs flower water.
Fill 1/2 peroxide 1/2 distilled water(look in the grocery store where the bottled water is)
douched with that.
If itching is bad on the outside, wet a cottonball with peroxide and swab it where it itches.
Do this daily.
If it REALLY REALLY bad & this doesnt help....
Take fresh garlic, pull a piece off. Pull the skin off and prick holes in it or score it with a knife point. Open a piece of gauze and make a little makeshift tampon with the garlic inside. put it in your V JJ, and go to bed, wake up and shower. 2 nights will cure that for sure!
Hopefully you dont have a vamp for a SO


So basically I'm 15 and live with my dad, in the country, 10 miles from any god damm shop. So I decided from reading all the websites, I would try 4 things and see if they worked 1. Garlic 2. Yoguart 3. Petroleum Jelly 4. Vinegar. Did we have any of these in the house. NO. So I had to emabessly send my dad out, when he came back, I dispasperad in the bathroom, and I tried all four even though I had immediete relief after the garlic and yoguart, GARLIC AND YOGURT WORKS lol, but anyway, my dad sat me down that right, and looks really freaked out cause he was like, are you pregnant? I was like no I've never even had sex, and he was like so why the fuck am I hoping out to buy god damm garlic, and I was like lol! He thought I was getting carvings to eat them lol! But anyway garlic works, and so does yoguart, but garlic better :-D


I have found that if I take action as soon as I notice any yi symptoms and use a regular or really any size tampon and most importantly twist and tuck the string completely into my va jj always charging it after going #1 or 2 and always tucking the string. Also leaving it in all night after a few days then another day or so of the garlic clove treatment (only when needed usually if I wait and let the yi get out of hand) has cured me countless times. I cant stress enough the importance of immediate action


Hi to all ...are u suffering from yeast infection i was also but now im worry free ...jst detox... drink fresh vegtable juice cold one the better.... i asure u ut yeast will be gone hope this can help....


OMG.... I have been dealing with yeast infections & BV since I got this IUD but I started taking probiotics & folic acid & it helped... Last weekend I drank too much alcohol & tada YI was there... So I used garlic & it set me on fire & made it worse......... What do I do now I'm inflammed & irritated

April M.

I've seen my doctor for yeast over 15 times in the past 3 years. I've ruined my liver with the secretly lethal DIFLUCAN.. My GYN legally cannot prescribe it to me anymore. Over $2000 wasted in speciality co-pays, monistat products & prescriptions. Every time this dreadful recurring curse called yeast 'clears up'... The raggedy bitttch comes back within 2 weeks TOPS.

I'm so DESPERATE for relief that I wish I could rip out my vagina and throw it away FOREVER. I don't need the bs.

I have tried everything you can think of BUT GARLIC. I happen to have some in my fridge right now as I suffer and type this. Will be using the GARLIC right now. If it helps me, the aggressive yeast queen.... I will come back and say so.

April, 26 y/o, first-time mommy to be, Washington DC


Oh my goodness. I have been itching for two nights now...googled...found this site. I was thinking there was no way I was placing garlic there! Desperate, I did just that. I didn't even need to insert it. Just placed a peeled clove where the itching was. Instant relief. I am simply amazed by this.


Yes I was skeptical about putting that?There? But YES garlic does work! For two nights I got two garlic cloves and cut both ends off each clove and inserted them. I made sure to do this overnight because u can taste the garlic!! The next morning I took them out (with a little digging around there :) but it was pretty easy to remove and my Y.I immediately cleared up and it also helps eliminate fishy smells!! I drunk plenty of water and also used Vagisal odor blocking wash and I feel so good, fresh and confident!!!
Hope this helps ladies

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