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Ladies I recently had the WORST yeast infection! Ugh It was horrible, so drastic times calls for drastic measures! I took hydrogen peroxide and table salt in a sterilized sryringed and shot it straight up my vagina!! IT WILL BURN LIKE HELL FOR 5-10 min!! I suggest you do in the shower so you can sit or stand and relax! I did it morning and night for three days straight and it cleared my YI!! Hope it works for you ladies!! Stay strong, good luck!


Holy cow I am in so much pain and discomfort! The itch is unbearable and itching makes it hurt worse! After seeing all of these remidies I cant wait to leave work and try the salt bath! (It sou ds like the easiest way to me) sitting in a chair for hours is HORRIBLE! I'll postan update tonight!


I don't know about anyone else but I can feel a yeast infection coming on. It feels like sharp twinges or needle pricks in/around my vagina. My remedy is taking a probiotic to prevent them. I also use plain greek yogurt inside/aroun my vagina. The coolness from the yogurt feels great and it's instant itch/burn/sting relief. I also don't douche because that can cause YI and I only wash my lady bit with warm water and a baby wipe. Soap screws your pH up.


Oil of oregano in pill form. Just slip two pills up there and it will dissolve. The yeast sticks to the oil of oregano- which is a powerful anti fungal- and clumps up. I read somewhere else that the woman actually pulled the yeast clumps out of her vagina, so of course I tried it and it was gone in a day!! Yeah it'll smell for a couple days but it'll be gone! Also taking it orally every day is a great preventative measure! You can buy these pills at any health food/vitamin store.


I have tried everything imaginable to solve my systemic yeast problem but I have finally found a real cure and I have to pass it on to anyone who has suffered with chronic yeast infections. I made a remedy from essential oils that has changed my life. I used grape seed oil as the carrier oil or main oil and added to it: tea tree oil, oregano oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil and lemon oil. All of these essential oils have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral properties. Yeast cannot live in the presence of cinnamon. I put several drops of each into a dropper bottle using the grape seed oil as the main oil, then put a dropper full into the vagina and rub around the outside. You will feel an icy hot type feeling, but not uncomfortable. If it burns at all it will only be for a minute or two but then very soothing. You can use this as often as needed but this has completely eliminated all symptoms. I used to always have burning and itching especially after sex for days to weeks, now I have none. It has also completely eliminated my bladder infections because the tea tree oil and oregano oil and lemon oil kill bacteria so if I use it before sex there is no bacteria to cause a bladder infection. Be warned if you use it directly before sex he will also have the icy hot experience, but again it's not burning or uncomfortable. If you use it a few hours ahead of time the hot/cold goes away but the protection lasts for a couple of days. I recommend you use high quality essential oils like doTerra oils. I also take internally a few drops of cinnamon oil in water everyday for yeast in the rest of my body, you must use only high quality food grade oil for this. I also use a probiotic called Saccharomyces boulardii. This particular probiotic eats yeast and is very effective. I take it twice a day and if you really want to hit it hard I would recommend taking a Thyme-Clove-Oregano soft gel supplement that also helps kill yeast internally. This truly has been the only remedy that has completely eliminated yeast from my body. I hope this helps you as much as it's helped me.


My yeast infection never goes away. recently, i tried Clove oil. One drop to >20 drops water. I use this to clean itchy area (labia), followed with coconut oil to moisturize.

I also use tampon dipped in clove oil solution and coconut oil as lubricant to insert into vagina for 2 hours.

not sure if it kills fungus, but stopped the itch.


Now call me crazy, I know you hear not to douche at all because it's bad and such, but so far it's the only thing that has worked for me. I went to the store bought two of the summer's eve medicated douches, which means for douches total), I used them as directed, for the most part. You want to use half of the douche inside then use the rest to apply to the outside so you can get rid of the itching all around. And the yeast infection was gone. I'm telling you the yeast infection I had was awful. I had had it for about a week and the itching was so bad I couldn't function.


I recently suffered from a yeast infection I tried the vinegar bath to releave the itching. It worked and then put garlic with olive oil on it did burn/sting at first but it helped.


I get frequent YI's and garlic and tea tree oil work better than any over the counter remedy. I just use latex gloves and stick several garlic cloves with the ends cut off up in my Vjj before bed and remove the same way in the morning. This usually works but I had a stubborn YI recently and poured tea tree oil on the garlic before sticking it in and this solved the problem. For external relief, I dilute tea tree oil (usually with witch hazel) and rub on the outside, while it does sting a little, it relieves the pain and itching pretty quickly, but be careful and don't apply straight tea tree to the outside, it can burn our skin (i did this before too)


I don't feel comfortable putting a garlic up there, so i just put garlic powder on a cotton ball and let it sit there. It worked absolutely great! It burned a little but it felt good at the same time. I previously used salt instead of garlic powder, and let me tell you that burned like hell. At least the garlic is more soothing but now i smell like i went swimming in garlic juice. Even the shower didn't get the smell completely out.

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